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Outlook Extraction tool updated to v 1.9.2

New version of Outlook Extractor is here!

  • New option: “Process Outlook subfolders (nested folders)”
  • Bug fix: old windows produced error: “FileOpenDialog requires Windows Vista or later.”

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We have fixed one critical bug that appeared on old Operating Systems. Users were unable to select the output folder due to error stated “OpenDialog requires Windows Vista or later.”. New version shows Directory Selection dialog according to the OS version and it is not interrupting the work of the program.

We continue to improve the Outlook Data Extraction Kit functionality and so we added an new option which allows to process only topmost Outlook folder i.e. only selected one. When option “Process Outlook subfolders (nested folders)” enabled the program will export/process all subfolders inside the selected folder. If option unselected the tool will ignore all nested subfolders and process only selected folder.

New option to process only topmost Outlook folder