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How to migrate from eM Client to Outlook

How to migrate from eM Client to Outlook

eM Client is an email application for receiving and sending emails with the ability to manage contacts, calendars and tasks. eM Client supports many email services such as Google Workspace, Office 365 & Outlook online, macOS Server, IceWarp, SmarterMail and others. However nowadays, some users want to migrate data from eM Client to MS Outlook as it is more convenient and pervasive. So how to migrate from eM Client to Outlook? First you have to export data from eM Client into email-compatible format.

eM Client Inbox

In this Tutorial:

How to Export emails from eM Client

eM Client application stores email messages inside database files that are not compatible with any other email application. However, the developers of eM Client have provided the ability to unload messages in other formats via the Export menu.

To convert emails from eM Client to Outlook or another email client you need to export email messages to the files of .EML format. The eM Client app also allows to save contacts in .VCF format which can be imported into Outlook as well. Let’s start converting by first converting the mail messages.

Step 1: Run eM Client and go to Export menu

Run eM Client and click menu Menu > File > Export

eM Client menu

Step 2: Select EML Export option

In the appeared Export dialog select “Export emails to .eml files” option and click Next button.

eM Client Export to EML

Step 3: Select folders to export

Select email folders you want to export and click Next button. eM Client shows only main folders by default, you may want to click “(…) More” option to expand the list and see all other folders. Use the “Check all”  option to select all email folders.

Select email folders to Export

Step 4: Select target directory

Specify the directory to save exported emails and click Finish button to start the exporting.

Specify location to save emails

Step 5: Wait for completion

The program will display a progress bar and export selected folders to the specified directory.

Export progress

eM Client messages will be exported into EML files within their folders. You may now import exported EML files to Microsoft Outlook.

How to import eM Client messages to Outlook

There are two methods to import EML files to Outlook. You may use the special email converter software or convert your EML files online.

Converting eM Client messages to Outlook using EML converter

This option is convenient for those who want to control the conversion by themselves. Email converter works locally, supports the large scale migrations and do not send any data to the third parties which is more secure and preferred by the corporate users.

EML to Outlook Transfer - EML to PST conversion

Download for FreeFor Windows 32/64-bitBuy from $24.95Unlock all features

* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

    1. Download EML to Outlook Transfer software, install and run it.
    2. Specify the Source Folder where your EML files are located.
    3. Click “Scan Folder” button to read the eM Client folders structure.
    4. Click “Save PST” button.
    5. Specify the location on your computer where converter should save the Outlook Data File.
    6. Program may also ask to select the Outook folder to import eM Client messages. You may use Inbox then organize emails afterward.
    7. Wait till the end of conversion and check the result.

Converting eM Client emails to PST file Online

This option is preferred by those who need the one time conversion and don’t want to download, install and familiarize themselves with conversion software. Online conversion is more simple since all the work is done by server automatically.

    1. Pack all EML files and folders exported from eM Client into ZIP archive.
    2. Download secure uploader application and run it.
    3. Specify your email. It will be used to send you the conversion report and link to download result file.
    4. Click “Browse” (…) button and choose the ZIP file that you have created in step #1.
    5. Click “Upload” button and wait for the end of transferring of your ZIP archive.

The Online Conversion Service will queue your file and convert its contents as soon as a free conversion slot becomes available. You will receive an email with a conversion report. In this report you will see preview of the Outlook folders and the number of converted emails in each folder. The report will also contain a link to download the result PST (Outlook Data File) in a password-protected archive and a button to view the password to unpack the archive.

How to convert eM Client contacts to Outlook

If you decide to move your messages from eM Client to MS Outlook, you’ll probably need to convert your contacts as well. To do this, you can apply the same methods described above. You must first export your contacts to VCF files then import them to Outlook. For this you may use the special contacts converter or Online Conversion Service.

Converting Contacts from eM Client to Outlook with help of Contacts Converter

The software called vCard to Outlook Transfer designed to convert vCard *.VCF contact files to Outlook PST format. You may use it unlimited amount of times locally on your own computer.

VCF to PST Converter - Saving contacts to Outlook format

Download for FreeFor Windows 32/64-bitBuy from $24.95Unlock all features

* - The unregistered version converts a limited number of messages

    1. Download, install and run the vCard to Outlook Transfer software.
    2. Specify the “Source Folder” where VCF files were saved and click “Scan Folder” button.
    3. Click “Save PST” button and select the target directory to save result file.
    4. Wait for the end of conversion and check your Outlook contacts.

Converting eM Client Contacts to PST format Online

If you need to convert your contacts once you may use the Online conversion.

    1. Pack your VCF files into ZIP archive.
    2. Download secure Uploader application.
    3. Fill out your email (to receive the conversion report).
    4. Click browse button and point the program to your ZIP archive.
    5. Click Upload and wait for the end of transfer.

When the conversion is complete, you will receive an email with a conversion report containing a preview and a link to download the result. Download and unpack the result in PST format. Launch Outlook and click menu File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File… Go to Contacts section and put a tick in front of your newly opened PST file. Select all contacts and transfer them to the main file. Now you can close the PST file received from the Online Conversion Service.

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How to migrate from eM Client to Outlook

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