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Update of Data Extraction Kit for Outlook to version 1.9

Update of Data Extraction Kit for Outlook to version 1.9

New version and even more possibilities of Outlook data analyse and extraction.

Outlook Data Export, Analyse and ReportingWe’ve added several options to customize the PST reports. The report preferences dialog title now contains a report description. We also modified a free report called “Accounts and Passwords“. Now it includes the recognition of IMAP passwords. Now this report includes complete set of properties and passwords to Outlook accounts. Outlook password reporting remains free and can be used without registration.

DownloadFor Windows 32/64-bit

New options and features

We’ve added a new report to the set of Outlook analysis. It allows to list all contact records of the selected folder. With the “Contacts Listing” report, you can create a mailing list and export it to the plain text TXT or CSV file for further use in Microsoft Excel. Contact listing report can use external PST file or Outlook user profile as a data source.

Contacts Listing report options

We hope that you will evaluate the new Data Extraction Kit possibilities. Don’t wait, download it and give it a test drive.

I take my hat off to you, guys, for creating such a great product for those who need to drill down into vast email archives looking for something important. Being exactly such a person, I have already saved countless working hours using Data Extraction Kit for Outlook. The software is fast, very reliable and straightforward – I figured out how to use it a minute after the first start!

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