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How to split PST file during EML to PST conversion?

How to split PST file during EML to PST conversion?

The volume of data coming from everywhere constantly grows, the same for the Outlook PST data file. Many emails every day, a lot of attachments, forwards and replies. However the PST size is limited by Microsoft by default and so you may face with the problem when Outlook stops working. For example the Outlook 2002 PST file size is limited by 2 GB, Outlook 2003-2007 PST file size is limited by 20 GB. Modern versions of MS Outlook 2010 and above are limited to have PST files not more than 50 GB in size. But what if you should import tons of EML files?

In all new versions of Outlook Transfer products (5.2 and above) we have implemented the output PST splitting option especially for those who need to maintain the PST file size. Now you may use the “Split Output PST File” menu to enable one of the predefined “Volume size …” options to split PST file on several smaller parts while converting the EML to PST or migrating from other email clients to Outlook.

Option - Split Output PST File and Volume Size

How the PST splitting works:

We will review it on example of EML to Outlook Transfer tool…

  1. Run the EML to Outlook Transfer utility
  2. Use menu “Mode” to select “Save to PST file” option
  3. Use menu “Options” > “Split Output PST File” and select the desired size of the PST file part (volume)
  4. Use menu “Options” > “Target Outlook Folder” if you want to pre-select the target Outlook folder
  5. Specify or select the source folder where your source EML files and folders are stored
  6. Press “Scan Folder” button to scan the nested subfolders
  7. Press “Save PST” button to start the EML to PST conversion

The Outlook Transfer tool will write all imported data into several PST files with number in the file name for each PST part. You may open each PST part separately in Microsoft Outlook using menu File > Open > Open Outlook Data File…

When you working with huge data arrays of data you may also want to save / load option of the Email Containers list. This functionality allows you to interrupt the data conversion and then continue it from the same moment.

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I face the problem that I need to transfer a huge *.box file [65 GB – ca. 190k items] into a *.pst file. The above explained way for splitting does not work.

Any recommendations?

This article describes PST splitting during the EML to PST conversion. It is not about the BOX splitting. Please contact our support team with that question, they will be happy to assist.

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How to split PST file during EML to PST conversion?

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