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Partner Programs

We are welcome you! Joining our partner program is a no-obligation method of earning passive income from distributing our products. We view our partner network as a top-priority sales channel and offer its members the best level of support and absolute transparency of the sales process. We firmly believe that generous revenue sharing and confidence in the product is the driving force behind any successful partnership and want you to join the growing ranks of our affiliate partners selling GlexSoft products all over the world.

Advantages of the GlexSoft partner program:

  • Confidence in the quality and efficiency of the products you sell. You’ll never have to be ashamed of what you sell.
  • Generous commission regarding of your sales volume
  • Affiliate sales tracking through a reliable third-party service
  • Flexible partnership terms and negotiable conditions
  • Quick and hassle-free payouts
  • High-quality support for all partners

Joining the program is easy and straightforward, with two options available right now and another one to be offered shortly.

Reseller Program A. (AFFILIATE) Since we sell our products through a third-party, the most convenient way of becoming a partner is to go to their website, register, wait for your account to be approved and activated, then go to the partners section and use our company’s ID to pull up a list of our products. You will then have to select the ones that you want to feature on your website(s) and wait until we approve your selection. Once done, you will have full access to your partner area on the reseller’s website and will be able to generate affiliate links with your Partner ID for publishing on your website, forums, in your blog or newsletter. Every time someone purchases one of the selected products using your link, you will get your commission. The standard commission can be increased if your sell a lot – we constantly monitor our partners’ performance and will eagerly adjust your share if you demonstrate solid progress.

How the affiliate program works:

  1. Complete our application form and wait for the approval
  2. Go to your Affiliate control panel and get your exclusive Buy Now links
  3. Use your Buy Now links to sell our software to your customers (you may add the text/banners links to your web site, e-mail, newsletter or discussion forum or recommend our products directly to your clients)
  4. Your clients using your Buy Now links to make purchases
  5. You get paid!

Reseller Program B. If you don’t want to work through our payment processor for some reason, we can partner up directly and offer individual terms and conditions. This option works particularly well for markets/regions where end users have difficulties purchasing online or sending money abroad. If you are a local software reseller, we can offer a discount on our products and let you decide on the final price, giving you lots of flexibility in terms of balancing the price/margin ratio. If this is the preferred option for you, use the application form below to submit your partnership request and we will contact you shortly to discuss details.

Reseller Program C. Finally, we are working on yet another partnership mechanism that will be based on prepaid access to a license key generator (either through an API or web interface). In this case, partners will be able to use their own merchant accounts to receive payments. Each time a license key is generated, price of the purchased product with an affiliate discount applied will be deducted from the prepaid balance of the corresponding partner. This option is still being developed and we will publish more information on this page once it is available.

GlexSoft is always looking to partner up with companies and individuals looking to expand the range of software they offer to customers and earn more by selling top-quality products. If you feel that you fit the description, don’t hesitate to apply – we’ll be glad to do business with you!

Become a Reseller

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