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Insert HTML Into Outlook

Insert HTML Into Outlook

Outlook is notorious for its HTML rendering. The system is relatively hostile to the coding, which is why “Send HTML email Outlook” is a common search query. Given the variety of versions, how can you do it properly? Marketers adapt their messages to Outlook. This system is used by millions. You can be sure a share of your audience reads messages on Windows. Mail recipients are annoyed by broken links and missing images. These may trigger a flow of unsubscriptions. What started as a thoughtful marketing campaign may cause your audience to shrink. Plain text will not receive much attention. This is why professionals use HTML in Outlook. Colorful messages in HTML are now the marketing standard. If you have a template ready, it is easy to insert HTML into Outlook.

HTML email Template

How to Put HTML in Email via Templates

The following sequence will help you insert HTML into Outlook 2016 and other versions. With a template, the process is quick and straightforward.

  1. Click on the “New Email” in Outlook. Or use a Ctrl+N shortcut. A new window will pop up.
  2. Right-click on the top of the window to add the “Attach file” option. Or use menu Insert and Attach File button on ribbon.
  3. With your cursor in the message window, click on the newly added button to attach your template.
  4. Browse to the location of the HTML file. To embed as text, click on the arrow next to the “Insert” button.
  5. Choose “Insert as text“.

The attachment option may also be added to your Quick Access Toolbar. To do this, access options through “File“. You will see “Quick Access Toolbar” on the list on the left. Choose “Attach File“. This allows you to embed HTML in Outlook quickly.

Important Tips for HTML in Outlook

So, how can you make sure your message is not distorted? Here are a few tips from experts. These will prevent the most common problems like broken links and formatting disasters. Create HTML email in Outlook with these factors in mind.

1. Use Alt Text for Every Image

The mail client may block images. A possible solution is the addition of alt text. This is a simple word or phrase describing the image. If it is missing, the recipient can still read the description in the box and unblock it.

<img class=”vodafone-logo logo” alt=”Dashboard” src=”vf-logo-white.png” width=”40″ height=”40″>

2. Make Sure Fonts Are Right

One major downside is that MS Outlook recognizes a limited range of fonts. Anything unfamiliar is automatically converted to Times New Roman, which may look awful. To be safe, use standard options like Courier, Arial, Veranda, or Georgia.

But what is your font that is part of the brand image? In this case, force the system to use an acceptable standard font instead of Times New Roman. This will serve as your fallback.

3. Tables Are Handy

This format helps to structure your message template. You can easily split content, choose backgrounds, style text, etc. Use tables to ensure all recipients see the same rendition regardless of their mail system. Remember to add align=”left” to make the message responsive. This way, boxes will be displayed conveniently on both wide and small screens. In the first case, they will be aligned next to one another. In the second case, they will be placed on top of each other.

4. Not Too Wide!

A rule of thumb is to stick to 550-600 pixels. This is because wider emails may be displayed incorrectly. Keep your messages narrow, so they can be viewed on any screen. There will still be enough space for an eye-catching design.

Testing is Crucial

Knowing how to send HTML email in Outlook is important. Do not forget to test your work before sending it. Check how it looks on every platform. This stage is worth your time, as it guarantees the right look.

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Great article. Would you know how do you do this in Outlook for Mac? On Mac, Outlook doesn’t have an insert as text option. Thanks!

Simple prepare HTML content out of Outlook then open it in your web-browser, copy the entire HTML and paste it into email.

Hi, I’m having trouble with images and icons when I use that method, I wonder if I’m doing something wrong

Hi. You have to embed encoded images into HTML or use images available online.

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Insert HTML Into Outlook

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