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Major update: All importing products are updated to v.

Major update: All importing products are updated to v.

In new version, importing gets even faster, and all tools introduce a new Outlook wrapper that makes importing of large quantities of emails much easier.

The best Outlook importing gets even better

The new version update brings in a serious improvement making importing of messages from various e-mail clients into Outlook both faster and more stable. The update comprises all products (except Data Extraction Kit). Let’s take a deeper look at the update.

First of all, in the new version of the engine the importing module was greatly speeded up. The already fast importing became even faster. Each our program utilizing the engine now demonstrates notably higher performance, especially with the message boxes that have complex folder structure.

option create nested folders

The second improvement is optimization. Turned out, the default Outlook import handler could sometimes result in a MAPI error (MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY) when it came to processing of a large quantity of messages (more than 64 000). This meant a user had to split the mailbox onto several parts and import them to Outlook one by one. Surely, that sucked, so we developed our own Outlook wrapper that replaces the default one and can safely deal with enormous numbers of messages in a mailbox. Millions to be precise.

Also, the new version enables for all programs a handy option to disable automatic replication of the Outlook folder structure in case you want to import all the messages and folders into the same folder in Outlook or PST. By default, the option is off, which means our programs will automatically create a copy of the folders structure in Outlook.

You can download the latest versions of the software here.

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Good news, thank you for this update. Now I may convert huge MBOX files to Outlook without interruptions. I have tested this and it works flawlessly. I ask you please to add the support of command prompt to your utility as I need to run the batch conversion. For example I have mailbox files saved by month (in January, February etc.) and want them to be converted separately to PST files also by month i.e. january.mbox to january.pst and so on. Now I am doing this manually. Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback. Batch email conversion is on it’s way to you. We plan to add the support of command line parameters on this week. Follow the announces.

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Major update: All importing products are updated to v.

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