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Mbox to PST Converter MBOX is the name of a whole family of formats used for storing collections of email messages with attachments. The mailbox format, in this or that form, is currently used by dozens of email exchange applications, and it is this diversity of format variants that causes problems during email migration and conversion. The Mbox format has never been standardized and its implementation has always been up to the developer of a particular application. In addition, Mbox is used by applications on both Mac and PC platforms, which adds the encoding factor to the data conversion dilemma that some users inevitably face when they realize that they need to switch to Microsoft Outlook.

Supported MBOX files of the following (but not only) email clients and applications:

Alpine, Atmail, Becky! Internet Mail, Claws Mail, Cone, Ubuntu Evolution, Gnus, KMail, Mozilla Mail, Mulberry, Mutt, Netscape Messenger, Opera Mail, Pegasus Mail, Pine, PocoMail, SeaMonkey Mail, Zimbra, Google Mail (old Google Takeout format, use Gmail Transfer for new format).

Mbox to Outlook Transfer is a powerful email conversion tool (the mbox to pst converter) compatible with all versions of the MBOX file format. Designed for people with no IT background and zero experience in data conversion, it offers end-to-end automation of the process and saves users the trouble of having to know the specifics of particular Mbox format subtypes. The software uses an intelligent proprietary engine to detect the structure of source mailbox files and the version of the Mbox format used, then extracts emails and saves them directly to Outlook or a standalone PST file in the right encoding.

The mbox to pst converter program is an absolute must-have both for one-time conversions and for regular email transfer jobs. Mbox to Outlook converter tool has the potential to save hours of time and countless dollars, let alone the massive amount of efforts that would be exerted on finding the right solution for the job.

Mbox to Outlook converter has a minimalistic and very self-explanatory interface that allows you to get from A to B in literally no time. However, if you have any questions or are not sure about a particular feature or setting, you can always refer to our User’s Manual containing a detailed description of the program’s functionality.

Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: OS Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Outlook® v.2000-2019 (standalone installation, at least one local .pst user profile should be configured). Source files: *.mbox, *.mbx

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Mbox to outlook conversion If you are moving from an email client that uses MBOX for storing emails, and are weighing your email conversion options, you should definitely check out Mbox to Outlook Transfer software. It offers a truly no-brainer 1-2-3- approach to message migration and will solve your problem in wink of an eye! The mbox to pst converter product is an essential piece of software for smooth and reliable conversion of MBOX email archives from Mac’s and PC’s to Microsoft Outlook.  

Mbox to Outlook Transfer is the only tool that works with all types of MBOX mailboxes generated by Windows, Linux and Mac email clients.

Below is a short list of the mbox to outlook converter features:

  • A proprietary data analysis engine capable of processing email collections of any size
  • Accurate and fast conversion of mailbox files of all known formats (*.mbox and *.mbx) *
  • Conversion of message encoding (Mac to PC, Linux to PC)
  • Simple interface with just a few controls for unprecedented ease of use
  • Compact installation file that takes seconds to download and requires no additional components
  • Convert mbox to PST file on the user’s hard drive or Outlook profile
  • Export mbox files to outlook or extract mailbox email to EML files
  • Full compatibility with all Windows and Outlook versions, including 64-bit versions

* – All known mailbox format means standard format of MBOX specification. However there is a lot of mailbox format modifications called “changed mailbox format” or “mbox-like” format which can not be included in the same algorithm. If the tool is not supported your mailbox, please ask us and we will add the support in hours of course if that is possible.

Mbox to Outlook Transfer tool

Mbox to Outlook Transfer tool

What’s the advantage of Mbox to Outlook Converter in comparison with other conversion tools?

The greatest advantage of Mbox to Outlook Transfer is the ease of use it offers to users with no experience. The software automates the entire conversion process, from file selection to saving data to the selected destination.

Importing mbox into Outlook

  1. Select the source folder and let the program automatically find MBOX files in it
  2. Select the output type (export mbox to outlook, convert .mbox to Outlook PST file or extract messages to EML format)
  3. Wait for the program to complete data conversion

MThe program comes with no ad- or spyware, search bars or browser extensions of any sort. You only get what you pay for and can be sure that your privacy will not be compromised. In addition, removing the program is just as easy as installing it – it can be uninstalled using the standard Windows “Add/Remove Programs” option means and leaves no traces in the system.

Mbox to Outlook Transfer comes with a free trial version offering the functionality of the full version with the only limitation – number of files converted per folder. The trial version provides everything necessary for initial familiarization with the program and making a purchase decision. The mbox to pst converter: free trial version can be downloaded here:

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Mbox to Outlook Transfer
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Andy Graham
2,600 emails!

There are just a few buttons, so this tool is ideal for non-tech savvy users like me. I used the MBOX PST converter to migrate from SeaMonkey as I find its interface clunky. The converter recreated the folders and transferred all messages (around 2,600) with attachments.

 by Hanna
Good, but only in English

I had hundreds of emails sitting in Opera Mail for months because I had no idea how to import mbox into Outlook. This tool is really fast, but the developers should add more languages, as my Malaysian friend could not set it up without my help.

 by Gordon T.

Helped my grandma switch from old-school Pegasus to Outlook. This was easy! Thanks for developing this mbox converter tool, it works like a charm.

 by Ted

I’ve tried to import MBOX files into Outlook using other tools but failed miserably. This time it was smooth sailing. Installed the converter on Windows 10.

 by Brian Johnson

I used this MBOX file converter to move emails from huge mailbox archive. The program just asks you for the source files, but it can also find them automatically. I created a PST archive and opened it in Outlook on another PC. The support team has been really helpful.

 by Josephine
Great for Gmail

I needed to move emails from a Gmail account I don’t use anymore. This tool helped me convert mbox to Outlook painlessly. Downloading the archive from Google was the most difficult part as I had to label the messages.

 by Bob
Amazing service!

I ordered this software to convert my Apple Mail accounts to Outlook and it was a kind of mistake since this website offers better alternative called Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer with some specific options designed especially for this type of conversion. Luckily tech support was kind enough to immediately give me the program I needed without having to fill out a lot of forms or buy additional software. Now everything is sorted out and I am happy with result. I want to thank you, guys, for your responsibility!

Mbox to outlook transfer

I wanted to copy all of my outlook mails stored on my mac to a PC (thousands of mails included in 20 files). As it was possible to get the messages in mbox format very easily from outlook on the mac, i have chosen to use the "Mbox to outlook transfer" application in order to generate pst files on the PC. It was not as simple as i imagined... Some files were successfully converted, others were not. Refering the issue to the support team, they found that i was using the wrong application. I should have used the "Entourage to outlook transfer" .

They support me very efficiently and provide not only one but two solutions to the encountered issue. In addition they allowed me to download the version of the application working with entourage (which by the way work very well). The support was spread out over two days with continuous exchanges by emails.

I must say that such a level of good and professionnal customer support is very rare. This team deserve their customer congratulations for their efficiency and responsiveness. Good job !

 by Marc
It went well, and pretty Fast.

I needed to move about 26Gb of emails from Mozilla Seamonkey .mbox files to Exchange mailbox for Outlook. It went well, and pretty Fast.