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How to Print Emails and Attachments From Outlook

How to Print Emails and Attachments From Outlook

Users print emails from Microsoft Outlook for many reasons. The email may have a form that they want to print, fill out, and submit. Many people retain a physical copy of an important email. Sometimes the email may be quite lengthy, and some users may want to print it and read it later.

This article covers how to print an email in Outlook in multiple scenarios:

How to Print Email From the Outlook App

It takes three simple steps to print an email from Outlook:

  1.  View the email message.
  2.  Click menu File and then click Print.
  3. Choose the Printer and set the Print Options.
    The settings allow you to control how the email will look on paper. The options may include Memo style or Table style.

Print Button in Outlook

You should see a preview of the message and the number of pages to be printed under the page setup.

How to Print an Email From Outlook with Attachments

Let’s say you’ve received a message with an attached form. You can either print the email body together with the attachment or the attachment only.

Printer options

To print both the full message and attachments in hard copy, you need to:

  1. Open the email.
  2. Go to File > Print.
  3. Select Print Options.
  4. In the new window, look for Print Options, and check on the option to Print Attached Files.
  5. Click Print to Finish.

Outlook print attachments

For a print job where you need a paper copy of the attached files without the message:

  1. Open the email message in the reading pane.
  2. Next to the attachment section, there are various quick actions.
  3. Select Quick Print.

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How to Print an Outlook Email on the Web

Let’s learn how to print from Outlook if you don’t have the desktop version or simply need to print from the web. The process is fairly straightforward.

  1. Open the message.
  2. On the upper right corner of the screen, near the top, click on the three dots to access more options.
  3. Find and click on Print.

OWA print

Here is how to download an attachment without the message body on

  1. Click on the message.
  2. You should see a drop-down icon next to the attachment. Click on it to view available options, and choose Preview.
    Outlook print preview
  3. In the preview toolbar, there will be a Print icon. Click on it.
    Word document print
  4. If it’s a Word document, Microsoft Word will prepare it by converting it to a PDF for printing.
    Word ready to print
  5. Once the process is done, select Open PDF from the dialog box, and choose the default printer. Specify other settings if needed.
    Outlook paper settings

Getting a paper copy of one email is easy enough. But what if you need printouts of several emails and attachments?

Here are the steps for printing emails from Outlook when it’s installed on a computer:

  1. Select the email messages you want to print by holding CTRL and clicking each individual email.
  2. Click on File > Print
  3. In the dialog box choose your options and select Ok..

Note that the Outlook Web App lacks the ability to print multiple messages. When you select different emails, you will see that the options offered by the app include: Delete, Move, Mark as Read, or Unread.

Outlook print multiple attachments

How to Deal With Attachments

In Outlook, there is no native function to print attachments from several emails at once while leaving out the message body.

For a workaround, save the attachments to one Outlook folder on your computer. View the folder using File Explorer. Select multiple files, left-click, and choose Print.


This article has explored common scenarios that users will encounter as they print from Outlook. We’ve seen that it’s possible to print more than one message at the same time on the desktop app, but this same procedure can’t be replicated on the web version.

We’ve also noted that Outlook lacks a way to print attachments from multiple emails. Instead, the attachments must be downloaded and saved offline before being selected and printed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Print Email From Microsoft Outlook App?

Yes, it’s possible to quickly print the entire message body or to print attachments separately on But Microsoft has yet to add a way to print messages from its Android app. The development team has plans to introduce the capability in future updates.

How do I Print an Outlook Email to PDF?

It’s possible to print to PDF by changing the file type. Open the message from Inbox and go to File > Print. In the Printer selection, choose Microsoft Print to PDF to generate PDF files. Learn also: how to save Outlook email as PDF with attachments.

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How to print only the attachment? Quick print not working

If the quick printing is not an option you have to open each attachment and print it separately. In other words – print attachments as you printing the usual documents.

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How to Print Emails and Attachments From Outlook

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