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Postbox to Outlook ConverterPostbox is a cross-platform e-mail client is a viable alternative to both Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. Indeed, with a strong incline towards professional use borrowed from (or should we say inspired by) Outlook plus clean and extra-straightforward user interface resembling Apple’s client, Postbox is a rare good mix of functionality and style. Pre-designed e-mail templates for all and every business need, macros and placeholders for automatic yet personalized responses, advanced forwarding capabilities. Think of automatic importing of certain e-mails to Todoist or Evernote, for example. What’s more? Enhanced image embedding plus special effects, auto-detection of IMAP and POP3 accounts, filtering, account groups, the unique focus pane that allows you to read vital messages first (where it is you who specifies what’s vital and what’s not). And even though the app delivers such an impressive load of functions and capabilities, the need to export email from Postbox to Outlook is still a noticeable search query. So, here is a simple way to do this.

So, why would you want to transfer your data using the Postbox to Outlook Transfer application? The trick with Postbox is that it does not intrinsically have any exporting features. How’d ever want to cease using our product, the developers seemed to think. The second difficulty is the need to preserve your emails as they are in Postbox and move them to Outlook untouched. That is why you need a specialized tool – Postbox to Outlook Transfer. Below is a more in-depth description of why this tool is arguably the best way to import Postbox to Outlook.

Postbox to Outlook Transfer video guide

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows® Vista or higher
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Outlook® 2003-2021 (standalone)
Outlook AccountAt least one Outlook profile (email account) should be configured
Source files*.msf and mailbox files from Postbox for Windows or Mac OS
Hard Drive Space48 MB minimum
Available Memory4 GB for 32-bit and 8 GB or more for 64-bit operating systems
ProcessorPentium IV 2 GHz or faster
DisplayColor display, set to at least 1024 X 768 resolution

Postbox to Outlook TransferPostbox to Outlook TransferPostbox to Outlook TransferPostbox to Outlook Transfer

To do the Postbox to Outlook conversion

  1. Run the Postbox to Outlook Transfer tool.
  2. Select the directory where the Postbox mailboxes are stored.
  3. Click Scan Folder button to list all mailbox files.
  4. Click save PST button, specify the location and confirm saving.
  5. Run Outlook and open created PST file.

Advantages of Postbox to Outlook Transfer

Postbox conversionLet’s get it clear: there are dozens of email migration tools around. But this one is specifically designed to perfectly handle just one task: move Postbox local folders to Outlook. Specifically, the tool carefully transfers them to an existing PST file or simply to the current Outlook account.

Here is what it does in particular:

1. Automated non-hindered conversion of e-mails.

Do you know what sucks with automated tools? They are often unstable. This e-mail is converted fine, while this one is not, who knows why. This forces you to manually review the results and manually convert what is broken. With Postbox to Outlook Transfer the problem is out of the question. You run the conversion, you get perfect results.

2. You can successfully recover messages from the damaged files

Sometimes e-mail clients fail: power shortages, HDD failures etc. This results in the internal structure of the email account to become damaged. Particular strength of Postbox Transfer is that it automatically detects broken files and attempts to recover maximum information from them anyway by reading the file directly, byte by byte. The result: more reliable conversion to Outlook than ever.

3. Absolutely brilliantly designed interface you won’t need to ‘master’.

It is obvious and is literally three steps (of the Wizard):

    1. select where the Postbox accounts are. Conveniently, the program can find them for you;
    2. open the files;
    3. export to outlook or save to a PST file.

Every step is error-prone so you end up with your e-mails transferred correctly even if you are a complete newbie.

4. Supports everything!

Let us elaborate this a bit: any file size, any encoding, any standalone Outlook versions and of course any Postbox versions including those for Mac and for Windows. You don’t need to worry about technical details at all. You need the result, right? Specifically, you just want your Postbox correspondence to end up being your Outlook correspondence like it was always there. So here it is.

Key features of our email converter for Postbox:

  • Converts emails to Outlook fast and accurate. This may sound too general, but the objective truth is: Postbox to Outlook Transfer delivers one of the highest conversion accuracy rate among hundreds of competing tools. Also, thanks to multi-threaded conversion process, transferring of emails from Postbox folders to Outlook is really fast.
  • Need zero learning of the program. Thanks to the straightforward step-by-step interface, Postbox to Outlook transfer is absolutely transparent even for those users who never had any e-mail conversion experience before.
  • Finds Postbox folder automatically (or you can specify it manually). The program scans the disk and detects Postbox containers automatically. For those of you who knows what to do or when you need to import to Outlook some Postbox files copied from another computer, the manual option will come in handy.
  • Export Postbox to Outlook messages extremely fast. Nuff said. Just test yourself and see.
  • Can deal with broken or damaged files too. Even though not every damage can be repaired this way (after all, Postbox to Outlook Transfer is not a specialized data recovery software), this option can still save you a lot of nerve cells in case you try to import a damaged Postbox mailbox.
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions (including 32-bit Outlook installed on a 64-bit system).
  • Can export directly to Outlook account or save into a separate PST file you specify.

Comparison of the trial and full version

Software FeatureFree Trial LicenseHome LicenseBusiness LicenseTechnical License
Unlimited Number of EmailsNOYESYESYES
Unlimited Number of AccountsNOYESYESYES
Command Line (Batch Mode)NONOYESYES
Network SourcesYESNOYESYES
Server side useYESNONOYES
Renewal Type (by choice)-ManualManual & AutoManual & Auto
Renewal Discount-10%20%30%
Number of activations (by choice)-1-51-50Unlimited
Technical SupportLimitedStandardPriorityExtended

And here is one final note most users neglect but you should know about…

Postbox to Outlook conversion may seem trivial, but email account formats of these two are different. Postbox uses a modified mailbox format which may result in certain discrepancies between the source and the destination messages after transfer. You don’t want this, right? So entrust this process to the dedicated tool designed to deal with the most minor issues that can occur while moving from Postbox to MS Outlook. Try it now, the download is free.

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Postbox to Outlook Transfer
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 2 reviews
 by Dani Shulman
As advertised

Great tool and a real time saver with a neat and intuitive interface. It can transfer mail from Postbox to Outlook very fast — over 6000 emails were imported in 4-5 minutes.

 by Jelle De Moor
Very fast email converter

Despite that I am computer illiterate this software appeared to be very easy to use and I was able to migrate all my emails from Postbox to MS Outlook in several minutes. Pity that software GUI is English only, however who do not know English language in the modern world? :)