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Turnpike to Outlook Converter Turnpike is an email and news client originally developed in 1995. The software used its own version of the popular mailbox (MBOX) format based on plain TXT files (the Berkeley mailbox format). The product is no longer supported, but is still used by many people around the world. However, users who eventually decide to switch to the much more functional and modern Microsoft Outlook find themselves in a difficult situation, since the formats used by Outlook and Turnpike are completely incompatible. Neither of the products has a built-in function for directly transferring Turnpike emails to Outlook. All of this creates an obvious need for an intermediate tool that can assist users, no matter their experience, in converting the content of Turnpike’s mailbox files to the PST format of MS Outlook.

Turnpike to Outlook Transfer is a powerful conversion tool that works solely with the Turnpike version of the mailbox (MBOX) format. Based on an ultra-fast data analysis engine, it is capable of processing any number of TXT mailbox files and saving them to the PST format within the shortest time possible and without the need to involve highly qualified experts. The software was designed for users with little or no experience in the field who either need to perform on-time conversion of their email archive or intend to do this on a fairly regular basis on their own. Therefore, Turnpike to Outlook Transfer tool eliminates the need to know the internals of the mailbox format and turns the entire process into a series of simple operations that even complete novices can handle without any problems. The tool scans the structure of source TXT mailbox files, changes the encoding of email messages to make them fully readable in the destination email client, converts messages to the PST format and saves them either to a standalone PST file or an Outlook profile.

Turnpike to Outlook Transfer is an essential tool in the collection of any system administrator, technical support engineer or a regular user sending emails from Turnpike or storing a backup email archive in the Turnpike format on their hard drive. This efficient and easy-to-use tool is a real time- and money-saver, since it takes away the need to involve expensive third-party services that often have a queue of jobs.

Turnpike to Outlook Transfer Turnpike to Outlook Transfer Turnpike to Outlook Transfer Turnpike to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Outlook® v.2000-2019 for Windows (standalone installation, at least one local user profile should be configured). Source files: Berkeley mailbox format files *.txt

Turnpike to Outlook Conversion With its sleek, minimalistic interface and just a few buttons to click, Turnpike to Outlook Transfer is the tool of choice for users with limited or no experience of data conversion. Although the product is very self-explanatory and most users will have no problems with it, our technical support service is ready to help in case you have any problems moving your Turnpike emails to Outlook. Besides, you can always refer to our User’s Manual explaining the conversion in great detail.

If you have finally decided to part ways with Turnpike and start using Microsoft Outlook, but simply don’t know where to start, grab this Turnpike files converter to easily deal with Turnpike to Outlook migration. The tool has simple and unambiguous interface, powered by the fast data conversion engine a straightforward interface and advanced conversion algorithms inside. Really this software is the shortest route from where you are now to where you want to be!

Turnpike to Outlook Transfer is remarkably efficient in carrying your mailbox data in the Berkeley format to MS Outlook, ensuring that no message is missed and that every message converted is in the right encoding.

Some of the most important features tool for import Turnpike files to Outlook:

  • An ultra-fast data conversion core capable of processing archives of any size
  • Deep optimization for the Berkeley subtype of the mailbox file format used by Turnpike
  • Accurate conversion of email encoding (messages remain fully readable in MS Outlook)
  • A simple and intuitive interface with a minimum of control elements – no chance even for novices to get lost
  • A small installation file with no bundled add-ons, extensions, spy modules
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • Two output modes: PST file or an Outlook profile
  • Additional conversion settings for extra flexibility
  • Works with all Windows and Outlook versions, including 64-bit editions.

The program offers a perfectly balanced mix of features, conversion speed and consistence in delivering top quality results, and is the perfect choice for all types of users, novices and professionals alike.

Why is Turnpike to Outlook Transfer better than other mailbox conversion tools?

T The most obvious advantage of Turnpike to Outlook Transfer is the unprecedented ease of use it provides to all users, regardless of their level of experience. The product fully automates the entire conversion process, from the very first file selection stage to the final one where you files are saved to the selected destination.

Importantly, the software is designed to be as helpful and straightforward when doing email export as possible. Specifically, the program does not make a difference if the mailbox file is huge. While other tools fail to process large files correctly or simply cannot open mailboxes over 4GB, our software exports Turnpike email to PST even from extra large archives. Literally, there are no built-in limitations on how big the imported file can be. The tool can process any.

Then, there is batch processing. Want to convert multiple files at once? Not an issue at all. Just open the mailbox location in the program and start the conversion process in a batch.

Finally, Turnpike to Outlook transfer is a complete no-brainer. With its simple step-by-step interface getting the things done is a matter of minutes even for those who wasn’t born with a computer mouse in the hand.

Combined, the above advantages make this program much better than competing mailbox conversion solutions, It is really worth to try it once, because the conversion process is so much simpler with it.

Quick steps to export Turnpike emails to Outlook:

  1. Run our Turnpike file converter.
  2. Specify the folder containing the mailbox files and the program will automatically find messages in them.
  3. Run the folder scanning.
  4. Select the output type (a PST file by default) and modify conversion options.
  5. Convert Turnpike emails to PST.

T Unlike many similar products available on the market, Turnpike to Outlook Transfer comes with absolutely no adware or spyware components, so you can rest assured that none of your information will be stolen. Also, unlike products that are nearly impossible to remove from the system, this program can be easily uninstalled without a trace using standard Windows tools.

T To help users familiarize with the product quicker, we provide a free limited version of Turnpike to Outlook Transfer that comes with every feature and function of the full version, yet limits the number of messages converted from each source folder. The trial is provided in the form of a compact installation file, requires no additional components to be downloaded and installed and can be downloaded from our website.

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Turnpike to Outlook Transfer
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 2 reviews
 by Velimir Jankovic
Definitely worth the purchase.

Thank you so much! Your program is amazing and has enabled me to put all my emails to Outlook. Definitely worth the purchase.

 by Andrea Hettich
Amazing and simple to use product.

I would like to thank you for such amazing tool. My old Turnpike archive contains tons of messages and your converter the only one which was able to convert all emails and attachments from my Turnpike TXT files to PST format together with their folders. Now I have all them sorted in my favourite Outlook application. Keep up a good work!