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Netscape to Outlook Transfer License

Netscape to Outlook Converter

The free trial version of Netscape to Outlook Transfer is an excellent way to test this tool on a limited scale mailbox and see if it does what it says. And if the software does walk the talk, then you should take this chance to unleash the full potential of Netscape to Outlook Transfer and finally resolve your migration from Netscape issue in one blow. The trial can only process a limited number of e-mails per session, which is enough to evaluate functionality or convert a relatively small mailbox. If you want more of the same, please purchase Netscape to Outlook Transfer tool.

Detailed information about Netscape to Outlook Transfer tool and a step-by-step usage guide are available on the Description and User’s Manual pages of this website.

Licensing and payment

Several types of Netscape to Outlook Transfer licenses are currently being offered for personal and commercial use:

  • Home License
  • $19.95
    one year (non-recurring)
  • Home use only
  • Standard support
  • Free product updates
  • Personal data processing
  • 3 CPU per license
  • Try it Free
  • Order Now
  • Business License
  • $39.95
    one year (non-recurring)
  • Corporate use
  • Extended support
  • Free product updates
  • Staff data processing
  • 1 CPU per license
  • Try it Free
  • Order Now
  • Technical License
  • $365.95
    only $1 per day
  • Technical use
  • Special support
  • Free product updates
  • Unlimited data processing
  • Unlimited activations *
  • Try it Free
  • Order Now

* - Technical license can be activated multiple times, however it should be activated only at one PC a time. It is required to deactivate the license (menu Help > Deactivate the License) or uninstall the licensed software from the client's computer when the conversion is finished.
* - Standard and extended support provided 24/7 via the online chat (when available) and the support tickets system.
* - Prices are stated in USD. Conversion rate will be applied if any other currency selected.

We distribute Netscape to Outlook Transfer through our official reseller that offers a wide range of payment methods: major credit cards, wire transfer, e-money like PayPal and others. The “Order Now” button will let you to a secure payment page on the reseller’s website. If you prefer to obtain the license code from the official software reseller near your physical location, please check the list of our local resellers for different regions.

It goes without saying that buying the software product alone is not an option today. That is why we also offer a number of supplemental services including key code recoveryextended download warranty and priority technical support. With key code recovery you can literally recover your license code at any given time even after reinstalling OS or changing your computer completely. The extended download warranty makes downloading of the purchasing produce executable always available thanks to our own secure download server. Finally, with the priority technical support you get A-class support 24/7 to solve nearly every possible problem with Netscape to Outlook Transfer.

The benefits of purchasing the full version of Netscape to Outlook migration software

Purchasing a license for Netscape to Outlook Transfer gives you a number of advantages, the most important one being that the full version doesn’t limit the number of files converted from each source folder. The licensed version enables you to convert any number of MBOX files with any number of messages, no matter how big your Netscape email archive is. The program leverages the power of several powerful algorithms working in parallel to unpack data and convert it into Outlook PST format. The straightforward User Interface of the tool makes it a top choice for users with any level of technical knowledge, with or without experience in email conversion. Other advantages include professional technical support and free program updates.

Now, if you are still not convinced, here are the major points you should consider before purchasing a license for Netscape to Outlook Transfer software. The tool is super-fast and very reliable meaning you can effortlessly change your oldy-moldy Netscape Mail to up-to-date MS Outlook and retain every piece of information you ever had in that software. Thanks to the Wizard, using the program is obvious even for inexperienced users. And the license is very affordable too.

Here are the main advantages only available for registered users:

  • Take Netscape, transfer e-mails to Outlook, ditch Netscape. It is that easy.
  • Ultra-fast conversion engine saves your hours if not days of tedious manual conversion from the Netscape mailbox format to Outlook
  • The original structure, format, attachments, encoding and images of each e-mail are carefully preserved
  • You can process mailboxes of any size and with any number of e-mails inside, even if you chatted via e-mail like crazy for the last 10 years
  • Automatically recover data from damaged Netscape files too
  • Import to 32-bit or to 64-bit Outlook versions. Or to both of them.
  • Import from Netscape to an Outlook profile or to a PST file

As you see, there’s a lot Netscape to Outlook Transfer tool can give to you. But more importantly, it gives you the state of mind when you know for sure that not a single crucial e-mail is lost or became non-readable. You kick back in your chair assured that your data are safe at their new home, Microsoft Outlook.

Refunds and returns policy

Netscape to Outlook Transfer is a digital product that can be instantly copied. If a user changes his or her mind about its fitness for a particular purpose and decides to return it, there is no guarantee that they haven’t made a copy that remains on their hard drive. Therefore, standard return and refund policies that work for tangible goods do not apply to Netscape to Outlook Transfer. Moreover, we offer potential customers a fully functional and free demo version that differs from the full one in just one aspect – the number of MBOX files it processes in each source folder. The demo allows users to evaluate the program and try using it with real data before spending any money on a license. All of this makes it impossible for us to offer refunds and returns for Netscape to Outlook Transfer.