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Import vCard contact files to Outlook

The vCard® format was developed to become the standard format for electronic business cards. These files usually have a *.vcf or *.vcard extension and are distributed by email or on the web. Electronic business card files are extremely compact and contain a comprehensive set of fields for every aspect of a contact. Files of this format are generally supported by multiple applications working with contacts in any form, which makes them a very convenient way to moving personal details from one application to another. However, if you need to import hundreds or thousands of contacts at once, you’ll be far better off using a specialized online web app or contacts conversion tool with.

vCard to Outlook Transfer is exactly what you need to bulk import VCF to Outlook contacts, spending literally no time and ensuring that every file is carried over in full and with no popup errors. Since the conversion of contacts from a single standard format with a fairly fixed structure does not imply a great number of options, the process is extremely straightforward. The only thing you need to take care of is the structure of the source folders. vCard to Outlook Transfer software scans the source folder and converts subfolders into list of contacts. Therefore, if you need these contact groups to be created automatically, you need to first create subfolders in the source folder and populate them with corresponding *.vcf contact files.

vCard to Outlook Transfer vCard to Outlook Transfer vCard to Outlook Transfer vCard to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: OS Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Outlook® v.2000-2019 (standalone installation, at least one local .pst user profile should be configured). Source files: *.vcf virtual contact files.

The program serves just one purpose and addresses the needs of a very broad audience, which is why we made its interface as simple and self-explanatory as possible. It’s a single-window program with all of its controls and key areas located right in front of the user. The process of data conversion is described in detail in our User’s Manual, which also explains the meaning of all menu options.

vCard to Outlook Transfer is a perfect product for home users and office workers who need to copy contacts from any program, web app or system to Microsoft Outlook or restore address book contacts from a backup file once or on regular basis. Users who often perform such data import operations (such as system administrators restoring other user’s systems or maintaining a corporate pool of contacts) will find vCard to Outlook Transfer to be an indispensable tool for their day-to-day work capable of saving an ample amount of time and effort.

Have a few hundred contacts and need to import them to Outlook? Getting the creeps from the thought of having to do that manually? Relax, vCard to Outlook Transfer utility will take care of this in no time! It’s a simple, no-brainer approach to mass-converting VCF contacts to Outlook.

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Here is what vCard to Outlook Transfer has to offer:

vCard to Outlook Converter vCard to Outlook Transfer is a uniquely simple and reliable tool for lightning-fast migration of VCF contact files from your hard drive to any major version of Microsoft Outlook. The software supports direct export to Outlook and can also save contacts to a standalone PST file that can be connected to Outlook at any point of time. vCard to Outlook Transfer is so intuitive that you don’t need to be too computer-savvy to use it. With just one screen to work with and a couple of buttons to click, it’s a perfect pick for novices and professionals alike. Unlike many similar solutions, the program comes with no obligations – that is, you won’t need to install any browser add-ons, free software that you don’t need or do anything else. Just install vCard to Outlook Transfer and start converting your contacts!

Now, here is why the program is indeed worth your attention. First of all, vCard to Outlook Transfer allows for batch import of VCF files to Outlook with just one run. You simply scan the selected folder for any vcf containers in it to fill the list of contacts, and then tell the program to bulk import VCF to Outlook. Needless to say, this saves a lot of time and helps consolidating all your contacts in one place without much hassle. Another viable option is direct exporting to Outlook or to a PST file.

Accurate conversion is an icicle on the cake – or the very essence of it, depending on how you look at it. Indeed, when you transfer your important contacts using VCF as a media, you want to be sure that every single contact will find its place in Outlook or the resulting PST file. And here is where vCard to Outlook Transfer really kicks ass. The tool quickly and accurately exports data to any standalone version of Outlook and carefully preserves the whatever structure the VCF file had.

  • A lightweight, easy to understand interface for users of any skill level
  • Fast and accurate conversion of vCard contact files of any structure
  • Direct output to an Outlook profile or a standalone PST storage file
  • A compact installation file free of any spy- or malware
  • Ad-free software – you won’t be bugged by banners or reminders of any sort!
  • Support of subfolders in the source directory and their recreation as groups of contacts
  • Possibility to select the destination Outlook folder
  • 100% compatibility with all popular versions of MS Outlook for Windows
  • No additional libraries, SDK’s or other components needed
  • Fully compatible with all major Windows versions and editions, including 64-bit ones

What makes vCard to Outlook Transfer so special?

If you compare our product with similar conversion tools, you will instantly notice how incredibly easy it is to use it. The program is fully automated and requires absolutely no special technical skills of any sort. The whole process is broken into a few quick steps:

  1. Selection of the source folder on the user’s hard drive containing contacts in the *.vcf format
  2. Selection of the destination Outlook folder or PST file
  3. Data conversion

Moreover, the program features absolutely no banners or any other types of ads integrated into its interface. Some tools require you to install browser add-ons, extensions or similar components that most users don’t want or need. vCard to Outlook Transfer does none of this and delivers as promised.

VThe most obvious advantage of vCard to Outlook Transfer tool is that it makes the process of contacts conversion something that regular users can do on their own, without waiting for system administrators to become available or even hiring a specialized online service to do the job for them. Plus, the aforementioned batch import of VCF to Outlook – something a very few other utilities and web app offer.

VFinally, vCard to Outlook Transfer is nothing like other tools that root so deeply into the system that it becomes almost impossible to remove them when they are no longer needed. Our product can be easily and completely removed from your system, up to the last file and registry entry.

If you are interested in trying vCard to Outlook Transfer in action, we strongly recommend downloading the free trial version first. It’s 100% free and has the full functionality of the licensed version, except for the limited number of contact files converted per source folder and information message. Full version do not have any restrictions and have no popups.

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Very easy to use, fast and accurate contacts converter. I have converted a bunch of contacts packed into one VCF files without a hassle. I suggest to provide this product for free to the returning customers like me.

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It has been worth buying the product just for the technical support they have. Congratulations!!.

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The product was great and helped me update my address book contacts from windows mail to outlook. Great product!