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Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Mozilla Thunderbird® is one of the major alternatives to Microsoft’s email applications and PIM tools. Completely free and open source, it is available to users on various platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, not to mention unofficial ports to more exotic operating systems, such as OpenSolaris and FreeBSD.  The program offers advanced email exchange functionality, supports multiple accounts and identities, flexible email sorting and filtering, message grouping and labeling, features a powerful Bayesian filter to cut off spam messages and offers a host of other powerful functions. Although the program remained one of the key players on the market of email applications for years, its popularity started to decline after Mozilla discontinued the work on new versions, which forced many users to choose Microsoft Outlook® instead. Another commonplace reason for Thunderbird to Outlook transfer is a growing number of users migrating to Windows OS and starting to use standard enterprise applications from Microsoft.

The technical difficulty of performing Thunderbird to Outlook migration roots in the difference between data storage formats used by these applications. Thunderbird uses MBOX, whereas Outlook stores data in its native PST format, and neither of the programs has integrated data export tools to facilitate the migration. The best way to export emails from thunderbird to outlook it is using of special tool called thunderbird to outlook converter.

Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer is an all-in-one, efficient and extremely fast data migration solution that will help you transfer all types of matching data from Thunderbird to Outlook in no time. Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer efficiently solves the problem of Thunderbird to Outlook data conversion and ensures the integrity of personal or business correspondence.

Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows®, standalone version of Microsoft Outlook® (at least one local Outlook user profile should be configured). Source files: *.msf and mailbox files of Thunderbird for Windows, Mac OS or Linux

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Advantages of using Thunderbird to PST Converter

Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion This thunderbird to outlook tool was initially designed to be an all-in-one tool for Thunderbird to Outlook email migration, which means that you will not need any additional tools or utilities to do an intermediate data conversion or unload messages from an mailbox file. Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer has all the necessary features under one umbrella and enables users to move email archives of any size directly from Thunderbird to Outlook or a standalone PST storage file. This software contains many additional options which will be helpful while you convert thunderbird to outlook, these options allows to:

  • Split output PST file to multiple fragments of predefined size
  • Correct the email encoding (Mac OS and Linux encoding to Windows)
  • Extract Thunderbird messages to separate EML files supported by many email applications
  • Use any existing Outlook folder to import emails from thunderbird to outlook or create and use a new one
  • Activate internal formats processor which handles smooth thunderbird email migration

Compared with similar tools and methods, this product offers the following advantages:

  1. Unparalleled intuitiveness of the User Interface. The authors of the program did their best to take the complexity of thunderbird to outlook data conversion away from users’ eyes. You won’t be faced with technical abbreviations, confusing sliders, radio buttons and checkboxes while converting Thunderbird to Outlook data. The interface of Thunderbird Transfer tool is simple enough even for people who have never worked with similar tools and don’t know how to convert Thunderbird to Outlook.
  2. Maximum automation of the data location and conversion processes.  As a user, you may not (and don’t have to) know where your emails, attachments and other relevant data are stored. Besides, Thunderbird does not store its data in a single database, file or even folder – your data are unevenly distributed across the program installation folder, so finding every item may turn out to be a fairly complex task even for a professional, much less an inexperienced user. Thunderbird to outlook converter detects the locations of source MSF files automatically and if it is impossible allows to user to do that manually.
  3. Use of an intuitive multi-step data conversion wizard to assist users who have no previous experience in data migration and don’t know how to move emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. The wizard ensures smooth and hassle-free progression to the final step of the procedure and makes the probability of a human error negligibly small. Such way allows to migrate thunderbird to outlook emails and reduce the possible human mistakes.
  4. Affordable recovery without the risk of letting your personal data leave your system. When you use an external service, your information ends up in the hands of other people, so no matter how good a contract is signed, others get to see it. With Thunderbird to Outlook converter, you can be 100% sure that your data remains with you at all times. Besides, you save an ample amount of money and can re-use the program as many times as needed together with your active license.
  5. Ability to extract messages from damaged MBOX files. Thunderbird Transfer tool will help you convert data from Thunderbird to Outlook even if one or many of the source mailbo files are damaged. No matter if you want to migrate thunderbird to outlook or just extract the Thunderbird messages to EML files, the tool automatically restoring the data integrity.

Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer Functionality

TThunderbird Transfer is based on the latest proprietary technology that ensures top data conversion speed, accuracy of data transfer and integrity of the source files.

How hard it is to use Thunderbird Transfer to move emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

TThunderbird Transfer was initially designed to be fast, intuitive and easy-to-use. It will be a perfect choice for all of your Thunderbird to Outlook conversion needs even if you have never done anything like that before and don’t know how to convert MSF to PST. The software works out of the box and requires absolutely no third-party components, prior training or special knowledge/skills.

In case you need the ultimate Thunderbird to Outlook converter and learn to how migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook in a few quick steps, make sure to try Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer tool! Convert thunderbird to outlook properly with Outlook Transfer!

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Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by Crush

From thunderbird I moved 3076 local folders containing around tens thousands of emails without any issue to my outlook. This software saved my IT life, like for real ! Thanks a lot, worst every penny ! 5/5 stars, it just "do the job".

 by Jill
It Really Works

Thanks for helping me export Thunderbird to Outlook quickly. This system is hassle-free, simple, and neat. The location of the files is detected automatically. It transferred all my messages and attachments safely, and I had hundreds of them!

 by Alex
Simple, fast, helpful

I switched to Outlook for security reasons and had to transform old emails ASAP. This Thunderbird to Outlook transfer software is a lifesaver. It is reasonably priced and effective — what else does one need from such tools?

 by Andrew Wright
Really fast!

Direct import into Outlook is awesome. I also like the simplicity of the interface, as you do not have to be a tech geek — getting lost in the menu is impossible. This Thunderbird migration tool proves that less is more.

 by John
Simple and convenient

This Thunderbird migrator is very easy to use. I converted around 1450 emails in under a minute, and they remained fully intact, including attachments and folder structure. Will recommend this product to coworkers.

 by Drew

We had literally thousands of emails in offline storage in Thunderbird but wanted to move back to Outlook because it can coordinate with iCloud for our Contacts and Calendars. It would have been impossible to do manually. The price was right to give their product a try, but I then struggled to find where my converted files had gone (eventually found them and they were perfect!). Their email support is amazing. Very fast and thorough. Some of my questions went beyond their interface but Robert and Andres were incredible in providing easy to understand answers. Would highly recommend this product to anyone changing email programs, especially Thunderbird to Outlook which use different incompatible formats.

 by Ron Niessen

After using Mozilla Thunderbird for a few years I want to use MS Outlook again. The reason is that I bought a cell phone which I can synchronize with Outlook. It won't synchronize with Thunderbird. Your converter works fantastic, the job was done perfectly and, for me important, without mistakes. I've got all my emails imported in Outlook. So I'm really satisfied. Apology for my bad English, I'm Dutch.

 by Henry Tourneur
Completed conversion in minutes.

I used your software to conclude the migration of my emails from Thunderdbird (Ubuntu) to Win7-64 Outlook. Your little tool made the job easy. I'm very glad 'cause I was frustrated spending hours looking for a solution (in forums...) without finding anything and for just a little expense everything was completed in minutes.

 by Antonio Nieto
Thanks a lot indeed for your support.

Thanks a lot. This tool is really simpler than the former one and is doing its job perfectly.

 by Dan Monk
Your program is the best!

I want to say I have tested several other programs that claim to have the same functions as yours - they don't. Your program is the best, that's why I bought it. Thank you so much for this amazing tool.

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