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Main Outlook 2013 Tips and Tricks for Efficient Work Process

Main Outlook 2013 Tips and Tricks for Efficient Work Process

Outlook features

Microsoft Outlook 2013 is not the newest, though still actively used, version of the emailing client. It provides plenty of possibilities for communication and arranging the process of work so that a user gets more time to devote it to more important matters than trying to set software. Thus, Microsoft Outlook 2013 tips and tricks from this article will come in handy for every person utilizing it.

Possibilities to Make Your Life Easier

When any person uses software, he/she is looking for ways to facilitate his/her life. Thanks to Outlook options and feasibilities, a lot of routines can be avoided.

Check out these suggestions:

  • For the organization of emails in the inbox folder, one can create a rule in Outlook 2013 for emails that are regularly received from a particular sender, thus, they will be automatically placed into a certain folder. For this, proceed as follows: open any folder and find a sender for which this rule has to be created ➦ right-click it ➦ select Create Rule ➦ opt a folder where these emails have to be moved ➦ Ok ➦ Ok.
  • To correct mistakes or delete an email sent by mistake, one can recall a message in Outlook 2013. The only condition is that this email should not be read by a recipient. That is why it is crucial to act promptly: open the folder with sent emails ➜ find one you would like to recall ➜ double-click it ➜ a new window will open ➜ on the top, find the section Move and click on Actions ➜ opt Recall This Message. Choose among the two options: to delete it at all or to delete and replace it with a new one.
  • To send an email at a precise time, one can delay delivery Outlook 2013. This option is possible for a new email, a response or a forwarded one. In the window of email creation, press on Options and find Delay Delivery. In the dialog box, set Delay Options. That is it. Your email will be sent right when it is needed.

Features for Quick Working

  • To save time on composing emails that are alike, make use of quick parts Outlook 2013 and other versions offer. To do this, create the content that is often needed and select it ➠ press on Insert ➠ click Quick Parts ➠ and choose Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.
    Outlook Quick Part Then it will be necessary to name this part of the content. Be sure that this name is unique and you can easily remember it when needed. Press OK.
    Outlook Quick Parameters To use any of the quick parts in
    MS Outlook 2013, in a message creation window, just type the name of a part and press ENTER in further versions. It will appear in the email.
    Outlook quick part at work
  • To quickly find the required info, one should proceed to Outlook 2013 search function. In general, the concept is alike to the Windows search. Type a specific phrase or sender email, choose the folder where to check, and wait for the results.

More Useful Office Outlook 2013 Tips and Tricks

In addition to the above-written, there are plenty of other possibilities, thus, to purchase Outlook 2013 means to invest in effective and prompt work.

In this software, a user can:

One of the important things about this email client is that it is user-friendly. There is no need to constantly search for an Outlook 2013 tutorial to utilize one of the numerous functions. After the first time you fulfill any of the steps in this program, there will be no problem remembering how to proceed when a function is needed again.

Adapting an Interface for Personal Preferences

By default, it may seem that this program is dull and boring. However, there are possibilities to apply even Outlook 2013 black theme. In such a way, a user can set an interface as per own wish. Thus, to change colors in Outlook 2013, one should press on File and find Options ➦ select Personalize Your Copy of Microsoft Office ➦ in General option find Office Background and Office Theme. In the lists that will drop down, make choices and press OK.

All in all, Microsoft Outlook is designed to make our lives easier, not to complicate them. Thus, it is packed-filled with plenty of useful features that create an effective and time-saving environment for even the most demanding users.

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Main Outlook 2013 Tips and Tricks for Efficient Work Process

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