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Batch email conversion parameters update

Batch email conversion parameters update

All email importing tools were updated with new command line parameters allowing to pre-define the conversion options without needs to launch the software and pre-configure it. Additionally some

So what’s new in version 5.3.2

  1. Specify target Outlook folder by using parameter /i for “Inbox” or /t for “Top of Outlook Folders”. This will affect the following two options. Target Outlook folder options
  2. Enable or disable email encoding correction while you importing email files saved from Mac OS or Linux platforms by using options c or c0. Option to correct Mac OS and Linux email encodings
  3. Convert structure of file system directories into nested structure of Outlook folders using parameter n, or disable this option by adding zero to the n option i.e. n0. Create Outlook subfolders option
  4. Turn on the output PST file splitting option with predefined parameters of the output volume size. Using option s500 you may split PST files to smaller parts of 500Mb, option s2 will split PST file to volumes of 2GB and so on. PST Split Options
  5. Limit amount of source files to be converted and split source files into portions using begin and end parameters. For example you may convert first 100 emails by specifying begin:1 end:100 parameters, then convert the next portion with begin:100 and end:200 and so on.

For example if you have 1000 EML files and want to create two PST files containing 500 emails each, you may use the following commands in your batch script:

emltransfer32.exe c:\files\ c:\files\first.pst /r /i /q /begin:1 /end:500
emltransfer32.exe c:\files\ c:\files\second.pst /r /i /q /begin:501 /end:1000

Command line parameters are case insensitive and allows to use preffix / or -.

Read more about command line parameters and using of batch script.

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Hi. Great update and good news! I am working on data processing and I have to convert many types of emails each day. Previously I was forced to split email files by folders based on their quantity, now I may specify this in the BAT script. I suggested the segmented import option and here it is. Thank you guys, keep up a good work!

I see that your software allows to define the target Outlook folder, but I may set only Inbox and root one. Why? I want to import emails into the folder which I would like to call “imported-work” for example, how to setup that?

Hi Travis, the Outlook folder means – one of the standard Outlook folders. If you want to create or select the custom folder you have to do it manually in the special dialog which will appear when you start the import.

Hello Sir, where is the full list of the command line parameters that I may use? Thank you.

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Batch email conversion parameters update

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