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IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer 5.1 is now available

IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer 5.1 is now available

The new version features multiple algorithm improvements, bug fixes and a totally new email conversion mode – Export to EML Files.

IncrediMail to EML The new mode expands the capabilities of the IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer product and enables users to convert the content of IncrediMail IML files (IncrediMail emails) to the EML format for further export to email clients supporting it. For example, it may be used for IncrediMail to ThunderBird conversion, IncrediMail to Live Mail or IncrediMail to Mac Mail conversion apart from the regular IncrediMail to Outlook data transfer. IncrediMail to EML export mode is available via the “Mode” menu along with the regular Outlook and PST output modes.

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* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

When IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer tool is switched to the EML export mode, it will extract all IncrediMail  2.5 messages from *.iml files, merge them with corresponding attachments and save them as *.eml files. An important detail about this new mode is that it does not require a copy of Outlook to be present on the user’s computer at the time of conversion, which is mandatory for the other two modes.

The new data export procedure for IncrediMail to EML conversion looks like this:

  • Select the “Export to EML Files” mode from the “Mode” menu. The caption of the main interface button – the one that starts data export – changes to “Save EML“.
  • Click the button with an ellipsis (…) to open the standard folder selection dialog
  • Browse to the necessary folder on your hard drive or LAN and select it
  • Click the “Scan Folder” button to have the program search for source *.iml files and display their names in the “Email Containers” field
  • Click the “Save EML” button
  • A new dialog will open that will allow you to select a destination folder for your emails messages
  • Once confirmed, the program will start the email export process. The log area in the lower part of the window will be filled with the names of processed and saved files.

As the result, the destination window will be filled with subfolders duplicating the structure of the original IncrediMail email archive, each containing messages in the EML format (with attachments).

The new conversion modes provides the users of IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer with a convenient and reliable method of moving their emails not just to Outlook, but to a broad range of email clients supporting the commonly supported EML format.

The new version can be downloaded immediately from the corresponding section of our website.

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IncrediMail to Outlook Transfer 5.1 is now available

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