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How to Update Outlook

How to Update Outlook

Outlook is a program for interacting with mailboxes. It will be especially useful to owners of several mailing addresses, as well as those who need to quickly respond to incoming emails or just too lazy to go to the browser to use the mail. You can connect mailboxes from absolutely any company and in any quantity using this program. It is also very functional, convenient, and easy to use. In this article, we will discuss how to set up and how to update Outlook email. All instructions will be discussed using the example of Outlook 2010, but they also apply to versions 2007, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Table of contents:

  1. Standalone Outlook vs online Outlook
  2. Where to buy standalone Outlook 2019
  3. Click to Run Outlook installation
  4. Standalone Outlook installation
  5. First Outlook setup
  6. Getting Outlook updates

Outlook 2019 vs Outlook 365, what to choose?

Microsoft doing their best to hide the standalone Outlook from buyer, they mostly offer their Outlook 365 subscription model everywhere. Remember, Outlook 365 is not the same as Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019. Office 365 is virtual environment which is loading and launching some modules at your PC, but the main part stays at Microsoft servers located in Internet. Now immagine that you have purchased something, but can use it only if the shop is opened. Isn’t it sounds like absurd? The same with online applications. In case of any issue at Microsoft side, you will be unable to use the purchased Office applications and Outlook as well. Do you think that it is rare case when Microsoft servers are down? Unfortunately no. Read our article “Here Is Why You Need to Get Back to Local Outlook ASAP” to see detailed statistic of Microsoft servers downtime and other details.

Purchase Standalone Outlook 2019 version

After several failed attempts to find the purchase link for standalone version of Microsoft Outlook 2019 we asked Microsoft support dirrectly and they recommended to use this page to buy MS Outlook 2019 online. This link will work for you if you are located in United States or have a bank account in USA. Otherwise, your payment will not be accepted. Alternatively you may buy the MS Office or MS Outlook license card in BEST BUY or Walmart * shop.

Unfortunately standalone Outlook version is not available for purchase in some countries. If you are located in Europe, you may get Microsoft Outlook 2019 from one of the local distributors. Alternatively you may use online Amazon shop to find the offer of Outlook in a BOX or on DVD and this offer may be cheaper.

Read what new options and functions appeared in Outlook 2019…

Outlook 2019 installation (Click-to-Run)

Note: Outlook 2019 can be installed only at Windows 10. Previous versions of Microsoft Windows are not supported. If you have earlier version of MS Windows, you may install one of previous Outlook versions.

By default Microsoft offers to setup Outlook online.

To setup Outlook online you have to:

  1. Navigate to address with your internet browser
  2. Log on using your Microsoft account credentials
  3. Go to “Services & subscriptions” tab
    Microsoftv account - services & subscriptions
  4. Enter the Outlook product code when prompted and click Install button
  5. It will download small setup file, execute it
  6. Setup wizard will download the Outlook components to your computer online and install Outlook 

This type of setup is called Click-to-run and it is missing of some important components, that’s why it is limited in some functions. However with help of this quick setup you may start use of the MS Outlook immediately. 

Outlook 2019 installation (Standalone)

We recommend you to setup a standalone version of Microsoft Outlook which is much stable and full.

For that you should do the following:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Account (
  2. Open “Services & subscriptions” section
    Microsoftv account - services & subscriptions
  3. Click “Install” button
  4. Click “Other options” link in the right-top corner
    Outlook setup - other options
  5. Click “Download an offline installer” checkbox to enable it
    Option Download offline installer
  6. Choose appropriate Language if needed and click “Download” button
    Download Outlook image file
  7. This will start downloading a setup Image (*.img) file (~3.5 Gb)
  8. Specify location and save the *.img file to your PC
  9. Double click on downloaded image file on completion.

This will mount the image file as virtual DVD drive. Open this DVD drive as usual and run the setup file. You may also use a setup file of a specific bitness, for that open up the Office folder and run Setup32 or Setup64 file.

Note that 32 bit Outlook may be installed on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS, however 64 bit Outlook may be installed only if Windows system is 64 bit.

Setup files for 32 and 64 bit Outlook

Now run the desired setup file and complete the installation.

Microsoft Office Installation process

When Outlook will be installed, you should run it and follow the configuration wizard to completely initialize all Microsoft components. Without that you can’t use Outlook or any related tools such as Outlook conversion software.

Initial Outlook Setup

If you want to find out how to update Outlook on Windows or Mac, you should learn how to set up it correctly first. This app has an intuitive interface, and you should not have problems with the initial setup and you definitely cope with the problem of how to update Microsoft Outlook for Windows. But it’s better to sort everything in order. After the first launch, the app itself will offer you to connect the mailbox and perform the initial configuration.

You should do everything in the following order:

  1. Start the program. If this is your first time, you will see a welcome window from Microsoft Office.
    Outlook 2019 new account
  2. After that, you will be asked to connect your mailing address. You can refuse and do it later.
  3. If you used the initial setup offer, you would see a mail connection window. The main thing is to enter your address and password from the mailbox correctly. You can choose any name. You can connect an account from any service, for example, from Google. You will not succeed in creating a new mailbox in this window. You need to register an existing one. In Outlook 2016, there will be a link to create a new mailbox from the app itself.
    Specify account type
  4. If you register a mailbox from some open services, for example, from OpenMailBox, you may encounter problems connecting to an encrypted server. If this happens, just click “Next” again so that the program connects to the mailbox through an open channel (there is nothing to worry about).
  5. When the connection is completed, you will be prompted to register additional mailboxes, but this can be done later.
  6. If you have not previously launched any of the Microsoft Office products, a window for updating settings will pop up in front of you. It’s best to choose “Do not make changes“.

How to Update Outlook 365, 2007, 2013, 2016, 2019

After you set up everything correctly, you may actualize this app if there is such an opportunity. If you need to know your current Outlook version, we have described this in another article. To check its updates, you should go to File > Office Account > Update Options.

Outlook - check updates

In the window that appears, you will see the following buttons for updating the program:

Outlook - update options

  • Update Now. It checks if you can update Outlook. And if it is possible, it offers to do so.
  • Disable Updates. It switches your client between automatic/manual installation of actualization.
  • View Updates. It opens a Microsoft website page with a description of the latest actualization.
  • About Updates. Detailed information about current status of Outlook updates.For Example:

    Updates to this Office product are enabled by default and are downloaded through your Internet connection and installed automatically. To check your update status and turn on or off updates, select the File tab, and then click Account. Under Office Updates, you can view your current update status and turn automatic updates on or off.

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How to Update Outlook

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