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Windows Live Mail Error Id 0x8de00005

Windows Live Mail Error Id 0x8de00005

Any software, even the most sophisticated and expensive, falls short of our expectations at least occasionally. Glitches are disruptive, but most of these setbacks are amendable. Such is the annoying but not fatal Windows Live Mail error id 0x8de00005.

The defect undermines all work with correspondence. Moreover, it is often persistent, causing increasing damage. Normally unrelated to viruses or malware, it stems from flawed communication with systems that handle data in the input and output channels. 

What Is Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x8de00005

The deficiency code is indicative of server error 3219. This reveals barriers to communication with servers that are responsible for your e-correspondence. Flawed linking means data will be neither sent nor received. The logic is straightforward.

Live Mail error 0x8de00005

In short, to obliterate the root cause, you need to regenerate your current account. Although the problem in question has existed for quite a while, computer whizzes have been unable to come up with multiple solutions. 

Delving further into the origins, you will discern the cause in double authentication. The system uses one combination of credentials to log you in and an identical one to establish its communication with the server. This is where the problem derives from.

Account Deletion and Reset

There is a proven technique to do away with your existing email account and the 0x8de00005 challenge along with it. This does not mean you will have to abandon your email address for good. Instead, it will be eliminated from the system and then re-entered. 

How to Fix Error Code 0x8de00005

This technique is not rocket science and it should be feasible for any user. To begin, access and alter the relevant properties from the ‘Account Name’ section. Make sure the account is used for synchronization and receiving of digital correspondence. Apply the changes and conclude with ‘OK’.

The next step is regeneration. Here, you will enter the credentials and set up the servers manually. Hence, head over to ‘Accounts’ and click the plus with the @ symbol. Afterward, enter your credentials and proceed to the manual setup of the two servers – configuration by the user. 

For the first one, designate 993 as the port number and location as Put a tick to guarantee that the SSL protection type is enabled. Proceed to set up the second system – the one responsible for sending.

Its location must be specified as The type of connection is identical, plus authentication. Designate 587 as the port. Once ‘Next’ is hit, the tuning is complete! Now, the Outlook 2010 error 0x8de00005 should be gone. The removal of the previous account is no challenge. Simply right-click and choose the corresponding option.

Important Steps After Fixing the 0x8de00005 Live Mail Bug

On the left-hand side of the screen, you should now see details of the freshly generated account. Mail content from its predecessor may be fed via the drag-and-drop method. Unfortunately, the issue may recur if it is set off by an obsolete registry entry. Once the latter is mended, the glitch will disappear.

TIP: Migrate to Microsoft Outlook and start using best in class email client. Get rid of the Live Mail errors and bugs. 

Windows Live Mail Error 3219: Conclusion

This is a common source of frustration for WLM users. It is observed when you attempt to set up the connection and mail synching through HTTPS. Unfortunately, the mail client is infamous for its tendency to get overloaded and update improperly. 

If you are wondering how to fix Windows Live Mail errors like these, remove and recreate your mail account for the issue to vanish. The procedure is a common and proven method. It is also possible to switch to apps to tune up systems processing electronic correspondence.

Another Windows Live Mail Error Id: 0x8007007a

Fundamentally, it points to the inability to send emails. The messages in question include images stored on OneDrive. Unlike modern cloud storage, the predecessor, SkyDrive, was capable of transmitting full albums and separate images.

Another possible explanation is that you have tried sending such emails in the past, and they are still kept in your Outbox. In this case, the user does receive correspondence but can’t send it. 

The obvious solution is the obliteration of unsent mail. Once it is done, do a quick test – send yourself a message and see if it arrives at its destination. Alternatively, you may try the same solution that eliminates the first error – i.e., delete and re-add.

If you really need to send images by email, use attachments. If you simply avoid an attempt to send a OneDrive folder, the error is unlikely to emerge again. However, in certain cases, the error code is triggered by some corruption in your file system. Third-party tools from reputable developers will check repositories, detecting missing and damaged contents. This could prove to be the quickest way to repair Windows Live Mail.

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Windows Live Mail Error Id 0x8de00005

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