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Import vCard contact files to Outlook

The vCard® format was developed to become the standard format for electronic business cards. These files usually have a *.vcf or *.vcard extension and are distributed by email or on the web. Electronic business card files are highly compressed and encompass a comprehensive range of fields for all contact details. Many applications that handle contact information in various forms support files in this format, making it a convenient way to transfer personal information between applications. However, if you need to import hundreds or thousands of contacts at once, you’ll be far better off using a specialized online web app or contacts conversion tool with.

Program to convert contacts to Outlook from VCF files

vCard to Outlook Transfer is exactly what you need to bulk import VCF files to Outlook contacts, spending literally no time and ensuring that every file is carried over in full and with no popup errors. Since the conversion of contacts from a single standard format with a fairly fixed structure does not imply a great number of options, the process is extremely straightforward. The only thing you need to take care of is the structure of the source folders. The software scans the source folder and converts subfolders into list of contacts. Therefore, if you need these Outlook contacts groups to be created automatically, you need to first create subfolders in the source folder and populate them with corresponding *.vcf contact files.

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of contacts

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows® Vista or higher
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Outlook® 2003-2021 (standalone)
Outlook AccountAt least one Outlook profile (email account) should be configured
Source files*.vcf (virtual contact files)
Hard Drive Space48 MB minimum
Available Memory4 GB for 32-bit and 8 GB or more for 64-bit operating systems
ProcessorPentium IV 2 GHz or faster
DisplayColor display, set to at least 1024 X 768 resolution

Our program is designed to appeal to a wide range of users, so we have ensured that the interface is simple and easy to use. With a single window design, all controls and key areas are conveniently placed in front of the user for easy access. For a full understanding of the Outlook contacts conversion process, our User Guide provides detailed instructions and explanations of all menu options. We strive to make the program intuitive and provide all the necessary information for a seamless experience of the outlook contacts conversion.

Our vCard to Outlook converter is a perfect product for home users and office workers who need to import VCF contacts from any program, web app or system to Microsoft Outlook, or to restore address book contacts from a backup file once or on regular basis. Users who often perform such data import operations (such as system administrators restoring other user’s systems or maintaining a corporate pool of contacts) will find vCard to Outlook app to be an indispensable tool for their day-to-day work capable of saving an ample amount of time and effort.

Have multiple contacts and need to import them to Outlook? Getting the creeps from the thought of having to do that manually? Relax, vCard to Outlook Transfer utility will take care of this in no time! It’s a simple, no-brainer approach to mass-converting VCF files to Outlook contacts.
Download for FreeFor Windows 32/64-bitBuy from $19.95Unlock all features
* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of contacts

vCard to Outlook Conversion consists of few quick steps

  1. Run vCard to Outlook Transfer software.
  2. Select the source folder containing *.vcf contact files.
  3. Click Scan Folder button to find all vCards.
  4. Click Save PST button and specify the file name and target directory.
  5. Open PST file in Outlook and turn on the display of the imported contacts.

Here is what vCard to Outlook Transfer has to offer:

vCard to Outlook Converter vCard file to Outlook converter program is a uniquely simple and reliable tool for lightning-fast migration of VCF file with contacts from your hard drive to any major version of Microsoft Outlook. The software supports direct export of contacts to Outlook and can also save contacts to a standalone PST that can be connected to Outlook at any point of time. vCard to Outlook Transfer is so intuitive that you don’t need to be too computer-savvy to use it. Designed for both beginners and professionals, our program offers a simple interface with just one screen and a few buttons to navigate. What sets us apart from other solutions is that we don’t burden you with unnecessary installations or browser add-ons. Get started by installing vCard to Outlook Transfer and begin converting your VCF files to Outlook contacts effortlessly! Let us now highlight the reasons why this program truly deserves your attention.

First and foremost, vCard to Outlook Transfer allows you to batch import VCF files into Outlook in one go. By scanning the selected folder for VCF containers, the program automatically populates the contact list, allowing you to import multiple VCF files into Outlook effortlessly. This not only saves you time, but also consolidates all your contacts in one convenient location. In addition, our program allows you to export contacts directly to Microsoft Outlook or save them in PST format. This flexibility ensures seamless integration with your existing Outlook setup and simplifies the process of managing your Outlook contacts. With its user-friendly interface and efficient features, vCard to Outlook Transfer is a reliable solution for all your contact conversion needs.

One of the main advantages of using the vCard to Outlook Transfer program is that it allows you to import VCF into Outlook in bulk. This means that you can import VCF files containing multiple contacts into Outlook all at once, saving you the time and effort of importing each VCF file individually. The export wizard in the program makes this process very easy and allows you to convert your VCF files to the PST file format without any problems.

Accurate conversion is an icicle on the cake – or the very essence of it, depending on how you look at it. Indeed, when you import vCard, transfer your important contacts using a VCF file as a medium, you want to be sure that every single contact will find its place in Outlook contacts or the resulting PST file. And here is where vCard file to Outlook Transfer really kicks ass. The tool quickly and accurately do import VCF contacts data to any standalone version of Outlook and carefully preserves the whatever structure the vCard file had. The import and export wizard simplifies the process of importing VCF files into Outlook, making it easy to import VCF contacts even if you have multiple contacts stored in different VCF files.

  • A lightweight, easy to understand interface for users of any skill level.
  • Fast and accurate conversion of vCard contact files of any structure to Outlook contacts.
  • Direct output to an Outlook profile or a standalone PST storage file.
  • A compact installation file free of any spy- or malware.
  • Ad-free software – you won’t be bugged by banners or reminders of any sort!
  • Support of subfolders in the source directory and their recreation as groups of Outlook contacts.
  • Possibility to select the destination Outlook folder to import VCF to Outlook.
  • 100% compatibility with all popular versions of MS Outlook for Windows.
  • No additional libraries, SDK’s or other components needed.
  • Fully compatible with all major Windows versions and editions, including 64-bit ones.

What users say about vCard to Outlook Transfer

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What makes vCard to Outlook Transfer so special?

If you compare our product with similar vCard file conversion tools, you will instantly notice how incredibly easy it is to use it. The program is fully automated thanks to import and export wizard and requires absolutely no special technical skills of any sort. The whole process is broken into a few quick steps:

  1. Selection of the source folder on the user’s hard drive containing vCard contacts in the *.vcf format
  2. Selection of the destination Outlook folder or Outlook PST
  3. Import vcf to outlook

Moreover, the program features absolutely no banners or any other types of ads integrated into its interface. Some tools require you to install browser add-ons, extensions or similar components that most users don’t want or need. Our vCard to Outlook converter does none of this and delivers as promised.

V The vCard to Outlook tool offers many benefits, especially for regular users who can convert multiple contacts on their own, without relying on system administrators or hiring external services. A key feature is the batch import functionality, which allows the conversion of multiple vCard files – an option not commonly found in other utilities or web applications. In addition, unlike many tools that embed themselves deeply into the system, our vCard to Outlook converter is fully standalone and can be easily uninstalled, completely removing all associated files and registry entries when no longer needed to import VCF to Outlook. This ensures a seamless experience and allows for easy removal without leaving a trace.

VUltimately, our vCard to Outlook converter tool is different. Unlike other tools that embed themselves so deeply into your system that it becomes almost impossible to remove them once they’ve outlived their usefulness, our product is designed differently. It can be easily and thoroughly removed from your system, down to the last file and registry entry.

If you are interested in trying the program in action, we strongly recommend downloading the free trial version first. It’s 100% free and has the full functionality of the licensed version, except for the limited number of contact files converted per source folder and information message. Full version do not have any restrictions and have no popups.

Overall, the vCard to Outlook Transfer program is a powerful tool that makes it easy to import VCF files into Outlook. Whether you need to import a single VCF file, import VCF contacts, or import multiple VCF files, the program has you covered. With its easy-to-use import and export wizard, you can import VCF to Outlook with ease, ensuring that all your contacts are easily accessible in your Microsoft Outlook and email account.

How to import vCard to Outlook Using Our Tool?

Importing even multiple vCard files is easy with our vCard importer tool. Here is a brief step-by-step:

  1. First, you need to download and install the program, of course.
  2. Run the software and select a vCard file or a folder containing multiple vCard files to import.
  3. Click the “Convert” button to import vCard contacts to Outlook. Note that you can select where you want to transfer vcf contacts: to an MS Outlook profile, or to a separate pst file.
  4. The rest of the process is done automatically. The program parses the provided vCard files and converts them to Outlook contacts.

If you want to learn more on how to import VCF to Outlook, please refer to this tutorial.

Comparison of the trial and full version

Software FeatureFree Trial LicenseHome LicenseBusiness LicenseTechnical License
Unlimited Number of EmailsNOYESYESYES
Unlimited Number of AccountsNOYESYESYES
Command Line (Batch Mode)NONOYESYES
Network SourcesYESNOYESYES
Server side useYESNONOYES
Renewal Type (by choice)-ManualManual & AutoManual & Auto
Renewal Discount-10%20%30%
Number of activations (by choice)-1-51-50Unlimited
Technical SupportLimitedStandardPriorityExtended

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you import multiple VCF files into Outlook?

Yes. While there is no a built-in way to import multiple VCF files into Outlook contacts, you can use our vCard to Outlook software to load multiple vCard files into Microsoft Outlook. This way you can save a lot of time, because manual importing one file by one is not an option for any sane person.

How do I Import multiple vCards to Outlook?

Importing dozens of vCards into Outlook is easy. First, you need to download and install our vCard to Outlook conversion utility. Then, run the program and specify the folder where your VCF files are. The program will scan the folder and automatically detect all files that can be imported. Click the “Start” button to start importing of your contacts into Outlook. Please refer to this page if you need a more detailed instruction on how to import multiple contacts from the VCF format to an Outlook account.

Does it support batch conversion of multiple VCF files?

Yes, the vCard to Outlook Transfer software does indeed support conversion of multiple VCF files and easily import vCard contacts into your Outlook account. The process of using vcf to Outlook conversion is simple and efficient, making it an ideal solution for those who need to import contacts from different sources. The software’s ability to handle multiple VCF files simplifies the task of importing vCard contacts into Outlook. You don’t have to worry about importing each contact individually, as the software can process multiple entries at once. This makes the vcf to Outlook conversion process much faster and more efficient.

Does it support VCF files with multiple contacts inside?

Yes, its ability to import vCard contacts from multi-entry VCF files makes the vcf to Outlook conversion process easy and hassle-free. In addition, the vCard to Outlook transfer software is designed to maintain the integrity of your data during the import process. This means that when you import vCard contacts, all the information is transferred accurately, ensuring that you don’t lose any important details. If you need to import contacts from a VCF file into your Outlook account, vCard to Outlook Transfer software is a reliable and efficient tool.

Can you convert vCard to the CSV format?

Yes. Converting vCard to the CSV file format is not an everyday task, but sometimes you may need it. To import VCF to a CSV file, you can use our VCF to CSV conversion tool which is designed to import and export contacts. Alternatively you can import VCF files into Microsoft Outlook using vCard to Outlook Transfer tool and then export them in the Outlook CSV format if needed.

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vCard to Outlook Transfer
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 14 reviews
 by Flora W.
Nice and easy

To import VCF in Outlook, you specify where the files are, choose how to convert, and click start. The interface is simple, and it's great that it lets you choose files within a folder.

 by Geoffrey D'Souza
Simple and powerful

It is very easy to convert VCF to PST using this tool. It is lightweight, intuitive, and effective. I moved around 500 contacts.

 by Brett Lowell
Great for transfer from Mac

I extracted contacts from my address book on Mac. Then, I imported them into Outlook and also converted VCF to PST to have a backup file.

 by Tommy Mallen
Time saver

I received a bunch of contacts from a colleague and imported them straight to my Outlook profile via this vCard importer tool. I would have spent hours moving down one by one.

 by Andred Cutright
Smooth transfer from HCL Notes

As I used to keep my office contacts in HCL Notes, I couldn't switch to Outlook without bulk transfer. It took me a minute to import vCard to Outlook, although my files contained over 400 entries!

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