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How to Transfer The Bat! Emails to Outlook

How to Transfer The Bat! Emails to Outlook

The Bat! to Outlook Transfer Although data conversion and email migration are usually perceived as complex tasks that require a great deal of knowledge and experience, specialized tools make it something that even novices can handle. The Bat! to Outlook Transfer is exactly this kind of tool suitable for novices and professionals alike. We have written a detailed guide explaining the The Bat! MBOX to PST conversion process.

The MBOX format and key program features

The MBOX format is one of the most popular email storage formats used by a great number of email clients. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single version of the format shared by all these products. They all use proprietary implementations of the format, which means that whenever an MBOX file needs to be converted to another format, it requires a special tool specific for this particular email client.

The most important characteristic of The Bat! to Outlook Transfer is its ability to save users time and money. They don’t waste time waiting for specialized support services (either corporate or external) to solve this problem and don’t spend money paying them for these services. The program allows users to perform MBOX to PST conversions on their own, no matter how large their email archives are.

Preparing data and starting the conversion process

As is always the case with data conversion tools, data preparation is the first step of the process. Files can be either in a local or network folder, but you need to export them from The Bat! first.

Below is a detailed instruction for carrying your data from The Bat! to MS Outlook:

  1. Start The Bat! email client
  2. Select the folder containing the messages that need to be exported to Microsoft Outlook.
  3. In this folder, select the messages that you want to export. If you want to export the entire folder, use the Ctrl+A combination (this will select all emails).
  4. Go to the Tools menu, then select “Export messages to” > “UNIX Mailbox
    The Bat! Email Export
  5. Enter the name of the destination MBOX file, e.g. Inbox.mbox
  6. Repeat the procedure for all folders and emails than need to be exported.

If your copy of The Bat! is located on a system different from the one you are exporting your data to, you need to copy the files to it. To do this, use a flash drive, an external HDD, a writable CD or DVD – anything you can use to carry your data over to the other system.

Now that your data are on the same system with Outlook, you can use The Bat! to Outlook Transfer to complete data conversion.

DownloadFor Windows 32/64-bitPurchase $19.95Unlock the Full Version

  1. Start The Bat! to Outlook Transfer utility.
  2. Specify the source folder by clicking the browse button (with three dots on it). Navigate to the folder with the source MBOX files and confirm your selection. The path to this folder will be shown in the corresponding field at the top of the program window. Specify the source folder where The Bat! mailbox files were saved
  3. Use the “Scan Folder” button to populate the list of MBOX storages. The file names will appear in the “Email Containers” area. Scan the source folder to find all The Bat! mailboxes
  4. Note that the program saves data to a PST file by default – this is a much more reliable and safe method of data conversion with a minimal chance of a data access conflict.Here is when you can change the program settings:
    • Check that email client is running: checks if MS Outlook is running at the start of conversion and asks you to close it to prevent potential issues.
    • Remind to disable antivirus: advises you that all anti-virus tools like Kaspersky or McAfee be closed or temporarily deactivated during data conversion. If they are active, their work may interfere or even block the data migration.
    • Use internal format processor: use this option in case of any issues with data conversion. The use of an alternative processor may fix them.
    • Correct Email Encoding (Mac/Unix to Win): this option ensures full readability of The Bat! emails in MS Outlook by converting any non-Windows encoding to the one used in Outlook.
    • Prompt to select the Outlook profile: adds a special dialog for selecting the destination Outlook profile during conversion (in the corresponding output mode).
    • Target Outlook folder [Prompt to select the Outlook folder; Inbox]: sets the default folder for converted messages. The folder can be selected manually at the start of every conversion or set to “Inbox” for all future conversions.
    • The “Mode” menu allows you to select the preferred conversion mode: PST file or Outlook profile. By default, the first option is selected and we recommend using it to avoid issues.
  5. The options are now configured and you can proceed to data conversion. Click the “Save PST” button to start it. If you enabled the “Remind to disable antivirus” option, The Bat! to Outlook Transfer tool will ask you to temporarily shut down your anti-virus to prevent access conflicts. You may also see an Office configuration selection window now – just leave the setting “as is” and click OK.
  6. You will see a dialog for entering the name of the destination PST file. Type it in (or select an existing one on your hard drive), then click OK to start email conversion.
    If you opted for the Outlook profile option, the process will be identical, save for the file selection step – you will have to specify an Outlook profile instead.
  7. Program will ask you to select the Outlook folder (the folder inside PST file) to import The Bat! emails and folders. You may select the topmost folder (called The Bat! to Outlook Transfer at the screenshot below) to import The Bat! emails as they appear inside the The Bat! folders. Select the target Outlook folder to import The Bat! emails and folders
  8. The Bat! to Outlook Transfer tool will do the conversion and inform you that it is done. The Bat! to Outlook conversion in progress
  9. You may close now the conversion tool and use Outlook to open created PST file (Menu File > Open > Open Outlook Data File…).

This concludes the vCard to Outlook conversion process. In case you have any questions or problems converting emails with The Bat! to Outlook conversion software, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

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How to Transfer The Bat! Emails to Outlook

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