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How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

Schedule Microsoft Outlook is not just a messenger, as one may call it. Besides sending Outlook emails, it has got plenty of useful features and functions. It is feasible to make use of the calendar, contact lists, emails’ exchange, sharing the most relevant data and schedules, as well as to set meetings sending invitations to them. Hence, all the agenda and ongoing business activities can be well-organized within the space of Microsoft Outlook.

Undoubtedly, sending emails are among the paramount functions that are fulfilled thanks to Outlook. Electronic mails are not just a means of information exchange. In online correspondence, someone may also store important data, but exchange of emails is still the most-used feature of this service. When it comes to efficient communication, it is essential to know how to schedule an email in Outlook. That is a helpful feature that makes it possible to send the info to an interlocutor overseas or a reminder to a subordinate.

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Outlook Schedule Email: Effective Correspondence for High Achievements

The key to productive communication is the provision of information on time. Hence, knowing how to schedule an email in Outlook 2019 is essential for those who want to work achieving prominent results. In the version of the year 2019, user should at first create an email that has to be sent at a particular time.

Outlook menu Delay Delivery

Then, it is necessary to press on the tab Options. There will be a button Delay Delivery; after pressing it, a new box with Properties will appear.

Outlook - Don't deliver before

Find a checkbox Do not deliver before. That is where the exact date and time of sending should be indicated. The above procedure is applicable for those who want to know how to schedule an email in Outlook 365.

Web Application and Mac: Peculiarities of Delaying Emails

Drafts folder in Outlook for WEB The users who are already enjoying the benefits of planning may wonder how to schedule an email in Outlook online. Unfortunately, this option is not included in this version. However, there is a way out…

If you are creating a lot of emails in advance, create and save them. In the folder of drafts, it is feasible to create a subfolder with the date of sending. To reply to the question of how to schedule an email in Outlook web app, it is done manually.

The users of Mac OS, it is necessary to pay attention to the different way of delaying emails. After creating a new email, it is necessary to press the Down Arrow that is next to Send. A Drop-down menu will appear where one may indicate the date and time of sending. Be sure to press Schedule. Thinking of how to schedule an email in Outlook Mac user will find it easy and quick.

As you see – it is better to use standalone copy of Outlook application instead of Cloud Outlook. Read why you need get back to local Outlook as soon as possible.

Outlook Schedule Email: Additional Possibilities

For a schedule email Outlook also offers the possibility to edit the message that is scheduled. Just go to the folder with outgoing messages i.e. Outbox and open the one that has to be revised and amended. Be sure to click on the button Save. If plans are changed, the date and time can be also amended in the same way as they have been set before. Make use of all the benefits provided by Microsoft Outlook to users.

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How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

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