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 is the client for sending emails, keeping records in a calendar, as well as for storing all the contacts one may need for communication. There are plenty of functions and features that facilitate the process of using the software. Among Read more

 is a program for interacting with mailboxes. It will be especially useful to owners of several mailing addresses, as well as those who need to quickly respond to incoming emails or just too lazy to go to the browser to Read more

Microsoft Outlook mail client remains the front-runner in the corporate world due to its features tailored to business needs. Today, when employees take work home and are often reachable 24/7, accessing emails and tasks from a smartphone is the norm. Read more

Outlook is the email service providing plenty of benefits to the users. What can be better than keeping all the correspondence, agendas, meetings, and contacts in one working space? Besides, thanks to certain add-ins and extensions, the number of functions Read more