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Add Gmail to Thunderbird

Add Gmail to Thunderbird

The Mozilla Thunderbird email program makes working with letters much easier if you configure it correctly. The procedure is simple and does not take much time from the user. And it will help optimize the workflow in the future. In this guide, you will learn how to add Gmail to the Thunderbird account and customize Mozilla Thunderbird as you like to get the most out of this tool.

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How to Add Gmail to Thunderbird Account

Thunderbird logoYou can download the client from the official site to add Gmail to Thunderbird. The installation is standard. At the first start, you will see the account settings window, i.e., Gmail mail connection setup. In the “Your Name” field, enter information that will be displayed when recipient will receive a letter from you.

Specify your Gmail email address in the second field and fill out the password. Each password character will be hidden, you will be prompted to reenter the password in case of error.

Thunderbird email account setup

If everything is entered correctly, an account will be created, and you can receive, create, and send Gmail to Thunderbird letters.

Mozilla Thunderbird Account

In the process of setting up Mozilla Thunderbird, most of the options are set automatically. Manual settings are required only if the Email provider is not in the databases of automatic configurations of the program or non-standard settings of the email account are used.

Thunderbird email provider

How to Add Gmail to Thunderbird With Auto Settings

When adding Gmail to Thunderbird using auto settings, all that is required is the mail address, account password, and username. Mozilla Thunderbird will download all other settings from the server from the configuration database.

How to import Gmail emails to Thunderbird

If you need to add emails saved in Gmail backup mailboxes to Thunderbird, you may do the following:

  1. Download special tool which works with Gmail mailboxes
  2. Run it, select menu “Mode” and choose “Save to EML files” item
  3. Specify the location of Gmail mailbox files, and read them by pressing “Scan Folder” button
  4. Press “Save EML” button and specify a location to save extracted Gmail emails
  5. Complete the conversion and close the program

Gmail mailbox extraction to EML files to import into Thunderbird

Now you have everything needed and may import emails to Thunderbird. For that:

  1. Run Thunderbird and create a new folder if needed
  2. Run Windows File Explorer and open the location of EML files
  3. Select all EML files (Ctrl+A)
  4. Put mouse pointer on the selection then press and hold the left mouse button
  5. Move the selection to the Thunderbird window and the folder where you want to import emails
  6. Release mouse button
  7. All selected EML files will be imported into Thunderbird folder

What is the Mozilla Thunderbird Profile

Now you should indicate the folder for storing mail. To do this, click RMB on the name of the account and select “Options“.

When thinking about how to add Gmail to a Thunderbird, you should learn about a Thunderbird profile first. A profile is a piece of information that is generated during the operation of the mail client but does not apply to the executable files of the program.

It includes the following:

  • copies of email messages (depending on settings);
  • user settings (themes, toolbars, etc.).

Immediately after installation, Mozilla Thunderbird creates a profile called default. The program will use it in the future unless you specifically create a new one using the Profile Manager.

Where it is Stored

When creating a profile, the name xxx.uuu is assigned, where xxx is eight numbers randomly generated by the program, and uuu is its display name. In different versions of the OS, the location of the profile files is different. To quickly find a profile, you should click on the button of the main menu of the program and click “Help”. Clicking on the “Open folder” will take you to the target directory, where you will see the required files.

Thunderbird profile location

Profile Backup and restore

To back up your Mozilla Thunderbird profile files, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • close the program;
  • open the directory with profile files in the manner indicated above;
  • go to the level above and copy the profile folder with the name xxx.uuu;
  • save the directory to the target location on disk.

You can store a backup copy both on the computer’s hard drive and on such external media like optical disks, flash drives, file sharing, and cloud servers. To restore a Gmail Mozilla Thunderbird profile, simply copy the folder to the destination directory with the replacement files. If the procedure is carried out after reinstalling the OS and the default profile is assigned a different name, you should copy not the folder, but only the files contained in it.

Themes and Design

Mozilla Thunderbird themes are presented as separate add-ons that need to be downloaded from the Internet. You can do this without visiting third-party resources immediately in the program window. To do this, click on the item “Add-ons” in the main window. Once you find a suitable theme, click on its name, and on the next page, click the “Add to Thunderbird” button. Remember to also click the “Allow” button in the pop-up window.

The downloaded theme is applied automatically. If you have downloaded several themes and you want to switch between them, go to the “Appearance” tab of the add-on control menu and click the “Enable” button. In the same menu, you can delete Mozilla Thunderbird themes that you no longer like.

Thunderbird theme example

Sort Letters

You can set one or more filters to automate actions with received or sent correspondence. To create a new filter, go to the main menu of the program, and select “Message Filters“. Then select the account to which the filter will be applied and click the “Create” button.

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Add Gmail to Thunderbird

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