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Entourage to Outlook Transfer

Convert Entourage to OutlookMicrosoft Entourage is a very popular email application for the Mac OS platform used by nearly every owner of an MS Office® for Mac license. Just like Microsoft Outlook®, it uses a proprietary data format that is completely incompatible with any other formats on the market, which makes direct transfer from Entourage to an alternative email exchange application a serious problem. This holds especially true since many users are forced to migrate from their Macs to PCs – for instance, because PCs are a corporate standard at their new place of work. And this is where most users get stuck and face a problem, since they don’t know how to convert Entourage messages to Outlook’s native format and are justifiably scared to cause any damage to them. To make things worse, Entourage comes with no integrated export tools and offers nothing in terms of email migration.

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Fortunately, we saw this problem coming years ago and came up with a solution – Entourage to Outlook Transfer tool.

Entourage to Outlook TransferEntourage to Outlook TransferEntourage to Outlook TransferEntourage to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: OS Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Outlook® v.2000-2016 (standalone installation, at least one local .pst user profile should be configured). Source files: *.mbox, *.mbx

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Entourage to Outlook Migration Tool Functionality

Entourage to Outlook ConverterEntourage to Outlook Transfer application is an all-in-one tool for hassle-free and extremely fast conversion of complete email archives from Entourage to Outlook or a standalone PST file. The only manual operation required for the process is the physical transfer of Entourage data files to the destination PC. This can be done using any available method – by copying Entourage MBOX files to a USB stick, sending the files over the Internet or LAN or even burning them onto a DVD disc. Once the files have been moved to the PC, the rest of the process is fully automated and is literally a matter of minutes.

Entourage E-mail Transfer Software boasts the following features:

  • Lightning-fast conversion of MBOX files directly to Outlook or standalone PST files
  • Support of Entourage MBOX files of any size and structure
  • Automatic message conversion, including body, encoding and attachments
  • Support of data transfer even in situations when the source file is damaged (mbox file recovery)
  • 100% recovery readiness after purchase – no additional downloads required

The program is a perfect choice for users of any skills level who are seeking a solution for affordable, fast and completely automated transfer of the contents of healthy and corrupted Entourage MBOX storage files from a Mac to a PC.

Entourage to Outlook Converter Advantages

E Entourage to Outlook Transfer software has the definitive edge when it comes to migrating to Outlook and restoring data from damaged MBOX files. Here are some of the advantages that help this product stand out from the crowd of competitors:

  1. One-click, extremely fast and fully automated transfer of Entourage mailbox data to Outlook. The only thing that the user should take care of is the transfer of Entourage MBOX files from the Mac system to the PC. This preparatory task can be accomplished in a number of ways and does not require any particular skills. You don’t need to edit, rename or otherwise manipulate with the source mailbox files. The program will do everything for you, so don’t worry if you really don’t know how to convert MBOX data and have never done that.
  2. Comprehensive support of all Outlook and Entourage versions. The program works with all versions of the program, which means that you will not have any problems moving your emails from an old version of Entourage to the latest version of MS Outlook, and vice versa.
  3. Lightweight, easy-to-understand and intuitive user interface. The program is intended for a very wide audience that includes average users, complete novices and computer professionals who need Entourage conversion tool to convert MBOX files to the PST format on a regular basis. To make it easy to use for everyone, the authors of the program simplified the interface to the maximum and made it a real no-brainer.
  4. Support of corrupted Entourage MBOX files. This handy feature makes Entourage Transfer an Entourage to Outlook converter with data recovery functionality, which apparently comes in handy in situations when the actual reason of your migration from Entourage to Outlook has something to do with the corruption of the source MBOX files.
  5. Support of MBOX files of any size. Entourage to Outlook Transfer application has absolutely no limitations on the size of source MBOX files.
  6. Automatic conversion of email encoding for 100% readability on the target system. Entourage conversion tool takes care of all conversions involved in the process of MBOX to PST migration to ensure that after migration your emails appear exactly as they used to do on your Mac.
How to transfer emails from Entourage on my iMac to a PC if I have never done anything like that?

EThe software was initially designed and developed for people with minimal computer skills and technical background, hence the simplicity and intuitiveness of the user interface. Entourage to Outlook Transfer tool does not require prior training and is ready for work right after installation – you don’t need to download any additional components, libraries or frameworks.

If you want to see if the program is a good fit for your needs, check out its free demo. The demo version of Entourage to Outlook Transfer utility is fully functional, but has certain functional limitations – for instance, it limits the number of messages processed per MBOX file.

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Entourage to Outlook Transfer
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by Lee on Entourage to Outlook Transfer
It worked brilliantly!

It worked brilliantly in my application, - especially the recursive option that converted nested folders. Being able to go directly from mbox to pst format would win you a lot of business. (I was trying to export Entourage data on the Mac to Outlook 2003.) Thank you.