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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

How I may send my LOG file to support team?

Question: How I may find a LOG file for Outlook Transfer program and send it to support team or developers for analyse?

Answer: Please run Outlook Transfer application and use menu Help > Open Log File Location. You may also read this article which describes the full process in details.

Is a copy of the emails left unchanged after you do the transfer to Outlook?

Question: Is a copy of the emails left on Windows Live after you do the transfer to Outlook?

Answer: All our products do not modify the original data in any way. All your source emails and folders will remain in place during and after conversion. Don’t forget to unload your email client from the computer memory i.e. close it prior to start the conversion as the source files may be locked by the email client.

How to import emails to Office 365 account and split the PST file?

Question: I have large user, of about 20 GB of data in EML files, to be converted to PST and uploaded to O365. Is there any setting in your converter to receive multiple PST files not larger that 2 GB (this is a size recommended by Microsoft for O365).?

Answer: Please use the special option which splits the output PST file to the volumes (parts) of predefined size. Here is the brief instruction on how to split the PST file while you converting data. After that you have to follow one of the following Microsoft guides: this one, if you have to import PST file to your own mailbox or this one, if you have to import your organization’s PST files to Office 365. If you have very high amount of PST files or they are very big, you may use drive shipping method, offered by Microsoft. This will physically require you to ship the hard/ssd drive with your PST files to an “Office 365 Import Service”.

How I may import emails to PST file if the Outlook is installed at another computer?

Question: I purchased the Live mail to Outlook Transfer program. I want to transfer my mails to outlook on a different computer, so want to save the pst file on the hard drive of the original computer and transfer it via dropbox to the new computer, where Outlook is installed. Outlook is not installed on the original computer where Live mail is. Live Mail is not installed on the new computer where Outlook is. I followed the instructions, but when I try to save the pst file to the hard drive (dropbox folder) I get the message: “New Session Create Error – Microsoft Outlook should be installed at the system.”

Answer: Our tools are working according to the Microsoft specifications on using of the Outlook Object Data Model and it is required to have the Outlook installed at the system to process the conversion. It is the system requirement for our and any other software which is creating the PST file or managing the Outlook data.

You have to copy the source files (Live Mail message store directory) to the computer where MS Outlook is configured and use the copied directory as a source for the program.

Imported Sent Items shows incorrect dates in Outlook. How to fix this?

Question: I’ve managed to import EML files (created by Windows Live Mail) into Outlook with help of your program. Input messages are fine. But, Sent mail messages, previously stored in the relevant folders in Windows Live Mail that the subject related to, are imported – but listed with the date that they are imported, not the original date that the original message was sent.

Answer: It is the Microsoft Outlook feature, it displays proper dates for Sent items only inside the “Sent Items” folder by default. To resolve the issue, please move all emails related to sent items into Outlook folder called “Sent Items”. Just select these emails, right click on the selection and use the Move option of the pop-up menu.

Will the conversion wipe out, over read or in any way affect emails that already exists?

Question: I need to know before beginning the transfer: when the source EML, IMM, IML etc. files are converted to PST format and transferred to Outlook will the incoming emails wipe out, over read, or in any way affect the email already stored in Outlook?

Answer: Our software is not changing the source files in any way. It only reads the information from the provided sources. It is also NOT changing (joining, wiping, moving) the emails which are already exists in the Outlook Profile as well. However please note that imported emails may be mixed with existing emails if you import them to the same named folder.

How do I use your software to perform email transfer from multiple computers?

Question: I have email files stored on several other older computers (those computers are “retired” with older opsys) that I wish to consolidate into the single Outlook on my primary computer. How do I use your software to perform those transfers? Do I need a copy of your software on each of those older computers or may I use the single copy I purchase for my primary computer? Another alternative…If I transfer the “old” email files from the retired computers onto the primary computer, can I expect to convert and to transfer the files from the “older” files to Outlook?

Answer: It is depending on the license type you have. The best method is to use the software at one computer with Microsoft Outlook. You may copy the source files to it or share them via network and use this network share as a source for the program.

Product was able to import folders, but they are empty, no emails, why?

Question: I have completed the import procedure and opened the PST file in Outlook, but there is no emails at all, only empty folders were imported. LOG shows many warnings that empty chunk was removed. Anti-virus was turned off. What now?


  • First of all please check that you trying to import emails into off-line Outlook profile such as POP3 account. On-line accounts such as IMAP or Exchange can not be used to import emails. All imported emails will be vanished from the folder when you open the folder and it will start the synchronization with the remote server. The best way to resolve this problem is to use the Mode which imports emails into PST file (Program menu Mode > Save to PST file).
  • If you tried to save data to PST file, but the problem persists, please try to apply the registry fix for the missing MAPI marshalling registry keys for the click-to-run (C2R) Outlook 2013 installations: Click to download Outlook 2013 registry fix (readme.txt file contains the instruction)

  • If nothing works, you may try to reinstall the Outlook 2013 in standalone mode or use our on-line conversion system.
    Please pay attention to the system requirements. Microsoft Outlook should be installed in standalone mode and at least one local profile should be configured. If you have Microsoft Office 365 subscription or use its trial version, it most likely mean that your Office desktop applications are installed in Click-to-run mode. Click-to-run mode isolates Outlook from the rest of Windows so other programs can’t use it properly and external email files can not be imported.

    You may remove the Microsoft Office completely, reboot the computer and reinstall MS Office in standalone mode from the DVD media (alternative article in Microsoft KB).

    Briefly step-by-step: Log in to your account, go to Account Options, select “I want to burn a disk”. Download setup files (~2Gb) and reinstall Outlook using them.

    Or you may use our on-line conversion service to convert your emails using our server. Please contact our support for the instruction.

How do I know what Outlook edition is installed at my PC?


Following article describes how to check your Outlook version and edition: read more

The import works slow, how to increase the performance?


It is always recommended to import data into new PST file instead of using the default Outlook data file however you may do something to increase the Outlook performance and the data processing routines.

Reduce the size of your Outlook data file.

Erase Deleted Items folder

  1. Erase “Delited Items” folder
  2. Right click to “Deleted Items” folder
  3. Click to “Empty Folder” item and confirm the operation

Optimize the unused space of your data file

  1. Click to the top of your personal folders (Personal profile name)
  2. Click “Data File Properties…” menu item
    Outlook Data File Properties dialog
  3. Click “Advanced…” button
  4. Click “Compact Now” button
  5. Wait for the end of optimization
    * – Process may take a while if your data file is highly unoptimized.

Do other optimizations

Temporary disable your antivirus, data synchronization software and third party Outlook add-ins.

How to Install and Uninstall the GlexSoft products?

Answer: All GlexSoft products are designed according to Microsoft guidlines. Each product is distributed as a certified setup executable. You may download and run the setup file to install the software to your computer. Software removal can be performed by launching of uninstall executable and via standard Windows Control Panel option called Add/Remove Programs. You may also read the complete software removal and setup instruction.

Registration Questions

The software don't want to register with my actvation code, what I have to do?

Question: I purchased the activation code, but the program will not register when I insert the license key. The window disappears when I click ok, but the program stays in demo mode. Can you help?

Answer: Registration window should not disappear without any message. It seems that something at your PC do not allow our software to establish the connection to activation server. If you using a firewall, antivirus or another tool which may control the internet connection please disable it temporary or whitelist our software.

I’m sorry but I ordered the wrong product. Can you help?

Answer: You may change the product if the license code has not been used yet. You have to remove the email containing the license code and all other copies of the license code.
After that you may order the correct product and send us your both order numbers. After the validation we will refund the full price of your first order.

Error Messages

MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY occurs after processing of 65442 messages. Why?

Answer: This error may occur while processing a large amount of data when you using the External Format Processor option. This option uses Outlook converter API which contains some limits. Internal formats processor uses basic options of the Outlook API and handles the rest of extended conversion functions. Turn on the Internal Formats Processor option and repeat the conversion to resolve this.

I am receiving the error message: 'There is no default store'. What is wrong?

Answer: Ensure that local Outlook user profile is present and one of profiles is set as default. Please note that you can’t import emails into on-line account profile such as Exchange Server or IMAP account. If you have only on-line accounts configured, you may add at least one *.pst file to your Outlook profiles and import emails into this pst file. Alternatively you may the Mode called “Save to PST file” which saves the emails to pst file.

I have just installed Outlook but getting error when trying to convert emails: 'Catastrophic failure'. Why?

Answer: Outlook and the MAPI system finalize the install on the very first use. If Outlook never ran as the current user and there are no profiles, it is supposed to error out. You have to run Outlook once it installed and complete all steps of the configuration wizard. There is no problem if you do not have any email accounts or do not want to specify them, you may add them later. After that you may need to reboot your PC for the changes to take affect.

Halfway through conversion the program crashes. How to prevent this?

Answer: Ensure that you have used the latest version of the converter software. Close all applications that may use the email source, exclude all other impacting factors such as email client, antivirus or emails/contacts synchronization software.  For example ESET Smart Security scanner that quarantining emails in most cases causing the program to crash.

What is MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_DISK error about?

Answer: You do not have enough disk space on a target drive to save imported emails. Please free up a disk space or use another storage device which have enough free space available to resolve the problem.

I getting error: MAPI_E_UNCONFIGURED on my fresh Outlook setup...

Answer: The Outlook was just installed and it is not yet ready to work. You should run Microsoft Outlook and complete the configuration wizard. Then reboot your computer for these settings to take effect. This will resolve the issue.

I tried to import emails into Outlook but received error: MAPI_E_CORRUPT_STORE

Answer: You trying to import emails into corrupt data store which can not be done normally. You have to save data to healthy data source instead.

How to prevent the MAPI_E_FAILONEPROVIDER error from happening?

Answer: This error is often appear when Outlook data file is password protected. You may run Outlook, open the password protected profile and import emails without exiting from Outlook. As alternative you may save your data into new .pst file.

What to do if the error appear: MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER?

Answer: Errors like this are caused by third party software corrupting Outlook data. Please use the option to save data into new .pst file instead of importing them into Outlook profile.

MS Outlook was just installed but error happens: MAPI_E_LOGON_FAILED. What to do now?

Answer: You have to setup the local Outlook data profile to import emails. Emails can not be imported to Exchange Server (online profile) or without it. You may do this using: Control Panel | Mail | Data Files… | Add… | Outlook Data File (.pst)

I am getting MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS error when trying to import emails. Why?

Answer: Your Windows user record don’t have enough permissions to write into selected Outlook user profile or it is not accessible due to another reasons. You may try to use the option to create new .pst file instead. If it is also producing such error you may need to configure the Outlook Group Policy to allow PST file to be used and updated. Read more in Microsoft Knowledge Base article. If you using the corporative domain network please configure the Group Policy instead.

MAPI_E_EXTENDED_ERROR happens when I keep Outlook launched during conversion.

Question: When I try to import EML messages, if Outlook is running and after all the Transfer importation steps, the Outlook dialog box allowing to choose the destination folder of the imported messages never opens. I am getting the error message “Error in IMsgServiceAdmin::ConfigureMsgService: MAPI_E_EXTENDED_ERROR PST file cannot be accessed.” It works fine if I close Outlook before importing, i.e. this dialog box appears, and I find my imported messages after Outlook is started again.

Answer: We recommend to keep Outlook closed during the conversion. Microsoft Outlook libraries allow different processes to share a data file as long as both processes run in the same security context. You may allow to run both Outlook and Transfer tool with the priveleges of the Administrator to resolve the share violation problem.

I keep getting the error message MAPI_E_NO_SUPPORT. I’m using Outlook to access Google Apps MAPI email account. What to do now?

Answer: Your Outlook user profile can not accept emails to be imported. Please use the offline profile instead. MAPI and Exchange Server accounts are online type profiles and can not be used to import emails.

Why Out of Memory error happens and how to avoid it?

Problem: When converting my messages to Outlook file, a *transfer64.exe process seems to be forked (or threaded) for each message. The problem is that these process do not terminate, they get in a “suspended” state. The result is that I have thousands of exe processes when converting thousands of messages.
As the process do not terminate, they don’t free memory and, finally, the computer gets out of memory (even with 8 Gb). Please bring me a solution as soon as possible. I use Outlook 2016 64-bit at Windows 10.

Solution: Office was installed using “one-click” or “Click-to-run” mode (directly from MS website), I uninstalled it, downloaded the “full” installation file and installed Office again. Now it works perfectly ! And much faster. (Thank’s to Jean-Michel for investigating on this issue)

What I have to do to exclude this error: MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_RESOURCES?

Answer: Please try to disable some Outlook Add-ins. If you using the Outlook Connector (Hotmail Connector) add-in, please disable it temporary. Read Microsoft guide on managing the Outlook Add-ins. The error may be caused also by CRC errors of the Outlook data file or structure damages. In this case you may need to repair your PST profile first.
In most cases you may prevent this error from happening by importing emails into new (not existing) PST file. Use menu “Mode” to enable saving to PST file, then use the software in this mode.

Can't import emails into Outlook 2000. Error appears: MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND. How to prevent this?

Answer: You are currently using Outlook in Internet Mail Only mode which is not allowing to import emails. You may switch from the Internet Mail Only (IMO) to the Corporate Workgroup (CW) installation of Microsoft Outlook 2000. For more info please use the Microsoft Guidelines on switching installation type.

The software displays IClassFactory.CreateInstance returned 0x80004005 error. What to do now?

Answer: The problem appears because you don’t have Microsoft Outlook installed at the system which is the System Requirement. You have to setup standalone copy of MS Outlook, launch it and configure the User profile. It is impossible to create PST file (Outlook Data File) without having Outlook installed at the same PC. The same for error number 0x80070002.

How to prevent IClassFactory.CreateInstance returned 0x8004010F error from happening?

Answer: You have to setup Outlook like it described in the previous answer and reboot the computer to refresh newly installed components and Outlook importing filters.

Error in IMAPIProp:: SaveChanges: 0x8004060C when I am trying to create a huge PST file.

Answer: This error states that “The message store has reached its maximum size.”. Each Microsoft Outlook version is limited to work with PST files of different sizes. For example: the PST file size limit for Outlook 2003 and 2007 is 20 GB, for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016, the pst file size limit is set to 50GB. You can adjust this limit via the Registry or via Group Policies. Please use Microsoft KB articles to get further information. Read more about PST size limit.

Outlook data file is not accessible.

IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer Q&A

I always get a message of Can´t find the MessageStore.db

Question: Even though I am at the right folder, I always get an error message of Can´t find the MessageStore.db Could it be because my IncrediMail is too big? Or that it operates in Spanish? I need to buy the full version, but I must see it does work Have bough a couple of converters and none does the task as it should. Some even need a second utility.

Answer: Two possible reasons of this problem:

  • Your IncrediMail version is not 2.5. In this case, please read the article describing how to convert emails from IncrediMail 2.0
  • You have selected the wrong source folder. Select the proper source folder to resolve this.

Not all messages are being converted, do you have a conversion tool for converting earlier versions of IncrediMail?

Question: It seems not all messages are being converted. I have been running IncrediMail from the beginning and I would assume that some of the data is earlier than V2.5, therefore do you have a conversion tool for converting earlier versions of IncrediMail?

Answer: Yes, you may download another tool, called IncrediMail to Outlook Converter from website. This tool works for IncrediMail messages stores of early versions and converts only old email so they would not be mixed. You may use your license code to register this utility without paying additionally.

Why all folders appear at the same level? How to fix this?

Answer: Perion Networks company shutdown their services and there is no way to automatically recover the nested structure of subfolders anymore, however you may easily restore the subfolders structure in Outlook manually.

My IncrediMail Plus crashed. How can I fix this?

Question: IncrediMail starts crashing at Windows 10 after the latest Flash update.

Crash detail

Exception: BREAKPOINT (80000003)
Faulting Offset: 00132BD2
Module: KERNELBASE.dll

008255B1 Flash.ocx
0082B0A7 Flash.ocx
007F33EC Flash.ocx
007D8711 Flash.ocx
007D862C Flash.ocx
0080E7D2 Flash.ocx
007BE02A Flash.ocx
00823E78 Flash.ocx
007D7ED7 Flash.ocx
007D7BC2 Flash.ocx
007D8649 Flash.ocx
0078B69E Flash.ocx
0046ED2A Flash.ocx
0045EABE Flash.ocx
0023FD96 Flash.ocx
00233141 Flash.ocx
00237C33 Flash.ocx
00238F30 Flash.ocx
0026F375 Flash.ocx

Answer: The problem is that you can’t start the IncrediMail any more to maintain your data. In this case we offer you to migrate to Microsoft Outlook as soon as it possible. For that you may use the IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer software as it works even if IncrediMail is not operable.

Live Mail to Outlook Transfer Q&A

Some folder names are truncated after import, how to fix that?

Question: I have imported my Live Mail emails and folders to Outlook but small amount of folder names appear truncated. Is there a way to fix this?

Answer: Live Mail stores folder names at the file system this way, it truncates the folder name if it is too long. Real folder names are stored in the encrypted db. Our software takes the folder names from the file system as they are. You may manually correct the folder names in Outlook after conversion by renaming them.

Questions about Microsoft Outlook

How to print a list of Outlook Tasks?

Answer: To print a task list from Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook on your computer.
  2. Go to Calendar or Tasks, depending on where you saved your tasks.
  3. Select the tasks you want to print by clicking on them. If you want to print all tasks, press Ctrl+A to select all items.
  4. Click the Print button (usually shown as a printer) at the top of the screen. If there is no Print button on the Quick Access toolbar, press Ctrl+P.
  5. In the Print window that opens, you can choose print options: number of copies, page orientation, paper size, and other settings.
    You can also select the type of print – list, card, or table.
  6. Click the OK or Print button to start printing.

After that, your task list will be printed according to the selected settings.

How to find Outlook email by Date?

Answer: Before diving into the specific methods, it’s important to understand the basic functionality of Outlook’s search feature. Outlook indexes all your emails, calendar events, and contacts to make them searchable. This indexing process allows you to quickly find items based on various criteria, including date, sender, keywords, and more.

Method 1: Basic Search

  1. Search Box: The simplest way to find emails by date is to use the search bar located at the top of your Outlook window. You can type specific dates or use relative terms like “yesterday,” “today,” or “last week.”
  2. Search Bar: After clicking on the search bar, the Search Tools tab appears, offering more options to refine your search, including a date picker and predefined date ranges.

Method 2: Advanced Find

  1. Advanced Find: For more complex searches, use the Advanced Find feature by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F. This opens a dialog box with multiple tabs for detailed search criteria.
  2. ‘Messages’ Tab: Here, you can specify the date range by selecting “received” in the field dropdown, “between” in the condition dropdown, and then setting your desired dates.

Method 3: Search Folders

  1. Creating a Search Folder: Right-click on “Search Folders” in the left pane, select “New Search Folder,” and choose “Create a custom Search Folder.” Click “Choose” to specify criteria.
  2. Configuring Criteria: In the “Customize Search Folder” dialog, click “Criteria,” navigate to the “Advanced” tab, and set the “Field” to “Received.” Then, specify the date range.

Method 4: Sorting Emails

  1. Sorting by Received Date: In your inbox or any folder, you can click on the “Received” column header to sort emails by date. Clicking again toggles between ascending and descending order.

Method 5: Using Instant Search with Keywords

  1. Search Operators: Outlook supports search operators that can be used directly in the search bar. For example, typing `received:>=01/01/2023 AND received:<=12/31/2023` finds all emails received in the year 2023.

Method 6: Search Tools and Refining

  1. Refine Group: After initiating a search, the “Refine” group in the Search Tools tab offers options to narrow down results by date, attachments, categories, and more.

Method 7: Utilizing Outlook’s “Search Tools” Ribbon

  1. Using “Recent Searches”: This feature allows you to quickly repeat a recent search, including those based on date.
  2. Search Tools: The “Search Tools” ribbon offers options like “Location to Search” and “Search Options” for more granular control over your search parameters.

Method 8: Third-Party Tools and Add-Ins

  1. Add-Ins: There are several Outlook add-ins available that enhance search functionality, offering more intuitive interfaces and powerful search capabilities.
  2. Desktop Search Tools: Tools like Lookeen or Copernic Desktop Search can index your Outlook data and provide fast, efficient search capabilities beyond what’s possible with Outlook alone.

Tips for Effective Email Management

  • Regularly Archive Emails. Keeping your inbox size manageable can improve search performance. Use Outlook’s AutoArchive feature to automatically move older items to an archive folder.
  • Use Categories and Folders. Organizing emails into categories and folders not only helps with manual retrieval but can also be used as search criteria.
  • Update Outlook and Windows. Ensure that both Outlook and Windows are up to date. Microsoft regularly releases updates that can improve search functionality and fix related bugs.
  • Rebuild the Search Index. If you’re experiencing issues with search, rebuilding the Outlook search index can often resolve these problems.

Finding emails by date in Outlook can be achieved through a variety of methods, from simple searches to advanced queries and third-party tools. By understanding and utilizing these methods, you may significantly improve efficiency in managing and retrieving emails. Regular maintenance and organization of your Outlook data will further enhance your ability to quickly find the information when you need it.

If you did not find the answer to your question here please don’t hesitate to ask us. Also you may found more questions and answers at Microsoft Office Community forums.