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Hoe te Contacten Transfer van Outlook naar Gmail

Hoe te Contacten Transfer van Outlook naar Gmail

Er is geen argument dat het vinden van een perfecte tool om contacten over te brengen van Outlook naar Gmail-account, beheren en organiseren van persoonlijke informatie, vooral contacten, is very important in the modern world. Microsoft Outlook is a perfect solution that offers a lot of effective and useful features. Although they may seem easy first, sometimes some questions appear. Bijvoorbeeld, a question on how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Gmail is very common and will be answered in this article.


  1. Exporting Outlook contacts manually to CSV file
  2. Exporting Outlook contacts automatically to vCard (VCF) bestanden
  3. Importing contacts saved to a File into Gmail account

Steps to Import Contacts to Gmail

Allereerst, it is necessary to distinguish two functions of Microsoft Outlook that are connected with the contacts’ list. There are Outlook Contacts and Outlook Address Book. The former is a list of personal contacts and numbers, while the latter can also include addresses and notes for Internet websites. In dit perspectief, it is only possible to export contacts from Outlook.

Exporting Contacts from Microsoft Outlook to Personal Computer

To import Outlook Contacts to Gmail, the first step would be to export the contacts. Om dat te doen, a user needs to open Outlook and find the tab File and click on it. Daarna, choose Options.

Outlook menu Bestand

Vervolgens, there should be a list of possible actions. A user needs to find a tab Advanced and click on it. There will be a button Export that will initiate the process. Na het doen van dat, a window Import and Export Wizard will appear. One needs to choose Export to a File option and press Next.

Export to file

The same action has to be done with Comma Separated Values. Vervolgens, there will be a window where one can choose a contacts’ list that needs exporting. The next step would be to give the file a name and choose a place to save it on a personal computer. After clicking Finish, a user has successfully exported contacts from Outlook.


Export Outlook contacts to vCard files

  1. Lopen Data Extraction Kit utility
  2. Ensure that Format options group is configured to use the “Aangepaste export format” en “VCF…” is selected as a Contacts export format
    Export contacts to VCF format
  3. Pers “Vooruitzicht” knop
  4. Choose Outlook profile to use
  5. Select the Contacts folder in appeared window and press “Gedaan”
  6. Program will save contacts to vCard files

Importing Contacts from Personal Computer to Gmail Account

niettemin, it is not the end. The next step on how to transfer contacts journey would be to import Outlook contact to Gmail. This will be much easier than exporting them. ten eerste, a user needs to open the browser on the computer or laptop, find the Gmail website and log into the personal account.

Gmail account

Google Contacts import

Go to https://contacts.google.com/ website and clickImport contactsto proceed. Na het doen van dat, a new window will appear.

Select contacts file

In the appeared window, there will be a buttonSelect file”. Clicking it will offer a user to choose the CSV or vCard file to import.

Final Steps to Make

The job is almost done at this point. All that is left to do is choosing a file to import that was saved previously while exporting the contact from Microsoft Outlook. After doing that and clicking OK, user’s contacts from Outlook would be transferred to the Gmail account. He or she will have the opportunity to use them while organizing Gmail correspondence. Echter, it is important to realize that the transferring process can only be done on the computer because a user has to create a file with contacts manually.

Microsoft Outlook and its contact managing service are easy and efficient. It allows users not only to organize their contacts in the program but also to transfer information to other platforms. The focus of this article was a guide on how to export Outlook contacts and transfer them to Gmail. The process consists of two steps: exporting them from Outlook and importing from PC to Gmail. The steps may seem complicated but with a thorough guide provided in the article, there should be no problems and difficulties.

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Hoe te Contacten Transfer van Outlook naar Gmail

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