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Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Stable, efficient, fast and extremely user-friendly Thunderbird email transfer tool supporting all major versions of Thunderbird and Outlook.  Learn More  Live Mail to Outlook Transfer Live Mail to Outlook Transfer Live Mail transfer to Outlook has never been so easy! One-click conversion of massive email archives to an Outlook profile or a standalone PST file.  Learn More  Mbox to Outlook Transfer Mbox to Outlook Transfer A convenient MBOX to Outlook data migration tool with a user-friendly UI and a host of features facilitating email conversions of any scale.  Learn More  vCard to Outlook Transfer vCard to Outlook Transfer A convenient, fast and reliable tool that will help you convert your VCF contacts to Outlook or a standalone PST file in seconds.  Learn More  EML to Outlook Transfer EML to Outlook Transfer A compact and intuitive tool for converting EML files to the PST format. Quick and 100% hassle-free email conversion.  Learn More  Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer The most powerful Mac Mail email transfer tool on today’s market! Complete full email migrations from Mac Mail to Outlook in no time.  Learn More  Gmail to Outlook Transfer Gmail to Outlook Transfer Convert your entire Gmail mail archive to Outlook or a PST file in a few mouse clicks using this fast, extremely intuitive and reliable data migration tool.  Learn More  MSG to Outlook Transfer MSG to Outlook Transfer Export MSG files to Outlook with unprecedented ease and speed. A compact, convenient and user-friendly converter for all categories of users.  Learn More  Entourage to Outlook Transfer Entourage to Outlook Transfer A complete solution of the Entourage to Outlook email transfer problem. Accurate, fast and reliable, the program handles email archives of any size and structure.  Learn More  IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer IncrediMail email transfer solution with an advanced conversion engine and intuitive UI that helps convert IncrediMail messages to Outlook in a wink of an eye.  Learn More  Eudora to Outlook Transfer Eudora to Outlook Transfer A fast, intuitive and efficient Eudora email conversion tool that will help you transfer your entire message archive to Outlook in a few clicks.  Learn More  The Bat! to Outlook Transfer The Bat! to Outlook Transfer A specialized tool for converting email messages from The Bat! to Microsoft Outlook. Quick, accurate and intuitive migration of data from MBOX files.  Learn More  Turnpike to Outlook Transfer Turnpike to Outlook Transfer A specialized data migration tool that helps users convert their Turnpike email archives to Outlook with a few mouse clicks.  Learn More  Netscape to Outlook Transfer Netscape to Outlook Transfer What if you want to fetch e-mails from Netscape and save them to Outlook? Officially, it’s hard. But here is a simple tool that saves the day when it comes to transfer thousands of messages.  Learn More  Opera Mail to Outlook Transfer Opera Mail to Outlook Transfer Automatically transfer email messages from Opera Mail directly to Outlook or to a PST file with this simple and fast application. Easy and reliable migration!  Learn More  Data Extraction Kit for Outlook Data Extraction Kit for Outlook A convenient and flexible Outlook data extractor supporting a wide range of output formats and featuring a report generation module for forensic investigations of digital crimes.  Learn More 

Email Conversion Software for Effortless Migration to Outlook

Easily convert gigabytes of emails. Accurately transfer attachments and formatting. Support for 20+ e-mail clients and message box formats. If you are using one of the major email applications and need to transfer emails to Outlook, nothing comes close to Outlook Transfer products in terms of speed and ease of use. Enjoy the user-friendly interfaces and excellent technical support!

Time has come to migrate to Outlook?
And what about your correspondence for all those years still stored in another e-mail client?
Never lose a single message thanks to GlexSoft email migration software! Fast-paced and extremely reliable conversion makes sure the entire contents of your mailboxes end up in your Microsoft Outlook account.

Our software deliver hassle-free migration from all e-mail clients that are popular now or used to be popular in the past including Thunderbird, Gmail, Outlook Express, Exchange, Mac Mail and a number of less known but still widely used software: The Bat!, Turnpike, Zimbra, Postbox. Grab one of Outlook Transfer programs and rest assured your e-mail data are safely and accurately converted to Microsoft Outlook.


Email Migration Software Features

Supported e-mail clients

GlexSoft develops a range of tools that help you transfer data from virtually any major email client to Microsoft Outlook. Important, the tools carefully deal with messages, attachments, styles and other information that is a part of emails. Specifically, the software fully supports the following e-mail apps and formats:

Supported mailbox formats

Email migration software we offer allows you to transfer to Outlook the information from various mailbox formats used by Windows and Mac email clients. In fact, with GlexSoft software you can extract e-mails even from rare unsupported email clients by simply exporting the mailbox to one of supported formats. Specifically, these are:

  • EML – a mail message format supported by a large array of email applications including Outlook Express and Live Mail. Apple email client Mac Mail uses similar format called EMLX.
  • MBOX (MBX) – historically a Unix mailbox format, MBOX is now a native way to store mail for dozens of mail tools. And others can easily export data to MBX. The MBOX format is interpreted differently by different mail applications, but stay cool: GlexSoft email migration software supports all variations of this format.
  • MSF – Mail Summary File of Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey, Postbox and Netscape Mail. It contains the summary records of all messages stored in a corresponding mailboxes.
  • MSG – is a message format mostly used in Microsoft email client and stores individual email message, appointment, contact, task or another Outlook objects. MSG files related to other email clients may contain messages in a form of plain text.

Other capabilities

Aside from straight conversion of mailboxes to Outlook PST, software by GlexSoft can extract emails from Outlook for investigation, forensics or backup purposes. See our Data Extraction Kit for Outlook for more info. Also, you can import contacts to Outlook from a vCard file using vCard to Outlook Transfer software.

  • VCF – vCard or Virtual Contact File, is a file format standard for electronic business cards. vCard file contains name and address information, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, and other data.
  • PST – Personal Storage Table (.pst) is proprietary file format developed by Microsoft company. It is used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Client to store messages, contacts, appointments, notes, reminders and other items.
  • IML format of the IncrediMail messages created as an excerpt from the EML format and therefore it may be used only together with IncrediMail database and other contents of the Message Store.
  • MBS proprietary format of the Opera Mail messenger.
  • EMLX – file format of the Mac Mail application which contains a single message encoded for Mac OS operating system. EMLX files may contain pointers to the separately stored attachments.


Redefining email migration: meet powerful, reliable and cost-efficient solutions!

The core of products developed by the company is an advanced highly optimized proprietary engine that outperforms most of other email conversion solutions on the market.


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