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Below is a list of Outlook Transfer products intended for fast and smooth migration of data from different email applications to Microsoft Outlook®. While making email transfer to Outlook® a breeze, they remain extremely intuitive, compact and accessible to a broad range of users. Each product has a free demo version that you can download to evaluate the functionality of a particular program – and we strongly recommend doing so! All our programs take just seconds to download and do not require any additional components.

  • Thunderbird
  • Mac Mail
  • IncrediMail
  • Entourage
  • Livemail
  • Eml
  • Msg
  • Gmail
  • Eudora
  • Mbox
  • Turnpike
  • vCard
  • The Bat!
  • Netscape
  • Postbox
  • Data Extraction kit for Outlook

Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer

Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer utilityMac Mail Transfer utility is an integrated solution for fast and virtually effortless transfer of Mac Mail messages to Microsoft Outlook. A uniquely automated converter, Mac Mail to Outlook Transfer software has no problems transferring the contents of MBOX and EMLX files of any size to Outlook or a standalone PST file on the user’s hard drive. The product supports Mac Mail to Outlook conversion even in situations when the source file is damaged, correctly converts the Mac encoding to its Windows equivalent, works with all versions of Microsoft Outlook and requires absolutely no third-party components to operate. Mac Mail converter is a perfect choice for non-professional users seeking an easy and affordable way to migrate from a Mac to a PC and not leave all of their important emails on the old computer.
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Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer

Thunderbird to Outlook TransferThunderbird email transfer application offers everything necessary for fast, smooth and 100% reliable transfer of emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook. Supporting two transfer modes, the software can extract emails directly to an Outlook profile or a standalone PST file on the user’s hard drive. This Thunderbird to Outlook converter was developed for users with no advanced PC skills and no previous email transfer experience. Therefore, the interface of the program has been simplified, the number of controls has been minimized – all to give average user a convenient tool they can use at any moment to transfer their data. Thunderbird to Outlook Transfer works with all major versions of Thunderbird and Outlook, has a compact size and requires no additional components, libraries or frameworks – it works perfectly “out of the box”!
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Entourage to Outlook Transfer

Transfer emails from Entourage to Microsoft OutlookEntourage Transfer software is the ultimate solution for quick and smooth Entourage to Outlook email conversion. Created specifically for users who don’t know how to export their messages and other items from Microsoft Entourage on their Macs to the PC-based Microsoft Outlook, Entourage to Outlook Transfer makes this seemingly complex task a snap. The interface of the program was optimized for users with minimal data conversion experience and features just a few necessary controls. The entire email transfer process is completely automated, so the user doesn’t need to know anything about the MBOX format and its structure. The only manual operation that is required to convert Entourage to PST is the copy of Entourage MBOX files from the source Mac system to the destination PC.
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Live Mail to Outlook Transfer

Live Mail to Outlook Transfer softwareLive Mail Transfer tool is the most obvious choice when it comes to converting all of your Live Mail messages to Outlook. This fast and convenient Live Mail to Outlook converter offers excellent performance, an intuitive user interface and outstanding ease of Live Mail to PST conversion. The program was created for regular, non-professional users of all skill levels, hence the simplicity of the interface. The product fully automates the mail transfer process and requires a minimum of user involvement. The product is an ideal choice for users migrating from the basic functionality of Live Mail to Outlook. Live Mail to Outlook Transfer supports direct export to an Outlook profile and saving data to a standalone PST file on the user’s hard drive.
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IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer

IncrediMail to Outlook TransferIncrediMail Transfer product is a uniquely powerful, fast and reliable solution for IncrediMail to Outlook email conversion that requires nothing but a few minutes of your time and a couple of mouse clicks. The software uses a convenient wizard that helps migrate from IncrediMail to Outlook in the shortest time possible, avoiding the hassle of outsourcing this task to external providers. The program supports all major versions of IncrediMail and Outlook, requires no additional components and can be efficiently used by people with minimal computer skills and absolutely no email transfer experience of any sort. IncrediMail Transfer tool converts data directly to an Outlook profile or an Outlook PST storage file on the user’s hard drive that can be instantly archived or transferred to another system.

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EML to Outlook Transfer

EML to Outlook Transfer softwareEML to Outlook Transfer is a highly specialized tool offering users a reliable method of converting multiple messages in the EML format into a single PST file. The program is extremely easy to use, features a convenient interface with a built-in wizard, and reduces the entire procedure to a series of confirmation clicks. The tool is a balanced and cost-efficient solution that eliminates the need for outsourcing the email conversion task to external services. Thanks to its simplicity, the product is completely suitable for users with zero experience in this field.

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Gmail to Outlook Transfer

Gmail to Outlook Transfer utilityGmail to Outlook Transfer is a must-have tool for anyone looking for a reliable method of extracting the contents of a Gmail mail account to Microsoft Outlook. The program is based on a powerful data conversion engine and features a simple and intuitive user interface that makes the conversion process fast and accessible for users of all skill levels. Gmail to Outlook Transfer can be used for creating complete email backups that can be quickly imported to Outlook. The product offers full automation of the email migration process, recreates the complete folder structure and can be used with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Gmail to Outlook Transfer is one of the best solutions on the market for fast and convenient migration of messages from online mailboxes to your desktop.

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MSG to Outlook Transfer

MSG to Outlook Transfer utilityMSG to Outlook Transfer is the ultimate solution for MSG to Outlook conversions of any scale. Based on a fast proprietary engine, the product easily handles conversions encompassing thousands of emails, contacts and other items, while its advanced data parser ensures maximum readability of converted data in Microsoft Outlook. Designed for non-professionals, the product features a very simple interface with a bare minimum of controls – all of this without compromising on quality or speed. MSG to Outlook conversion tool is supplied in the form of a compact installation package compatible with all major versions of Windows and supporting all currently used versions of the MSG file format and Microsoft Outlook. No matter what your case may be – restoring an old archive of contacts to Outlook or moving some mail messages from another client supporting the MSG format – this tool will help you deal with this problem in no time!

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Mbox to Outlook Transfer

Mbox to Outlook Transfer utilityMbox to Outlook Transfer is perfectly suited for converting the content of MBOX data files to Microsoft Outlook. Based on a proprietary data analysis and conversion engine, the tool allows users to perform fast and accurate email transfers from any email client supporting the mailbox data format (*.mbox and *.mbx files). With a remarkably intuitive and truly minimalistic user interface, this product is a must-have for all users seeking a way to transfer emails and attachments from any email client working with MBOX (both on Mac and PC) to Microsoft Outlook. Mbox to Outlook Transfer accurately converts messages in the Mac and Linuxencodings to PC, supports email archives of any size, and can be installed in all major versions of Windows.
The greatest advantage of Mbox to Outlook Transfer is the level of automation it offers. You will only need to make a few clicks to select the source file(s) and the destination folder. The program will do the rest and you will be able to see your messages in Outlook in no time!

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Turnpike to Outlook Transfer

Turnpike to Outlook Transfer toolTurnpike to Outlook Transfer is a compact, yet powerful and fast mailbox for PST converter optimized for the specific subtype of the mailbox TXT format used by Turnpike. Based on a proprietary data conversion engine and featuring a simple single-window interface, the product is a reliable means of moving your entire email archive to Outlook without hassle and need for special knowledge, experience or outside help. Pivoted around simplicity, automation and ease of use, the program utilizes a 1-2-3 approach to email export and allows you to complete the entire procedure in minutes. The program supports all major versions of Windows and MS Outlook, and comes in the form of a compact installation package with no bundled add-ons.

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Eudora to Outlook Transfer

Eudora to Outlook Transfer toolEudora to Outlook Transfer is a specialized email migration tool intended specifically for automating the complex process of converting email messages stored in Eudora MBOX files to Microsoft Outlook. The latter is the most common destination for those migrating from various email clients, and the fact that Outlook uses its own proprietary data storage format makes such migrations a rather challenging task for most users. Eudora, in turn, uses its own version of the MBOX format, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the process.
Eudora to Outlook Transfer makes MBOX to PST conversions a snap by offering a convenient minimalistic interface coupled with a powerful data conversion core based on several advanced algorithms. This core ensures fast and hassle-free transfer of any number of source files with guaranteed readability of converted emails in Outlook. The tool is optimized for users with minimal data conversion skills and requires basic computer skills.
The entire Eudora to PST conversion process is fully automated, except for a few clicks that the user is required to make to select the source files and the destination folder. The product enables home and office users, as well as system administrators, to save time and money by performing email migration on their own and avoid paying to external conversion services. In addition, Eudora to Outlook Transfer tool can be installed once and used as many times as needed, which makes it a valuable asset in the software collection of any computer maintenance professional.

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vCard to Outlook Transfer

VCF to Outlook ConvertervCard to Outlook Transfer is a specialized data conversion tool designed to facilitate the process or converting *.vcf contact files (vCard format) to Microsoft Outlook or a standalone PST data file. The program was designed and developed to become a reliable assistant for users migrating from other email clients or restoring contacts from backups. Our primary focus was on the ease of use and UI minimization, which means that vCard to Outlook Transfer tool is for everyone, not just for system administrators and support engineers.
The program works with contact files in the vCard format. These files have a *.VCF extension and are widely supported by various applications supporting contacts as part of their standard functionality: personal information managers, email applications, corporate communication suites and so forth. vCard to Outlook Transfer works with all versions of the vCard format, all major versions of Microsoft Outlook and can be installed on any modern system running on Windows OS.

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Netscape to Outlook Transfer

Netscape to Outlook Transfer toolNetscape to Outlook Transfer looks much simpler than it truly is. Behind the simple three-steps Wizard hides an elaborated conversion engine that is capable of extremely fast processing of thousand of Netscape e-mails. The program engulfs your Netscape mailbox like a candy and imports it to your Outlook profile or a standalone Outlook PST file. Preserving original encodings, attachments, sates and flags, Netscape to Outlook Transfer is probably the most reliable of e-mail conversion utilities and is certainly one of the easiest to use.

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Postbox to Outlook Transfer

Postbox to Outlook Transfer toolGrab this now if you are going to migrate from Postbox to Outlook in the nearest days. This automated tool saves you hours and hours of manual transferring of messages and attachments to your existing Outlook account. Thanks to the straightforward transfer Wizard you can start emailing from Outlook in literally a few minutes after you run Postbox to Outlook Transfer app. Being ultra-fast it is also highly intelligent software. Indeed, whether you need your Postbox emails in a separate PST file or in the current Outlook account, the process is just a matter of several clicks. Encodings, various types of attachments, multiple mailboxes – all of these is easily handled by Postbox to Outlook Transfer. Don’t risk your data trying unverified e-mail transfer tools. Download Postbox to Outlook now.

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The Bat! to Outlook Transfer

The Bat! to Outlook Transfer toolThe Bat! to Outlook Transfer is a compact conversion tool designed to assist users in moving their emails from The Bat! to Microsoft Outlook. The product automates the conversion of any number of messages, proper conversion of message encoding to that compatible with and supported by Outlook, and offers a number of options that help make the process more customized to the user’s needs.
Designed for the widest possible auditory, including inexperienced home users and system support and maintenance professionals, The Bat! to Outlook Transfer tool offers a lightweight user interface with a single window and a bare minimum of controls. Thanks to such simplification, the product doesn’t have a steep learning curve and is perfectly suitable for users of any skill level.
The product is by far the best solution for turning MBOX mailbox files generated by The Bat! into email folders in Outlook. The engine of the program is capable of processing any number of MBOX files and messages at the highest speed possible and ensuring their full readability in the destination Outlook folders.

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Data Extraction Kit for Outlook

Data Extraction Kit for OutlookData Extraction and Analysis Kit for Outlook is an advanced multi-functional tool that enables users to effortlessly export a variety of Microsoft Outlook objects to a wide range of supported file formats and generate detailed reports on the contents of individual PST files and Outlook profiles. This data export, conversion and analysis functionality can be used by professionals for conducting forensic investigations and internal audit.

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If you have tried a demo and still have questions about the functionality of the full version of a product, please refer to our online documentation or feel free to email us at contacts section. We typically respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.