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Convert Live Mail email to Outlook

Live Mail is a free email program made by Microsoft that is an important part of the Windows Essentials package. Many people consider this program a great option instead of using web interfaces or third-party email apps. With this user-friendly software, you can access multiple email accounts from a single interface. You can also enjoy the perks of offline access, manage notifications, sync your local calendar with the online version, and share information with friends and colleagues. Plus, there are many other useful features to explore.

However, this product’s capabilities pale in comparison to Microsoft Outlook, which provides significantly greater collaboration, integration with corporate environments, and control over mailboxes and other aspects of daily communication and email exchange. Many people switch from Live Mail to Microsoft Outlook because of Live Mail’s limitations or because of work requirements. They import their Windows Live Mail to Outlook and discover that despite being developed by the same company, the two products use different data formats.

Live Mail to Outlook conversion in 3 simple steps

Three simple steps of Live Mail to Outlook conversion

If you’re considering moving all of your Live Mail data to Outlook, don’t hesitate to try the Live Mail to Outlook Transfer tool. This powerful and specialized utility will easily and quickly export your Windows Live Mail to Outlook beyond your expectations.

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows® Vista or higher
Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft Outlook® 2003-2021 (standalone)
Outlook AccountAt least one Outlook profile (email account) should be configured
Source files*.eml files
Hard Drive Space48 MB minimum
Available Memory4 GB for 32-bit and 8 GB or more for 64-bit operating systems
ProcessorPentium IV 2 GHz or faster
DisplayColor display, set to at least 1024 X 768 resolution

Download for FreeFor Windows 32/64-bitBuy from $19.95Unlock all features

* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

Live Mail to Outlook Transfer Features

Live Mail to Outlook Converter Live Mail to Outlook Transfer is an advanced tool that easily moves the contents of your Live Mail folders to Microsoft Outlook. Its main purpose is to convert Live Mail to Outlook. It automates the bulk email conversion process, ensures complete email migration, and requires minimal user involvement. The product is based on a proprietary data analysis and conversion engine which makes sure that none of the messages are overlooked, missed or skipped.

The Windows Live Mail converter handles all process stages, such as identifying the source files’ location, transferring emails and attachments to a temporary spot, converting files, exporting data to an Outlook profile, or saving Live Mail emails to a PST file that can be effortlessly copied to another system. This method guarantees good outcomes even if the user has no experience with email conversion tools and lacks knowledge on importing Live Mail messages to Outlook or exporting Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Below is a short list of the key features of Live Mail Transfer tool:

  • Fast automatic location of the Live Mail storage folder and message files
  • Import of EML email files directly to an Outlook profile (import windows live mail to outlook) or standalone PST file
  • Conversion of email encoding during the export windows live mail to outlook
  • Support of email storages of any size and with any number of items
  • Support of all versions of Microsoft Outlook, including 64-bit editions
  • Extremely intuitive user interface suitable for users of all skill levels

The program is the optimal choice for one-time or regular email transfers from Live Mail to MS Outlook. Thanks to a convenient user interface and a powerful engine, the complex email migration task becomes a matter of a few mouse clicks and something that even a fifth-grader can handle with ease, even without knowing how to convert live mail to outlook.

Advantages of Live Mail to Outlook Transfer program

LLive Mail to Outlook Transfer utility offers a number of advantages to users seeking a convenient and fast method of moving messages from Live Mail into Outlook. The tool saves money and time both in case of one-time and regular email transfers, since specialized external services are usually both expensive and sluggish. Live Mail to Outlook Transfer dramatically facilitates all stages of the data conversion procedure by doing the following:

  1. Automatically locating Live Mail storage folders and files on the user’s hard drive – you don’t need to know where the files are and there is no chance of overlooking an item
  2. Automatically extracting messages from Live Mail storage files and saving them in the EML format – the program takes care of the proper structure and encoding of your data
  3. Automatically converting windows live mail to outlook pst file or existing outlook profile – you have the flexibility of either transferring your emails to Outlook on the same system or saving them to a PST file than can be easily copied to any other computer

All of these actions require just a few simple selections and mouse clicks, which makes Live Mail to Outlook Transfer a tool of choice for all categories of users. You don’t need any previous email conversion, email recovery experience or IT background to get the job done on your own, without paying top money to people who would get access to your personal data.

What users say about Live Mail to Outlook Transfer

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What is the easiest and most cost-efficient way of transferring Live Mail messages to Outlook?

LIf you urgently need to move the entire Live Mail archive to Outlook, you have two options: do it yourself or have it done for you. If you don’t mind waiting for days and spending some serious money on specialized services, you can go with the latter option, but if you are on a budget, want to keep your data confidential and want the result right here are right now, you need Live Mail to Outlook Transfer software!

Comparison of the trial and full version

Software FeatureFree Trial LicenseHome LicenseBusiness LicenseTechnical License
Unlimited Number of EmailsNOYESYESYES
Unlimited Number of AccountsNOYESYESYES
Command Line (Batch Mode)NONOYESYES
Network SourcesYESNOYESYES
Server side useYESNONOYES
Renewal Type (by choice)-ManualManual & AutoManual & Auto
Renewal Discount-10%20%30%
Number of activations (by choice)-1-51-50Unlimited
Technical SupportLimitedStandardPriorityExtended

Here is how to transfer Live Mail messages to Outlook

  1. Launch the Live Mail Transfer software.
  2. Select the directory containing *.EML files and folders.
  3. Click Scan Folder button to find all Live Mail subfolders.
  4. Click Save PST button and specify the location to save the result.
  5. Open the PST file in Outlook after the conversion.

Windows Live Mail converter addresses all aspects of the email migration process and makes Live Mail to Outlook conversion so easy that even users with basic computer skills can handle it without any problems. It’s compact, it requires no additional components to be downloaded and it can be used for email conversion immediately after installation. Import windows live mail to outlook, export windows live mail to outlook or convert live mail to outlook – all these options  in one tool called EML to Outlook Transfer.

Live Mail to Outlook Transfer reads the names of the Live Mail folders from the file system. Long folder names may appear truncated since Live Mail stores them this way at the file system. You may rename such folders manually after conversion if needed.

If you are not convinced, make sure to download the free trial version available on the official website.

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Live Mail to Outlook Transfer
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
 by Jim Fidler

Successfully transferred over 30 thousand Live Mail messages into Outlook/Windows 365. It took a while but not unreasonable.

No problems noticed so far. I don’t know how many people are still using Live Mail but I’ll write a positive review in a week or Two. Looks like $25 well spent.

 by Jeff
Intuitive and fast

A simple way to migrate Windows mail to Outlook. I installed Windows 11 on a new laptop and needed to move several gigabytes of data. I had to export the original messages and save them to a USB drive, but the conversion was nearly effortless.

 by Sven
Good tool and support

I didn't even try manual live mail to PST import, as I could not afford to lose my emails. This utility is simple and effective. Even attachments arrived in Outlook safely. I had some problems with registration, but customer support was helpful.

 by Joe Wedner
Thank you!

Having failed to export Windows Live Mail to PST previously, I tried the free demo first. If you wonder whether this converter is any good, it is fantastic! It is also a time-saver, as I moved 1886 messages in under 5 minutes.

 by Maria Gonzalez

I needed to convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook to access around 2000 old messages. This system is intuitive. It finds the files, converts them, and saves them into your profile or a PST file (I used the latter as my Outlook is on a different PC).

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