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Outlook data file not accessible.

Any application that works with Microsoft Outlook or it’s PST data file should use Microsoft Office MAPI Libraries. This rule is applied for any software product which is working with Outlook data model. For that reason Microsoft Outlook should be accessed for our tool and it is the part of the System Requirements.

If you receiving the error notification that Microsoft Outlook is not accessible please check the following:

  1. Ensure that standalone version of Microsoft Outlook is installed and configured at your system. If you just installed MS Outlook, you have to run it and follow the configuration wizard then reboot the PC to apply the changes. Please note that Online Outlook version is not the same as standalone version of MS Outlook, your Office 365 account provides access to Outlook Web Access and it is isolated from any tool that you run locally at your PC.
  2. Ensure that you running Outlook under the same Windows User Record which is used to run our software. If the Outlook was installed by another user, you have to configure it for your user record as well.
  3. Ensure that Outlook is working normal with the data file which you trying to use. The same problem may appear when the PST file is corrupted.
  4. Most Possible Reason: Ensure that our tool is running out of the SandBox or another Virtual bubble which is preventing the connection to Microsoft Outlook. Your antivirus or firewall (for example: Avast, Comodo)  can run a program in “Sandbox Mode“. This limits the executable in many ways.

    Comodo Firewall SandBox warning example:

    Comodo trying to run application in sandbox
    * Pressing “Don’t isolate it again” will allow the program to run normally next time.