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Hassle-free message export PLUS flexible reporting for full-fledged forensic investigations.

  • Email Migration – Need to save emails from Outlook or move your entire message archive from Microsoft Outlook to another email program? Be it Outlook to Thunderbird or Outlook to Live Mail, nothing beats the way Data Extraction Kit for Outlook software handles this complex task!
  • Email Conversion – Want to extract and convert a particular set of messages from your vast email archive to another format? Looking for a way to pull all of your contacts out of a PST file and save them to a safe location? Or just wish to save an email from Outlook to PDF or another format? With Data Extraction Kit for Outlook, this is not a problem anymore.
  • Email Archiving – What was the last time you backed up your emails? If the answer is “never”, think about the potential threats that could damage or completely wipe out years’ worth of business or personal correspondence. With Data Extraction Kit for Outlook, backing up emails from Outlook and even backing up your Outlook data becomes a snap. Save emails in readable format using Outlook to PDF conversion option.
  • Email Forensics – When it comes to finding the truth, your evidence must be rock-solid. Data Extraction & Analysis Kit for Outlook helps users quickly generate flexible reports on the entire email archive to get to a single message or a thread of messages shedding light on the case at hand. Outlook to PDF export option generates court-friendly PDF files with searchable content. An incredible value for professionals involved in email analysis and investigations. Read how to save outlook emails as pdf.
  • Outlook Password Recovery – having problems moving your Outlook account to another system? Want to back up your account settings for future use? Forgot your Outlook account credentials and urgently need to access your emails? Data Extraction Kit for Outlook offers a convenient reporting feature that will help you instantly reveal your account credentials.
  • Command line – Business and Technical editions can be run from the command-line to extract the content of Outlook PST data file into multiple files of predefined formats. For example you may export Outlook emails to the EML files using the .BAT file or command prompt.
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End User License Agreement (EULA)
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Outlook Data Extraction and Forensic Analysis Kit

System Requirements

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows® Vista or higher
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Outlook® 2003-2021 (standalone)
Outlook AccountAt least one Outlook profile (email account) should be configured
Source files*.pst or *.ost associated with Outlook email profile
Hard Drive Space48 MB minimum
Available Memory4 GB for 32-bit and 8 GB or more for 64-bit operating systems
ProcessorPentium IV 2 GHz or faster
DisplayColor display, set to at least 1024 X 768 resolution

Outlook Data Extraction and Analyse Kit icon Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is the newest member in our family of products and by far the most functional of them all. Combining the most popular features sought by users in such tools and offering unique functionality, this product lets you do a lot more than simply export pst from outlook. Outlook Data Extraction Kit has more speed, more stability, new data export options, an updated one-screen interface and, most importantly, rich reporting and built-in Outlook to PDF conversion functionality that makes it a full-fledged digital forensic tool and a must have for investigating policy violations, data leaks and theft of commercial secrets.

The main purpose of the Data Extraction Kit is exporting of PST data, it allows to export emails from outlook with the option to convert Outlook folders structure to the nested structure of the file system directories. Additionally it is powered with advanced reporting functionality which allows to use the Data Extraction Kit to export outlook emails to excel spreadsheet or export list of outlook contacts into CSV file and Outlook emails to PDF files. However not only emails, it may also transfer contacts from Outlook, export folders from Outlook, extract Outlook address book and even save calendar from Outlook.

Outlook Data Forensics and Extraction Kit Outlook Data Extraction Filters Outlook Data Extraction Options Outlook Data Exporting Formats

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is a supercharged 3-in-1 Outlook export tool that efficiently solves the following problems: Outlook email migration, PST data conversion, email to PDF archiving and forensic report generation. With this tool, you will be able to move all of your Outlook data, including emails, contacts and tasks, to an alternative program or simply to your hard drive with just a couple of clicks. The software supports and impressive number of destination formats – PDF, MSG, RTF, TXT, EML, TNEF, HTML, MHT, VCF, VCS and ICS – and gives you full control over the data extraction process. No matter whether you want to transfer everything or convert two emails only, Data Extraction Kit for Outlook will do the job in style!

Using the program is easier than you could possibly imagine. Start it, select the data source (a PST file or Outlook) and choose the necessary export options located on the left-hand side of the program’s interface. You can specify the destination format for every type of objects extracted from the selected source and filter objects by a number of criteria, such as size, date of creation, presence of an attachment, and others. Additional options make it possible to recreate the original mailbox folders structure in on your hard drive, keep the original dates of creation for all extracted files and define a standard name for messages with an empty subject field, and so forth.

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Finally, Data Extraction Kit for Outlook lets you examine data and generate detailed reports in the CSV format that can be immediately opened in MS Excel, searched, trimmed, interpreted and used for finding digital evidence to support the cases of data theft, espionage, sabotage and such. Forensic data analysis is a unique feature of Data Extraction Kit for Outlook that is not found among other Outlook export solutions. Intended primarily for detectives and security personnel of large companies, this feature lets them define the range of messages to be included in a report and then instantly generate an Excel-compatible file containing possible evidence. Once the necessary message is found, the investigator can quickly export it to a suitable format (like PDF, HTML or MHT) and present it in a court of law.

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is a uniquely efficient and convenient software to export data from Outlook with forensic analysis functionality that makes it an excellent choice for professionals responsible for IT security in companies of all sizes.

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages


If you’ve ever moved from one address to another, you know how incredibly tiresome and unnerving it can be. Things get damaged, things get broken, first-priority items get buried under layers of stuff you don’t really need, but are reluctant to get rid of, you never make it in the planned 3 hours and have to pay extra to the moving company – it never goes smoothly and there is always an problem or two arising along the way.

Moving an email archive with thousands of emails and attachments from one email program to another may sound like a piece of cake, but becomes a terrible disappointment when you actually attempt it. First of all, you need the right tools, and that’s the part that most users find to be the most challenging. With so many free and commercial tools and services available today, no wonder people get confused and give up too soon. We suggest trying Data Extraction Kit for Outlook to forget about this nightmare.

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook does an excellent job extracting emails, attachments and other standard Outlook objects from PST files or Outlook profiles and saving them in different (user-defined) formats on the user’s hard drive. During conversion, Data Extraction Kit for Outlook preserves the original folder structure of the source file and recreates it in the destination location. Retrieve emails from Outlook, duplicate emails from Outlook, export notes from Outlook, export files from Outlook (extract email attachments) in couple of clicks.

The product supports a number of formats that the original Outlook data can be converted into: PDF, EML, MSG, RTF, HTML, VCF (vCard), TXT, MHT, VCS (vCalendar), iCS (iCalendar) and TNEF. This can be configured in the FORMAT section of the program’s options pane.

With Data Extraction Kit for Outlook, you can move your entire Outlook email archive to the hard drive in minutes and rest assured that the program accurately converts message encoding, keeps all attachments in place and will generally ensure that the resulting emails are not garbled. And if you want to work with specific messages only, the program’s rich filtering capabilities will help you do that in a couple of clicks!

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages


Sometimes, you don’t need to move your entire email archive, but only need to extract a particular groups/class of objects. For instance, you may want to export your contacts for use in a different program, or convert all of your correspondence with attachment since last June into another format that is more suitable for your purposes.

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook makes any such tasks a breeze. Just use the program’s data export options to define what you want to export and how you want it done – and the software will take care of the rest! The integrated file and folder browser lets you select the items to be processed and you can quickly mark the ones you need by ticking off boxes next to their names.

Email conversion can be done for different purposes, not necessarily for further migration into a different program. If you use most of Outlook’s features, yet resort to alternative solutions from time to time, you may want some of the data in all of these applications. And that’s exactly what Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is good at! The product supports some of the most popular formats, including EML, PDF, MSG, RTF, HTML, VCF (vCard), TXT, MHT, VCS (vCalendar), iCS (iCalendar) and TNEF, and makes selective copying emails from outlook and other MS Outlook objects easy as 1-2-3!

Easily export Outlook data!
Instant solution for extracting all types of Outlook items such as emails, contacts, calendar, notes with the ability to save them all in different formats. Export Outlook emails to PDF or HTML files, extract contacts to vCards, create forensic reports and more.


Ask yourself – what was the last time you backed up your emails? Most probably, the answer will be “never”. If you don’t back up your entire system, the odds of your doing email backups only are negligible. However, Outlook PST files grow really big, thus becoming vulnerable to all kinds of data corruption accidents, and it’s quite possible that your email archive may end up being seriously damaged after an outbreak of a new virus or failure of your aging hard drive.

You may choose to backup emails from Outlook, all or just the ones you received within a certain period of time – this can be easily done using built-in filters on the options pane. Or, you may consider backing up only messages with attachments containing the results of your work – this is also possible using the program’s flexible export options. Or you may want to save outlook emails as pdf files to keep them archived in readable format. Finally, you can use the program to extract attachments only – this function will come in handy in situations where, for instance, you want to save the results of your work sent out in various formats during a particular time period. No matter the reasons you have for archiving your emails and other data outside a PST file, Data Extraction Kit for Outlook will handle this task with ease.

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook let you choose the types of objects to be extracted from Outlook and the formats they will be converted into. For example you may convert Outlook email to PDF format together with attached files which will be embedded into PDF files, export contacts to widely used vCard .vcf format and even extract email attachments in separate files. Combined with the ability to filter items by a number of important criteria, this functionality makes Data Extraction Kit for Outlook a great tool for Outlook PST mail archiving.

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages


Most users may not even know what digital forensics is. However, in today’s world of digital communications, criminal investigations often focus on email as the primary channel of online information exchange. In other words, criminals often leave traces of their activities in messages – traces like contacts, file attachments, quotes and a lot more. These breadcrumbs may then be used for internal corporate investigations of allegedly fraudulent activities and obtaining digital evidence to be presented in the court of law.

In addition to convenient Outlook to PDF export capabilities, Data Extraction Kit for Outlook offers advanced forensic report generation functionality that helps acquire digital evidence from Outlook email archives and standalone PST files. The program contains easy-to-use tools for quick selection of emails based on user-defined criteria and their export to CSV files that can be opened and edited in such programs as Excel for data visualization, forensic data analysis and forensic study of metadata. Data Extraction Kit for Outlook supports nearly 20 key message parameters that can be used for narrowing down the search scope. If you are trying to find the source of a data leak, a particular piece of information in a vast email archive or a certain recurring pattern in a long email exchange – either as a regular user or a private detective, – Data Extraction Kit for Outlook will give you all you need to prepare a solid foundation for further forensic data analysis!


Passwords are meant to keep your secrets away from prying eyes, but sometimes they become a secret themselves. You may enter a password once and use it for months or even years, but when the time comes to do this again, the situation may turn into a huge problem with no obvious solution.

Data Extraction Kit for Outlook takes care of this problem as well. Apart from being a useful data analysis tool for Outlook PST data files, it is also capable of extracting and showing a complete list of your account settings, including the password. This functionality can be used for restoring access to your account, for backing up your account settings or carrying your account over to another system. In this case, you will still need to re-enter every setting from the old account, but it will be a lot easier to do, since you will have all the parameters right in front of you.
The best thing about this password recovery feature of Data Extraction Kit for Outlook is that it is available in the free trial version of the product, which means that you won’t have to pay a cent to restore your lost or forgotten account password! Account data can be saved to a CSV or TXT file, or displayed in the LOG area of the program.

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Data Extraction Kit for Outlook
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Julian Neale

I bought this tool a while ago to extract data from email to Excel and back up my settings. It also helped me recover my credentials when I had to move my account.

 by Paul Attard
Professional-grade tool

As a forensic scientist, I'm impressed. The kit lets you generate evidence from different Outlook objects, including the opportunity to export Outlook emails to CSV with date. The only inconvenience is that it can only be activated on one PC at a time.

 by Mary J.
One flaw

I wanted to extract data from email to spreadsheet, but export from PST files is only available with a business license. I wish this feature was available for personal use. Otherwise, a handy tool.

 by Alex Pineiro

I've installed the demo to extract contact information from emails to CSV files for Excel. I am in sales, so having a database of customers in Excel is very helpful.

 by Jason
Great for professionals

Our IT department needs to extract data from Outlook quite often, and I haven't seen other products with the same range of features. It is absolutely invaluable for ediscovery, migration and related tasks.

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