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How to Add a Signature in Outlook

How to Add a Signature in Outlook

Email signature Before providing a thorough guide that will help the users to create and add a signature in Outlook, in different versions of the program, it is necessary to give the definitions to this tool as well as determining its function.

Generally speaking, it is an attachment that a user can make. The difference is that it will be customized. It can also be described as a business card of a person that is added to the message. There are different forms of a signature. For example, one can make it a personal logo, an image, or even a real hand-written signature. This feature is often used in official and professional correspondence.

TIP: You may use Outlook email signatures as predefined replies. It is useful when you need to reply often with the same or similar text.

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How to Add a Signature in Outlook

Now that it is clear what the feature is and what it offers. As there are different versions of Microsoft Outlook based on the year of the release, the instruction can vary, however, not significantly. Thus, knowing, for example, how to add a signature in Outlook 2013, one will handle the task in the other versions.

How to Add a Signature in Outlook 2010

Outlook menu Options The first would be to open the program itself. To do that, launch Microsoft Office and select Outlook in the tab Info. After that, one will see a File tab that will be located on the top of the screen of an Access Bar. After clicking that tab, a user needs to choose Options from the presented list.

Choose Mail section that will be second and click on it. On the bottom of the opened window, a user should see a section Signatures. After that, a user will have the opportunity to fill in the information needed to create a signature such as a name for it.

Diverse Possibilities While Creating a Signature

One can also attach an existing file that will serve as a signature. To create it from scratch, there is a space where a user can type in the necessary information. There is also an opportunity to change the fonts a well as other characteristics of the text.

After doing that, a user will have to set up a signature for new emails, replies, and forwards. Here, a user also should fill in the email. They can be different if needed. To do that, one should create several signatures. When all the information is filled, a user must click OK and enjoy the new feature.

Outlook menu Options Mail

When everything is done, a signature will attach automatically to the new messages. However, there is always an option of adding it manually if a user does not want it in each email. To add a signature to a message, one should find the tab Signature that will be located at the left top of the screen as a part of access Bar.

Adding email signature

In addition to this, there is always an opportunity to edit or add a new signature.

How to Add a Signature in Microsoft Outlook 2016 and Other Versions

The procedure will be exactly the same as in the version of 2010, as per the above description. There is also a web version, and that is why a question how to add a signature in outlook online can occur. To do that, a user will also have to follow the steps described previously.

Adding new email signature in Outlook

However, the only step that will differ is launching the program itself. Instead of opening Office on the device, a user has to google Microsoft Outlook 365 and click the official website. After that, one should log in or create an account. Besides that, the next steps are the same, so to know how to add a signature in Outlook 365, one should proceed in the same way as with a PC version of the software.

Outlook 365 Email signature

Creating and attaching a signature in the Microsoft Outlook is an interesting feature that is widely used in professional correspondence. It allows to make a customized signature in the form of a text, image, or business card and attach it automatically or manually to the messages. To do that, just follow the instructions, and there should be no more question on how to add a signature in Outlook email.

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How to Add a Signature in Outlook

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