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Netscape to Outlook Transfer Netscape Mail® was quite popular back in the day and is still used by many people, because despite simplicity it is still a reliable and convenient e-mail client although without much of advanced settings, complex templates or integration with cloud services. The latest version 7.2 of Netscape works perfectly on modern Windows systems, so no wonder many users prefer to keep what’s working rather than facing the need to migrate and find some way to transfer years of messaging to another mail client. However, if you are one of those who are ready to upgrade to more modern software like Microsoft Outlook®, you’ve come to the right place. The most efficient way to convert Netscape Mail mail to Outlook is described below. Read along!

Converting Netscape Mail to Outlook is a very tricky affair, because Netscape is seriously outdated now, and you cannot import to Outlook any data from it directly. Outlook cannot read the mailbox format of Netscape mailboxes, and neither can Netscape export its data to Outlook nor save to PST.

But there is a solution – Netscape to Outlook Transfer. This little application can do both. With it, you take your old Netscape and easily move ALL your messages (even thousands of them!) to Outlook. Effortlessly and without a glitch. Sounds interesting? Then get it! Get Netscape emails accessing from Outlook. Or read a more detailed review below.

Netscape to Outlook Transfer Netscape to Outlook Transfer Netscape to Outlook Transfer Netscape to Outlook Transfer
System Requirements: OS Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Outlook® v.2000-2019 for Windows (standalone installation, at least one local .pst user profile should be configured). Source files: *.mbx, *.mbox or without extension – mailbox files of Netscape Mail

Steps to convert Netscape Mail to Outlook

  1. Launch the Netscape Mail conversion tool.
  2. Specify the Source Folder containing the email files.
  3. Click Scan Folder button to search for all messages.
  4. Click Save PST button and select the target directory.
  5. Open result PST file in Outlook to see the converted emails.

Advantages of Netscape to Outlook Transfer

Now, here is why Netscape to Outlook Transfer is the best choice when it comes to email migration from older Netscape Mail to Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Automatic conversion of the Netscape email message format to Outlook

    As we said earlier, the Netscape mailbox format is very old now. You hardly find a way to convert Netscape Mail to Outlook now. At the same time, Netscape cannot export emails from mailboxes to anything readable by the modern Outlook software. Yes, you can use multiple intermediate conversions (like, MBX to SNM, then SNM to DBX, then DBX to PST and to Outlook) with multiple intermediate tools accessing the mailboxes directly. But this way is long, tedious and error-prone. You better take one application and quickly and accurately convert Netscape email to Outlook in just one go.

  2. Full support for Outlook 2000 or higher, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions

    Nuff said. Adding Netscape to Outlook using this software works with any Outlook edition, so you don’t need to double-convert messages from older Outlook to newer one or vice versa.

  3. Simplified and absolutely clear interface designed to easily reach the goal

    You don’t want to spend hours investigating software and learning its functions and features. What you do want is to quickly move all your messages to Outlook making sure they remain perfectly readable and consistent. This is what Netscape to Outlook Transfer delivers as standard. The UI of the program is intuitive and straightforward, so you easily convert e-mails even if it is your first migration procedure ever. Even better, you don’t have to learn the specifics of Netscape Mail functioning, because the program will automatically analyze installation of the Netscape Mail client and determine all parameters necessary to convert Netscape Mail to Outlook.

  4. Unique for the industry: you can transfer messages from damaged Netscape files too!

    Netscape to Outlook Transfer detects damages in Netscape mailboxes automatically and still manages to recover e-mails from them. This could be a life-saving feature! Damaged mailboxes are not rare, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your information. Give Netscape to Outlook Transfer a chance to recover your Netscape emails and add them to Outlook, even if Netscape itself fails.

  5. Import any number of messages to Outlook

    Since Netscape Mail is old, chances are you have tens of thousands emails in it. Or more. But don’t worry, Netscape to Outlook Transfer can successfully process any number of messages. The program works with extra-large databases (like 10 years of emails) as easy as with ones just created. The process merely took a bit longer to finish, that’s it.

  6. Accurate automatic conversion of Netscape Mail to Outlook

    Automatic means you can’t do anything wrong. You simply run the program and it does everything: automatically finds the folder where your Netscape Mail files are, then adds these files to Outlook performing error-free conversion and carefully adding your Netscape messages to Outlook.

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

Key features of our Netscape to Outlook converter

  • Extremely accurate conversion of Netscape mails to Outlook
  • Ultra-fast processing thanks to conversion especially tailored to the Netscape-Outlook pair
  • Ideal for newbies and non tech-savvy users
  • Finds the location of Netscape mailboxes automatically
  • Works with any Outlook version starting from 2000
  • Imports Netscape e-mail messages to the specified Outlook profile or to a standalone PST file to import later

Netscape to Outlook Conversion If you don’t want to mess with overcomplicated manual conversion caused by the age of Netscape Mail, download this software and rest assured – the job will be done faster than you think and as reliable as you expect. Download Netscape to Outlook Transfer and enjoy your effortless to migration procedure now!

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Downloaded and installed in seconds, fast and accurate Netscape email migration application with very simple user interface. I am now an Outlook user and I am happy about this.