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Postbox to Outlook Transfer License

Postbox to Outlook licenseIf you want to make sure this product suits your needs, we provide you with a free trial version of Postbox to Outlook Transfer software. The trial is fully functional except it limits the number of messages you can transfer from Postbox to Outlook in one session. So you can evaluate the program without spending a cent, but for truly fast and effortless transfer, please consider purchasing a license.

Need more information about Postbox to Outlook conversion tool? Please refer to Postbox converter description and User Manual pages on our website.

Licensing and payment

Several types of Postbox to Outlook Transfer licenses are currently being offered for personal and commercial use:

  • Home License
  • $2490
    one year (non-recurring)
  • Home use only
  • Standard support
  • Free product updates
  • Personal data processing
  • Network sources – NO
  • Three activations per license
  • Try it Free
  • Order Now
  • Business License
  • $4990
    one year (non-recurring)
  • Corporate use
  • Extended support
  • Free product updates
  • Staff data processing
  • Network sources – YES
  • One activation per license
  • Try it Free
  • Order Now
  • Technical License
  • $36500
    only $1 per day
  • Technical use
  • Priority support
  • Free product updates
  • Unlimited data processing
  • Network sources – YES
  • Unlimited activations *
  • Try it Free
  • Order Now

* - Technical license can be activated multiple times, however it should be activated only at one PC a time. It is required to deactivate the license (menu Help > Deactivate the License) or uninstall the licensed software from the client's computer when the conversion is finished.
* - Standard and extended support provided 24/7 via the online chat (when available) and the support tickets system.
* - Prices are stated in USD. Conversion rate will be applied if any other currency selected.

Postbox to Outlook Transfer is distributed through our official reseller that offers a wide range of payment methods, including major credit cards and PayPal, and ensures the ultimate security of your personal information. Once you click on the “Order Now” button, you will be transferred to a secure payment page on the reseller’s website. If you want to obtain the license code from the official software reseller near your physical location, please check the list of our local resellers for different regions.

In addition to the software itself, you are offered with a few additional convenient options. Specifically, key code recovery, extended download warranty and priority technical support. The first option allows you to get you legitimately purchased license key in case you lost it, for example, when upgrading your PC or after disk failure. We will resend the key back to your upon request. The extended download warranty makes sure you can get the product setup file at any time and from any computer. And if you need urgent assistance in solving your problem, the priority technical support if what you need to find out the most efficient solution ASAP.

The benefits of purchasing the full version of the Postbox converter

And here is why you really should purchase a licensed version of Postbox to Outlook Transfer. First of all, the licensed version has no limitation of the trial. Namely, you can process any number of messages at once. This makes the migration from Postbox to Outlook PST a breeze.

Plus, the following advantages are only available for registered users of the Postbox Transferring tool:

  • Effortlessly move e-mails from Mac and PC versions of Postbox to Microsoft Outlook
  • Quick and accurate conversion of emails including encoding and attachments which guarantees 100% readability of the resulting messages
  • Support for any size of Postbox mailbox files and any number of mailbox folders
  • Deal with damaged and corrupted files easily
  • Work with any Outlook versions for Windows
  • Importing of Postbox messages to Outlook account or to a PST file
  • Super-intuitive novice-ready interface

Take a look at the free trial, then take advantage of the full version of Postbox to Outlook Transfer software. Upon purchasing a license, you will receive your registration key that will unlock functionality of the program to allow you transferring unlimited number of e-mail messages.

Refunds and returns

The digital nature of our products and the free limited versions make product returns and refunds impossible. The free version limits the number of messages transferred per session, but offers every feature of the full version. Therefore, when you purchase the full version of Postbox to Outlook Transfer, we perceive it as your full acceptance to these terms and conditions, as well as a confirmation of the product’s fitness for your needs.