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Outlook Can’t Connect to Gmail

Outlook Can’t Connect to Gmail

Different mail clients allow access to Gmail, but the connection is not always smooth. Sometimes, you run into synchronization errors and password prompts. Here is an overview of effective tactics to use when Outlook cannot connect to Gmail.

This issue is frustrating unless you understand its cause. Like other mail apps, the Microsoft environment allows you to send and receive correspondence using different accounts, including Google Mail. If you cannot add Gmail to Outlook because your password is rejected, this does not always mean you typed it wrongly. To identify the root, it is necessary to look at what makes the connection possible. Tweak this feature — and you are all set!

Why Outlook Won’t Accept Gmail Password


The cause of the issue is the default deactivation of Basic Authentication. Thanks to Google rules, the feature no longer applies to new mail accounts. The same is true for accounts last synchronized over 30 days ago.

What is left is authentication through the more secure OAuth 2.0 standard. This the reason for the Gmail password not working in Outlook.

As connection attempts fail, users are notified about Sending/Receiving errors with code 0×800CCC0E. The system keeps requesting their Gmail password. Regardless of what they enter, the result is the same: blocked access. Fortunately, there is more than one solution to the problem.

Outlook Won’t Connect to Gmail: Method 1

As the culprit is deactivated Basic Authentication, your goal is to get it to work again. Head over to your settings for Google Mail and tweak a few buttons. While on the page “Allow less secure apps”, turn the feature on. Voilà!

Although simple, this approach is not the ultimate best. It is recommended that you opt for multi-level validation. This will also ramp up your cyber-security defense.

Outlook Can’t Access Gmail: Method 2

The Google system allows the maximized protection of accounts through its two-step verification procedures. Enabling the feature is a more laborious task. The result, however, is worth it, considering the rampancy of hacking today. You would not like your sensitive data to be intercepted, would you?

If Gmail accounts won’t work in Outlook 2016, 2019, or Office 365*, follow the recommendations below. What is special about these later versions is that OAuth 2.0 for Google Mail accounts receives native support. This is why you are prompted for your login details and extra validation stage.

You need to receive and enter a code via SMS. This is not the only possible method. Alternatively, you may confirm your identity using the following tools:

  • Authenticator app
  • Google prompt on your smartphone

*The only exception here is the Volume License MSI-version.

Other Versions of MS Outlook

Here, things are more complicated. Essentially, your only way to succeed is by devising a new password. This does not mean you will change the Gmail password in Outlook and use it for direct access to Gmail afterward. What you need is a special “App password” whose use will be limited to the Microsoft mail environment. The special combination is created on the Google Account site.

First, ensure double validation. Visit the Security section of the settings. Find a section titled “Signing in to Google” and activate 2-Step Verification. You will be taken to a special introductory page.

Initiate the setup process and enter your current password when prompted. The system will now ask you for your phone number to send a confirmation code. Once you enter it correctly, the job is done!

Creating an App Password

Now, you are ready to create a password that solves the problem of Outlook unable to connect to Gmail IMAP. To obtain it, head over to the same Security section of your settings — specifically, its sign-in subsection.

  1. The feature you need is called “App passwords”.  You may be prompted for your regular Google credentials and authentication again.
  2. Next, pick the mail client from the list titled “Select app”.
  3. Choose “Other” and “Outlook”.
  4. After you click “Generate”, the password will be ready for use.
  5. Copy it into your Outlook. Done! The issue with Outlook asking for Google account is resolved.

Using an App for Authentication

Everything is set using the same sign-in section (see above). Head to the section for the Authenticator app. Select “Set up” to initiate the process. Pick the right type of smartphone OS. After the software is installed on your device, you will need to go through another validation step.

Microsoft authenticator app

Open the app. Use your smartphone camera to scan the bar-code on the account creation screen. This adds your account automatically. To finalize the app configuration, enter the final confirmation code on the website.

Authentication through SMS may be tedious. Luckily, there are alternatives. Dedicated codes created via the Microsoft Authenticator app make life easier.  Less typing is involved, and there are fewer hoops to jump through.

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Outlook Can’t Connect to Gmail

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