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Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail: Which Is the Best Email Client?

Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail: Which Is the Best Email Client?

Outlook vs. mac mail, there seems to always be this debate. Both Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail are email clients that can be used for personal or business needs. How do you know which one will benefit your purposes?

While they both serve similar purposes, there are some stark differences between the two platforms. Here is a comprehensive guide detailing the benefits and drawbacks of both servers so you can indicate which one you feel most confident with.

Core differences between Outlook and Apple Mail

  • User Interface: Outlook has a more professional and business-like interface, while Apple Mail is more user-friendly and visually appealing.
  • Integration: Outlook is designed to integrate with Microsoft Office, while Apple Mail is designed to integrate with other Apple applications.
  • Features: Outlook has more advanced features such as the ability to schedule meetings, task management, and advanced search options. Apple Mail has fewer features, but is more streamlined and easier to use.
  • Compatibility: Outlook is available on both Windows and Mac, while Apple Mail is only available on Mac.
  • Customization: Outlook allows for more customization options, while Apple Mail is more limited in terms of customization.
  • Security: Outlook has more advanced security features, while Apple Mail is known for its strong encryption and privacy protection.

Microsoft Outlook Overview

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email platform that offers its users more features than sending and receiving messages. It can serve as an information manager, meaning its clients can use the platform for organizational needs.

Outlook 365

This email platform is one of the many Microsoft Office products. People who use outlook have the option of sharing calendars, meeting invitations, and more with other outlook users.

Here are some other features of Microsoft Outlook:

  • Offline access
  • Calendar and invitation sharing
  • To-do list
  • Notes/journals
  • Themes
  • Integration with other Microsoft Office products
  • Easy organization

Microsoft Outlook can be used as a package with Microsoft Office, or it can be used individually. It is very user-friendly, and users can customize their email screen with the different themes the system has to offer.

Pros of Microsoft Outlook

Here are some of the pros that come with using Microsoft Outlook:

  • More usage than just for emails
  • Easy usage
  • Manage and store contacts
  • Increased security against spamming and phishing
  • Mobile and desktop compatible
  • Can be used on Windows or Mac
  • Can use this-party add-ins

Cons of Microsoft Outlook

Here are some of the cons that come with using Microsoft Outlook:

  • Not free to purchase
  • Must have Microsoft Office to use this platform
  • Too many functions if you’re wanting a basic email

Apple Mail Overview

Any good Apple Mail vs. Outlook comparison should contain good info about Apple.

If you are using a PC or iPhone, the default email program installed in your system is Apple Mail.

There are some similarities Apple Mail shares with Outlook such as versatility in appearance, flagging emails, and easy organization, but there are also features distinctly for this program alone.

One unique feature Apple Mail has is setting “VIPS” that comes through your inbox. Meaning, if there are people who email you that are of great importance (this is especially beneficial for businesses), you can mark them as a VIP. These VIP personnel will show up as priority mail when they come through.

Apple Mail

Just like Outlook, Apple Mail is very easy to use and offers the standard functions of an email box for you to use according to your purposes.

Pros of Apple Mail

Here are some of the pros of using Apple Mail:

  • Free to use. Doesn’t require purchasing other applications.
  • User-friendly
  • Desktop and iPhone compatible
  • Customization options
  • Import mail options are available
  • Can be used with varying email accounts (like Gmail, Yahoo, or more)
  • Excellent storage space

Cons of Apple Mail

Here are some of the cons of using Apple Mail:

  • Can only use with an Apple system
  • Other features such as calendars, notes, and reminders are separate
  • No third-party addition support
  • Can be too basic for businesses or accelerated needs

Comparing Mac Mail vs Outlook

The Outlook vs Mac Mail debate is still going strong for good reason. While they both have pros and cons to their programs, it’s up to you to decide which pros outweigh the cons and vice versa.

Here are some other factors to consider when debating between using mac mail vs outlook.


When considering Outlook vs. mail mac options, there are a few things to know. Apple mail is free to use with the purchase of an Apple system. If you have a desktop, laptop, or iPhone, you automatically have mac mail installed in your system. While the latter part is beneficial, some macOS or iOS systems cost over a thousand dollars.

On the flip side, you can only use Microsoft Outlook if you purchase the Microsoft Office Suite which can cost a couple of hundred dollars depending on which plan you choose. These plans are not one-time purchases and will require renewal after a year.

So you have to ask yourself if you want to pay a one-time price for a certain system or keep renewing your Microsoft subscription.

Who Has More Features: Apple Mail or Outlook?

Outlook has more features than Apple Mail. Apple Mail is a standard email platform that allows you to send and receive emails while Outlook gives you more organization and task management practices.

Microsoft Outlook comes with third-party integration and a built-in calendar, reminder, and notes system whereas Apple Mail does not.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Once again, Microsoft Outlook reigns superior for cross-platform compatibility. You cannot download Apple Mail on a Windows system but you can absolutely download Outlook on any macOS and iOS system.

You can also download Outlook on your Android or iPhone to have your emails on the go, or also on your iPad.

Consuming CPU Resources

Since Microsoft Outlook contains more features than Apple Mail, this email client will consume more CPU resources than the other.

If you are not needing an email platform like Outlook that contains the other organizational features, then Apple Mail would be better to reduce CPU resource consumption. Apple Mail does not take up a lot of space on the computer since it is a basic application, which can provide relief to your system.

Which One Should You Choose: Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail?

Deciding between Mac Mail or Outlook all comes down to how you intend to use the program. To optimize the platform you choose, it’s important to consider your needs and budget.

If you are a professional needing a high-quality email platform for business, then Microsoft Outlook is the way to go. It provides you with your email services while also offering more features and the ability to carry your email with you wherever you go.

However, to use this platform, you must purchase Microsoft Office, which can be a waste of money if you do not use the other applications in the Office suite.

Apple Mail is very beneficial for someone who wants a simple personal email and already has an iPhone or macOS system. You can create your own account through Apple Mail or integrate the app with an existing email account you own.

The only drawback to personal usage of Apple Mail is that you will not have the same organizational additions such as reminders as Outlook has. You will need to use a separate app or system for setting your reminders.

So, will you choose Outlook or Apple Mail?

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Paul Hampton-Smith

I use gmail rules with ‘skip inbox’ to divert 90% of my inbox to gmail labels, effectively making them sub-inboxes. With both the gmail app and the Apple Mail app, I can quickly scan the label list to see which ones have unread emails. Not with Outlook, which makes it unusable for me.

You may use Outlook folders just like you using a Gmail labels. In Outlook you can create any number of subfolders inside Inbox and use Outlook rules to automatically organize emails by subfolders. Also in Outlook you can mark emails with different flags which makes it even easier to differentiate your emails.

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Microsoft Outlook vs Apple Mail: Which Is the Best Email Client?

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