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Modern communication requires speedy delivery of correspondence. When your Outbox malfunctions, it is not just a nuisance. Sometimes, important tasks may be at stake. What if you barely manage to meet a deadline, and then discover your urgent report never Read more

Mac Mail export mailbox

Users switch between mail clients for different reasons. Sometimes, they are dissatisfied with limited functionality. Sometimes, it is company policy. Luckily, the Microsoft client is now compatible with both operating systems, which makes the task more feasible. Mac Mail to Read more

Thunderbird logo

In the contemporary world of the Internet, everyone uses email as their primary form of communication. The mailbox choices clients have today are abundant. Among them is Mozilla Thunderbird– one of the top services. One of the reasons for this Read more

Examining error

Despite the competition, MS Outlook remains a market favorite. This e-correspondence client is the default pick for many corporations and professionals. The choice is logical: a few tools come with a comparative array of scheduling options and other business aids.  Read more

Outlook NST File

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IBM Lotus Notes

Windows users frustrated by lack of storage space may find the culprit is an unfamiliar standalone file whose extension is relatively obscure. What is its purpose, and can you do away with it? After all, a single NST file may Read more