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How to Forward Emails From Gmail to Outlook

How to Forward Emails From Gmail to Outlook

A situation may arise when you need to transfer your emails from Gmail to Outlook. This may entail having individual incoming messages automatically sent to another email account that you could use on your desktop Outlook program. If this is the case, you only need to set up Forwarding from the Gmail app. For more details, check out Method 1.

Alternatively, you could be okay with using your Gmail account, but you want access to the emails through Outlook, This is similarly easy to pull off, as described in Method 2.

Lastly, you may ask how to forward emails from Gmail to Outlook because you want to migrate your entire email collection. This is challenging ordinarily, as Outlook can only import PST files. Method 3 describes a workaround that involves using a migration tool.

Method 1: Set up Gmail email forwarding

Are you wondering how to automatically forward from Gmail to Outlook? The solution that you may be looking for entails configuring automatic forwarding.

Gmail offers flexibility on the kinds of email messages to forward with filter settings. You can even forward emails to multiple Outlook email accounts.

Now let’s examine the steps describing how to forward from Gmail to Outlook.

Please note that you can set up automatic forwarding from the web-based Gmail mailbox, not from the mobile app.

  1. Open the Gmail App on your computer.
  2. Click on the mail Settings Icon and choose See All Settings.
  3. In Settings, click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
    Gmail forwarding options
  4. Select Add a forwarding address.
  5. Enter the email you use for your Outlook account.
  6. Follow the subsequent prompts. You’ll be required to sign in to your Gmail inbox before forwarding emails.
    Gmail proceed email forwarding
  7. In the dialog box warning, choose Proceed.
  8. You should get a Confirmation code or verification link in the new email.
  9. Enter the code, and choose what to do after forwarding incoming mail.
  10. Gmail will auto-forward emails received in your inbox. They should now be visible in Outlook.

Optional: You can create a filter to automatically forward emails that meet specific criteria.

Method 2: How to Automatically Forward Gmail Emails to Outlook with Imap Access

Did you know that you can just add a Gmail account to your Outlook inbox and use it there? If this is the option that you are looking for to forward Gmail to Outlook, follow these steps to set up IMAP access:

  1. Open Gmail in your web browser.
  2. Click on the Settings Gear Icon and choose See All Settings.
  3. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Enable IMAP access. This allows other email clients to access the account.
    Enable Gmail IMAP access
  5. Open the Outlook email client. Click File, and in Account Information, select Add Account.
  6. Enter the Gmail address, and provide your password.
    Enter email and password to log on to Gmail

An alternative way to forward a Gmail account to Outlook is to export Gmail emails to Outlook. Let’s cover it next:

Method 3: Нow to Forward a Gmail Account Information to Outlook Account

The third solution to how to forward emails from Gmail to Outlook is to use a Gmail to Outlook migration tool. It’s a suitable option for users who want to switch their email provider from Gmail to another account, such as Exchange or Microsoft 365.

While Gmail provides a way to forward emails, it will only apply to incoming emails. This option allows you to migrate all the emails you may have received, and it works great for exporting items from multiple email addresses.

Prerequisite: You’ll need to download our Gmail to Outlook Transfer tool from its product page.

Download for FreeFor Windows 32/64-bitBuy from $19.95Unlock all features
* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

Gmail to Outlook Converter

To use it, first export emails from Gmail to MBOX format. Next, use the migration tool to convert the file to PST. Then use result PST file in Microsoft Outlook.

Looking to export Google contacts? Learn how to import Gmail contacts to Outlook from this guide.


In conclusion, we have examined three leading solutions to the problem of how to forward Gmail to an Outlook account. The first solution is to use the Forwarding settings in Gmail. Method two entailed enabling IMAP access to make it possible to add a Gmail account to Outlook. The third method to tackle the issue of how to forward Gmail emails to Outlook is to use an Email Migration tool. This last method makes it possible to import older email items.

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How to Forward Emails From Gmail to Outlook

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