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Come importare i contatti da iPhone a Outlook?

Come importare i contatti da iPhone a Outlook?

Lo smartphone e il sistema di posta possono scambiarsi i dati di contatto. Ovviamente, ridigitare ogni singola voce è una seccatura. Fortunatamente, esistono tecniche automatizzate per trasferire i contatti dell'iPhone in Outlook. Puoi caricarli in tre modi. Whether you use Outlook 2013, Prospettiva 2010, o Outlook 2007, the procedure is simple. There is no tinkering with the PST file — everything is automatic.


1. Synching Through iTunes

This technique for exporting iPhone contacts requires you to install this signature app on your computer. It will let you import Apple iPhone contacts easily. Once the system is running, connect your iPhone using a USB cable and take the following steps.

  1. Wait for the program to detect your device and show it in the corresponding section on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Open ‘Info’ in your iPhone iTunes menu.
  3. Check the corresponding box to synchronize contacts with Outlook.
  4. Specify either your entire address book or only particular selected contacts for transferring.
  5. Once you apply the settings, syncing will commence.
  6. Once the syncing process is complete, do not disconnect your phone without clicking on the Eject button first.

Ora, if you open Outlook, it will download iPhone contacts, so you should see them immediately in the corresponding folder. Ecco! Essenzialmente, you just click sync contacts with Outlook from your organizational hub. You can transfer contacts from iPhone to Outlook in a super-easy way.


2. Syncing Through iCloud

You can use the iCloud app for desktop devices to export iPhone contacts to Outlook. Install the storage environment unless you have it. Prossimo, open your iCloud and do the following.

  1. Sign in using your credentials.
  2. Put a tick in the box to connect your contact data, along with calendars and tasks to the mail client.
  3. Apply the changes and wait for the process to finish. The items will now be accessible from the iCloud.
  4. Take your phone and access settings for iCloud by tapping Settings.
  5. Log in to your account.
  6. Activate synchronization for calendars and contacts.
  7. Specify that you would like your current contact and calendar data on the phone to remain intact.
  8. To launch the transfer, select the “Fetch New Data” option from your phone settings.
  9. Turn Push on to import contacts from iPhone to Outlook.

The window in step 2 also allows you to synchronize email. This requires a special email address in iCloud (the system allows you to create it easily). Just use the link at the top of the same dialog box.


3. Transfer via Exchange

You can copy iPhone contacts to Outlook using the Exchange server. Your Apple device must also be connected to the internal network, so this method works for corporate environments. The Outlook account must be set up using the Exchange technology. Take your phone and do the following.

  1. Go to settings from the Home menu.
  2. Select the option for email, contatti, and calendar data.
  3. If settings are being applied for the first time, raccogliere Scambio from the options. Altrimenti, you need to choose Aggiungi account > Scambio.
  4. Type in your email credentials and proceed further.
  5. Your iOS system will now connect to the server, which requires that you enter its address.
  6. Choose what kind of data must be synchronized.
  7. Save the settings for synchronization to start.

La linea di fondo

Now you know how to sync iPhone contacts to Outlook using three methods. Exporting this information from iOS devices is fast and straightforward. Backup iPhone contacts or share contacts with Outlook in a few steps. Come potete vedere, even though the systems belong to different environments, the connection is quite simple.

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Come importare i contatti da iPhone a Outlook?

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