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How to setup Outlook for custom email address

How to setup Outlook for custom email address

Microsoft Outlook 2010 offers high-end email management for commercial and personal use to more than 500 million users of Microsoft Office worldwide. The Outlook 2010 version offers wider opportunities to meet your work and personal needs. Updated interface, improved e-mail, search, communications, and social networking features – all of these world-class features from Outlook Premium 2010 allow you to work productively and communicate on both personal and corporate networks.

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Why Should You Consider Setting up a Professional Branded Email Address?

There are many benefits of having a business email address with Outlook. Find below the special features that will make your use of your mailbox maximum comfortable and safe.

Branded email

1.      Quickly view & create e-mail messages / work with them

Consider how many emails you today receive on average per week compared to the average number of entries five years ago. Outlook 2010 reflects these changes in people’s lifestyle and helps cope with the large amounts of information that comes in every day.

Working with emails You can easily work with large volumes of emails, compress, classify and even skip long conversations. Thanks to the new conversation management tools and improved Conversation submission in, dozens of messages can be converted into several related elements. To feel the benefits of the communication, open the View tab and select the “Show as conversations” checkbox in the “Conversations” group.

Now, you can send the right information to the right people and respond quickly to the emails. The Mail Tips feature lets you instantly find out about potential mailing issues, and quick action is a quick and easy way to carry out the most common tasks that usually require a few steps.

2. Convenient work with the necessary tools

An improved tape, available in all Office 2010 applications, including mail, accommodates more commands thus allowing the user to focus on the result. You can easily customize new and existing professional email accounts, clear the inbox, and clearly see how much space is left in your inbox. And this is just some of the many features of the new presentation of Microsoft Office Backstage. The Backstage substitution replaces the traditional File menu in all Office 2010 applications and is a centralized, organized area for managing accounts and customizing the Outlook program to meet the needs of the user.

3. Get constant access to important information

Organized data Click anywhere in the email to quickly find important addresses and phone numbers when you need them. Now you can stay in touch with the business and personal contacts by taking the new Outlook program with you. What is more, in your outlook company email, you can also view inbox entries, contacts, and calendar events stored on the Exchange Server.

Synchronize Outlook 2010 with an enhanced mobile version of Outlook specifically designed for phones running the Windows operating system. You can easily manage your inbox, schedule, and contacts, connect to various social networks and email networks and access your information wherever you are. Outlook 2010 helps to keep in touch with colleagues and friends at work, at home, and almost anywhere.

Benefits of Outlook Custom Domain

Custom domain use Today, corporate e-mail is an integral part of business culture and business communications in any company. It is impossible to even imagine modern life and business operation without email, which serves as a means of communication, advertising, promotion of a product or service and a means of internal corporate interaction. No surprise that any company seeks to uniquely identify its brand and itself in everything, including email addresses. For this, as well as for many other reasons, owning corporate e-mail is necessary.

However, the creation of a corporate outlook custom email server often turns into a headache for the company’s system administrator. After all, it is necessary to thoroughly think over and implement the hardware and software, ensure anti-virus and anti-spam protection of the future mail server, without forgetting about the convenience of email users. To solve this problem, there is an outsourcing service for hosting corporate mail, which removes the customer from the need for significant one-time and regular expenses, long commissioning periods and complex settings.

Corporate e-mail – creation, configuration, free testing

Step #1 – Creation of corporate mail

First, to create a corporate email, you need to register a domain. If the domain is already registered and the company has its own website, you can proceed to the second stage.

Step #2 – Connect corporate mail

Secondly, you need to connect the hosting service to the corporate mail. The service allows you to place your corporate mail server on an email and virus-free email host and save you money on purchasing expensive server hardware, specialized mail server software, setting it up, and maintaining a high-speed, fault-tolerant internet connection.

Step #3 – Set up Microsoft Outlook

Before setting up, you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet. In the “Settings” menu of the mailbox, check the box “I want to access the mailbox using an email client.”

Auto Tuning

  • Run and proceed outlook email sign up;
  • When you first start, the program will offer you to create an account. You need to click “Next” and go to the third step of setting up an email client;
  • In the “File” section, click on the “Add Account” button;
  • In the form “Automatic account setup,” enter your name, e-mail address selected during the registration of the mailbox; the password specified when registering the mailbox;
  • Click “Next” and wait for the connection to the mail server.

Creating new email account in Outlook

If the credentials for the outlook sign up are entered correctly, the program will make the remaining settings automatically. All in all, the setting up process is very fast and takes no more than 10 minutes.

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How to setup Outlook for custom email address

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