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How to Convert Email to Meeting Invite in Outlook

How to Convert Email to Meeting Invite in Outlook

If you use Outlook email, you can sometimes receive an email with all the details for a meeting. You can turn emails into appointments if you know what to do.

Changing an Outlook email into appointments can be done in several ways, depending on your knowledge and preference. The following is how to convert Outlook email to meeting invite in Outlook:

Convert Email to Meeting in Outlook by Dragging the Email to the Calendar Icon

It may seem a bit harder than Create Task From Email in Outlook, but try these methods:

Drag n drop Email to Calendar

Method 1: Drag Email into Calendar

The first method of how to convert email to meeting invitation in Outlook involves doing so when you do not have the original attachments.

The process to convert email to meeting requests is as follows:

Use the Meeting Invite to create the appointment

  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook inbox.
  2. Select the email message which includes the meeting information.
  3. Drag the email to the calendar icon at the bottom of your Outlook screen.
  4. A calendar appointment with the email messages as the detail of the Outlook appointment invite will automatically be created.

Method 2: Respond to an Email message with a Meeting request

Another quick step to turn email into appointments:

  1. Do one of the following actions
    a. Select the email with the meeting details. Then, click the “Meeting” button in the Respond group on the Home tab.
    b. In an open message, on the Message tab, in the Respond group, select Meeting.
  2. Enter the location and Start and End times of the meeting. (Fill out other details).
  3. Immediately, a meeting invitation will appear
  4. Use the Meeting Invite to create the appointment.

Using the above process, if the email had attachments, the meeting or appointment will not be included in the email request.

Correct Your Meeting Appointment

  • Even after you convert the Outlook email to calendar appointment, you may still have to correct the meeting or appointment details. The process of doing so is as follows:
  • Evaluate and rewrite the meeting’s subject line
  • Add some invite text to the appointment that confirms the meeting
  • Add your attendees particularly if any were not included in the email
  • Select a date and time for the meeting.
  • Select Invite.

Convert an Email with Attachments to Meeting

To Outlook convert email with attachments to meeting, do this:

  1. Press “Alt + F11” to open Outlook VBA editor.
  2. Copy the VBA code into a project or module.
  3. Exit the Outlook VBA editor and add the macro module to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
  4. Open a new email and click the macro button in the QAT.
  5. A meeting invite will immediately appear. The original attachments will be included, but the email’s original header will not.

Bonus: How to Convert Meeting Invite to Email in Outlook?

You can also turn a calendar appointment or meeting into an email message in Outlook using Outlook calendar tips and tricks. It is essentially the opposite of what you do to paste email to calendar appointments.

You can turn a new appointment into an open message by doing the following:

  • Drag a calendar appointment to the email icon at the bottom of the Outlook screen
  • Doing so will create an email message which includes the text of the calendar appointment.
  • Clarify the details of the appointment and send the email.

The feature in Microsoft Outlook allowing you to convert a meeting invite to an email is useful and will come in handy sometimes.


Turning emails into meeting invites and vice versa is a crucial skill that will save you a lot of time. You can also schedule a new team meeting in Outlook and send it to your team members via email message.

Using the above processes will save your data and make sharing it easy. It will also save you time! You might be also interested in how to add teams meeting in Outlook.

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How to Convert Email to Meeting Invite in Outlook

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