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Convert Mac Mail to Outlook Unlike regular data conversion, cross-platform data migration usually involves two operations – physical transfer of the source files from one system to another and its conversion into the destination format. The same principle applies when you have to convert Mac Mail to Outlook, one of the most popular email clients on the Mac OS platform, to Microsoft Outlook®. Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer is a comprehensive Mac Mail to Outlook conversion utility that requires the user to perform a single manual operation – move the source MBOX and EMLX files from the Mac OS system to the destination PC. The rest of the process, including data extraction, conversion, formatting and saving, is fully automated and requires no user involvement.

Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer turns Mac Mail conversion and email migration into a fully controllable, reliable and risk-free endeavor that anybody can cope with.

Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: OS Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Outlook® v.2000-2019 (standalone installation, at least one local .pst user profile should be configured). Source files: *.mbox, *.emlx

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Since Mac Mail uses the MBOX and EMLX formats for storing messages and attachments, direct Mac Mail to Outlook email import is impossible, which makes export mac mail to outlook a fairly complex task.  Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer helps make this process fast, intuitive and accessible to a broad range of users, from seasoned IT professionals to novices with basic computer skills and no experience with data conversion or migration.

Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer offers a comprehensive approach to the problem of transferring data from Mac Mail to Microsoft Outlook. Once the files containing Mac Mail messages have been copied to the destination PC, it will only require a couple of mouse clicks to do the rest and completely migrate Mac Mail to Outlook. This compact and efficient software was developed with intuitiveness in mind and addresses the needs of regular people that are forced to switch to another OS or just have access to their emails on a PC. Unlike many competing solutions, the program requires no extra downloads or training and works right “out of the box”.

Capabilities of Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer

Process of Mac Mail to Outlook conversion Due to the differences in email storage formats used by Mac Mail and Outlook, there is no direct way of moving messages between them. Fortunately, Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer tool automates most of the migration procedure and only requires the user to manually transfer the source storage files to the destination system using any available method: a USB drive, an optical disc, a cloud, an IM transfer and so forth. The rest is a breeze and can be accomplished within a very short time frame with minimal efforts. Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer application is the obvious choice of users who don’t know how to move from their Mac and a PC without losing their entire email archive.

Below are some of the key features that Mac Mail Transfer program has to offer:

  • Ultra-fast direct transfer of Mac Mail messages and attachments to Outlook (after the files have been copied to the destination PC system) or a standalone PST file
  • A complex approach to export Mac Mail to Outlook, PST or EML format
  • Accurate conversion of the Mac encoding into to ensure full readability of transferred messages on the destination system
  • Easy conversion of Mac Mail’s MBOX storage files of any size
  • UNIQUE FEATURE: extraction of email messages and attachments from corrupted MBOX storage files
  • Comprehensive support of all versions of Microsoft Outlook (including 32- and 64-bit editions)
  • Near-zero lead-in time and no need for training thanks to a convenient step-by-step migration wizard that won’t let the user make a mistake and migrate from Mac Mail to Outlook with no hassle.
  • Import and preprocessing progress bars for better control over the process
  • “Save to EML” mode to export emails from Apple Mail *.mbox files to individual files of EML format

Advantages of Using Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer tool

MThe greatest advantage of this Mac Mail to Outlook converter is its unprecedented ease of use. If you don’t know how to move your Mac emails to your new PC or convert Mac Mail to Outlook and you’ve never done anything like that before, the program will be your number one choice thanks to its clean and self-explanatory interface. Whether you are a professional dealing with data migration of different types on a daily basis and looking for yet another must-have converter or an average user on a budget seeking a way to switch from Mac Mail to Outlook in the most convenient and affordable manner, Mac Mail email transfer tool will deliver beyond your expectations.

Apart from intuitive controls and a well thought-out UI, the program offers the ability to convert data from damaged MBOX files, which also makes it a recovery tool.

Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer application enables you to solve your migration problem on the spot and avoid outsourcing this task, thus ensuring that your emails will never leave your system, which is important when it comes to deeply personal or crucial business information.

Not only does this software extract data from MBOX and EMLX files and repack it into PST, but also takes care of the encoding being used. Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer software always makes sure that your messages are fully readable on the target system.

How to transfer Mac Mail messages to Outlook in the most cost- and time-efficient manner?

MIf you don’t have any practical experience with data conversion and you urgently need to switch from Mac Mail installed on your Mac to a copy of PC-based Outlook, the best thing to do is to use a specialized tool like Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer. Data recovery and migration services may be an option, but their rates, time to completion and the very fact that your confidential data will be disclosed to third parties often appear discouraging.

The trial version of Mac Mail email migration software is available for free download and has the functionality of the full version, except a few limitations.

Customer Reviews

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Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Glen on Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
Conversion to Outlook for macOS

I have setup a Windows virtual machine with Parallels, installed free-trial version of Microsoft Outlook and converted my Mac Mail messages using your great transfer software. The internal macOS converter doesn't allow me to migrate from Mac Mail to Outlook for macOS but your converter did the trick.

 by Ed Yale on Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
Worked well except for some issues

The transfer worked well except for the date on many of the files. Actually the date in the actual email seems ok but the "sort by" date in the email listing was messed up, with dates like "1/1/1601" and "1/6/2084". Then the app created a whole set of file folders (Deleted Items, Inbox, Sent Items, etc.) as sub-folders within the folder I already selected ("Inbox", for example) and I had to select and move emails as well as delete some file folders.
Response: Hi Ed, thank you for your review. All items without a date (with wrong date) are belonging to the Sent Items. By default Outlook shows the correct sent date only in the Sent Items folder. If you moved these emails to another Outlook folder (or imported them out of the Sent Items folder) you may adjust your current Outlook view to show the Sent Date column. Currently you see the Date Received which was not set for the Sent Items initially so Outlook shows such strange dates.
The program created the whole set of folders and this is correct as you have selected the Inbox folder as a target that's why all Mac Mail folders were imported inside the Inbox. You have to select the topmost (root) folder if you want to import the emails according to the folders structure. However it is very easy to organize your data in Outlook after migration.
All we have to suggest here it's to read the instruction...

 by Alexis Karantinas on Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
I´m impressed!

It looks all fine. As I can see all emails and documents are recovered right now. I´m really happy with this solution.I think you´re now the one and only solution provider with a possibility to migrate directly from AppleMail to Outlook PST without export. And as I could say, the only one who has a solution which can recover the original folder structure. All other programms I´ve checked before created a lot of cryptic subfolders before insert the emails. Also at most of them the original format has been lost too. And of course no attachments ;-)
Thank you so much!

 by Robin M. on Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
It handles also Sparrow Mail conversion

Good tool! I have used it to migrate from my Mac and Sparrow Mail to MS Outlook for Windows. Just realized that result PST file can be imported also into Outlook for Mac, so it is very universal tool.

 by Ron Litterman on Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer

The software did exactly what I needed. I've switched to a full Outlook client under Windows 10 now that the Mac Mail app and Apple is going away. All of the messages from Apple Mail was imported successfully. At this point, I completely satisfied.

 by Phylip Valiquette on Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer
Fast and smooth Mac mail to Outlook conversion.

I used it for a migration from my MAC to PC. The file conversion went very fast and smooth as advertised and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you!