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Проверката на правописа на Outlook не работи

Проверката на правописа на Outlook не работи

Безупречната граматика е от решаващо значение за професионалната комуникация. За щастие, пощенските системи могат автоматично да проверяват текста ви. Това спестява време и ви помага да създавате впечатляващи имейли. Въпреки това, функцията може да се повреди. Here is what to do about spell check not working in Outlook.

If the feature works, the system checks your grammar and spelling. Users are alerted if errors are spotted. With word spell check not working, you risk sending texts with embarrassing mistakes. This is hardly desirable, especially in the context of business communication. These tips apply to any version from 2007 към 365.

Why Is Outlook 2016 Spell Check Not Working?

There are three possible culprits. Първо, the autocorrect in Outlook 2013 and other versions may simply be disabled. на второ място, the language in the settings may be wrong. Накрая, an installation issue or defective patch may be to blame.

Where Is Spell Check in Outlook?

The system allows manual and automatic checks. В първия случай, you should access theSpelling & Grammaroption fromПреглед“. Въпреки това, forgetting is always a possibility, so set up auto-check instead.

За да направите това, find options for a mail from theФайл” меню. Tick the necessary box to enable automatic check before sending it. It is located under the section for composing. Voila! This works for Outlook 2010 spell check not working.

Ако проблемът ви е Outlook 2007 spell check not working, open the options viaИнструменти“. You will see a Spelling tab with the necessary box. В по-късни версии, the sequence isФайл” - “Опции” - “Поща“.

Outlook options spelling

Remedy for Outlook Spell Check Not Working

You know there is a problem when mistakes are not underlined as you type. This is a surefire sign. The purpose of the system is to help you correct any errors before hittingИзпрати“. Така, if the check is clearly malfunctioning, what should you do?

  • Try Restarting

If the cause is simple, restarting should help. After the system is working again, check the tool. This method is basic, but it can be effective. If the issue is temporary, it will disappear.

  • Is Auto Check on?

If it works, the system will check the spelling in every new message.

  • Is The Default Language Right?

This setting could interfere with the checks. In the case of English and some other languages, you may be typing in one variation, and checking in another. Например, if the check is programmed for American English, it will not accept British rules and the other way round.

  • Check Manually.

Misspell words on purpose to see if the system works. Run a check throughПреглед” > “Spelling & Grammar“.

  • Are The Messages Being Ignored?

If Message Ignoring is set, the feature will not check some parts of your emails. The tool may fail to work if the system is programmed to overlook areas in forwarded emails and replies. Here is how to check it.

Access options by clicking on ‘File’. Следваща, find ‘Mail’, Следваща, look at the composing section. The system may ignore the original text due to the corresponding setting. Unpick the box and click OK.

  • Repair The Mail Client

This is your last resort. The process is not brief, so make sure you have enough time to complete it. There are three things you may repair: the entire Office package, твоят профил, or data files.

  1. Close all windows.
  2. Head to the Control Panel and use the category view to find Programs.
  3. Click on the uninstall option to summon a list of products installed on your machine.
  4. Find MS Office and right-click on it to change.
  5. Choose the type of repair.
  6. Restart the mail client.

Does this solve the issue? Ако не, try repairing separate elements — the profile and data files. To change the former, следвайте стъпките по-долу. Please note that Outlook Exchange accounts do not have a repair wizard.

  1. Summon the menu viaФайл“.
  2. Open settings for your account. Ще се появи нов прозорец.
  3. On the ‘Email’ tab (open by default), choose Repair to launch the wizard.
  4. Follow the steps suggested and restart the system.

To fix only files, use a dedicated tool for inbox repair. It is available from the Microsoft website.

Restoring Spell Check in Outlook 2013

An automatic check is a useful option available in all popular versions of the system. Fixing it takes seconds if the cause is temporary. Repairing is the most complex solution.

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Проверката на правописа на Outlook не работи

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